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Some things NEVER change…

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Groundhog days…


There have been so many hard fought groundhog days here at the man blog…years and years of them…

No matter how hard you starve…you can not lose a pound….not an ounce!!!!

Mr. Russett…the sugarbear…is stuck in a groundhog cycle…every morning he wakes up…at anytime…he looks around and realizes…this is a new day!  My starvation will be rewarded on this day…

No sir….as the Beagle steps onto the silver monster he is greeted with this….

We must consider though….he hasn’t been under 200 pounds in a year…and he has been now for 3 straight days….He hasn’t eaten in a week….

Not sure what keeps him going at this point…but he is managing to get his base calories from somewhere….

Is he eating whats left of his muscle mass…or his grey matter….

Time will Tell


wowzers…..I haven’t heard from the big boy in 2 days…the last time we spoke he told me that he was timing how long it takes for sour kids candy to melt in a can of Pepsi….he was amazed to realize that the rate at which sour kids melt in Pepsi is affected by thermodynamics….a cold can of pepsi melted the sour kids slower than a warm can….

Anyway, Seamus was on his second dozen Pepsi’s when I spoke to him…he was pretty much shattered at that point…between gummies and pop he had managed several pounds of highly refined sugars…

His weight….last he checked….390 pounds.

My lord…..


I think Richard is actually taking this seriously….he is actually watching what he consumes….but no weight in…he only weighs on Fridays….

Guess what that means?

Richard is burning Cals kids….


Krista seems to be on the HTG diet…that’s the one where you lose a few pounds and then demolish the fridge.

On Monday Krista was under 150….remember….I may have said 250 but I get mixed up with my hundreds now that we have a big boys club….

Krista Celebrated being under 150 with…a bag of gummies and some popcorn..and drum roll…………………

Up…Tuesday she weighed in at 150.4.  We had a wee chat about diets and stuff during which Krista told me she was a fortune teller of sorts…..geez….I mean….I’ve made a lot of lofty claims in my life…like I’m going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days….but…if I could see the future….I would already know there is zero chance of that….

Regardless Krista told me she had these feelings….she knows stuff….future type things….

Well Krista is sure of one thing….she gained…weighing in this morning at 151.2 pounds….this she blames on her HUSBAND….


She claims he comes home with chips…he is a ‘Feeder’ she says….chips AND pepsi….shhhhh…don’t let Seamus find out you have Pepsi…

Anyway, Garry is off to England tomorrow…Krista thinks she will lose weight while he is gone…..

We shall defo know if the crystal ball is telling the truth won’t we….


Now that the Capitone is seriously bulking up we will have to address him with a bit more respect…or suffer the consequences….and no one wants to mess with a man in the midst of a steroid induced rage.

ZEE capitone Ramsay Buchanan is up again, hammering the scale at 135 pounds, up from 127…major gains….I hope he forwards us an updated selfie tomorrow…


Light weight!!!!!  PEANUTS!!!!

I’m down to 236.6 pounds….but…it’s Wednesday.

Last Wednesday I weighed 236.4…my low of this round of man blog dieting….I then managed to get to 242 overnight…Wednesday night….


By the way…I have had 2 dilly bars each of the last 2 nights….so they aren’t the issue…..

I will attempt to take it easy on the donuts tonight…..

The Quote of The Day

Somewhere there’s a score being kept, so you have an obligation to live life as well as you can, be as engaged as you can.
Bill Murray

I wonder what my score might be….I do like to live life…I must…I try to live with passion…it isn’t always easy.  Living life can be tiresome….and much of what I have is given to my children….I make that choice….

But I do live….and I like a great laugh every single day.

Babe….I love your face.



The fat…..and the sane….

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Okay…let me see if I can manage creating a man blog today without tearing out my hair….I’m tense….stressed out…..


Well ladies and gentlemen, I am the single parent to 4 young ladies…..OMFG!!!!!!!!!

In my next life Ev is getting an ass whoopin for this!  🙂

Don’t get me wrong…I love my children, I mean…I am a father first in this life….I guess….I think….WTF…….


I find myself drawn to the rope department of the Home Depot….just staring at rope and trying to calculate just how much I need….how much weight each type of rope can manage….which rope won’t burn….

Like come on….what in gods name did I do to deserve this….Hey…don’t all raise your hands at once!!!!

Okay….the weigh in….

I weighed 239 pounds this morning, still under 240 with 4 shwarmas in me….maybe…just possibly I had 4 small chocolates, 8 cookies and a baklava…or 2….

I was hungry……

I also lifted at the gym yesterday…..and as soon as I’m finished this blog I’m going back to the gym….lift a bit and get 5 k under my belt……….

I’ll be in the 220’s by the end of the month…less beer….easy peasy

Arthur will not be going to the gym today….he has soccer…He is at 194 pounds…..I’ll have to get a goal on Arthur…I figure he is up a pound of muscle already…

Let’s see….Beagle was on the track suits and doritos last night, alas he still managed to lose weight because he simple didn’t eat all day….nope starvation and redbull….why not!  Besides, what’s the chance he will have a heart attack?

It has to be under 87%…..

Treadmill Fuelling at the man blog

Parker….he is almost down to a Queen sized shirt…at 252 pounds he is fading away.  Parker would almost join the gym…almost.  He won’t, he is simply fat and lazy….

The chance of Parker having a coronary event in the next 10 years.

98%  I’m not kidding

Kevin Parker, Fat-Man-Dancing

The italian stallion is at 174, he says he is eating too much….come on….Vinnie really doens’t need to lose any weight, the same goes for Ayhan at 188 and Pirouz at a low low 158.

Again….Pirouz and Beagle at the same height………158 vs 197.6…..hmmm

I’m off to the gym….tonight I’m taking my snowboard out…..it’s time to sit in snow and dream about times past.

Babe….I love your gd face……but lord jesus….this is a lot of work!  XO



The Sun does It’s thing….

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The Sun does It’s thing….

I sit here in my office every morning pounding away at this keyboard…and finally the seasons are changing enough that the sun breaks the pane of my window…

For many people the thought of having the sun glaring at them while trying to type furiously would be an annoyance…for me…it’s welcome…I am ready for new things….to live out my first….

That will include things as simple as sitting on the porch….drinking my coffee…

I’m good today, I feel good….so good in fact that I’m changing up the man blog format…maybe forever…maybe just for today….

Today I weigh in at 218.6 pounds, down a pile from yesterday…and I plan on getting back under 215 by the end of the weekend…simple really…no booze  🙂

The past few weeks I had actually made the switch back to rum and cokes when I was out….geeeezus…not good.  So that’s over…it’s time to get a few things back in line.

Trafford is way down!  He weighs in this morning at just 163.8.  He is only 4 pounds away from his goal and tells me he isn’t even trying.

Well sadly my dear friend Trafford is on a miracle diet….and it goes by the name of STRESS….


Beagle left for work before I could throw out a request for a weigh in….

That means that he actually woke up before me this morning!  I slept in until 7:41!!!!!  That is the latest I have slept in this decade.  It also amounts to about 7 hours of solid sleep….and for me, that is a good sign.

Parker….I’m not sure where Parker is at on the weight…but I know he will be skipping rope most of the day….

Parker balboa
Parker is training…for what I’m not sure….

I do hope this doesn’t become a new habit….

Today the family and I are headed out to Brockville.  We will celebrate Ave’s birthday a second time and I have a few things to take care of while I’m out there….

Wait one second…Parker has just reported in at 245 pounds…he is still holding it together.

It’s really just Beagle and I that have packed some on…I’m done with that…..

Seriously, 215 by Monday…..I’m on the water this weekend!


So….How was today’s man blog?  It was exactly as it once was….this is what the man blog was before November 2014…..and it will be this again….

Today….I am going to pour tears….yes I am.   But right now….no.

Lover….I miss you…..so much……………………………………….those are hard tears to fight……………….

The Quote of The Day

 Remember this, folks – I am a Hillbilly, and I don’t always Bet the same way I talk. Good advice is one thing, but smart gambling is quite another.

Hunter S. Thompson

That is it folks….it does apply…you’ll have to think it through for yourselves.

Boys….may we raise a glass of ice cold clear water very soon….

Lover….I will always raise my glass for you…..

it’s touch and go…..but I made it…..



If I stayed busy…

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Will occupying myself take away the pain…

Huge day yesterday.  First, fridge cleanup…Ev and I had been drinking enormous amounts of organic vegetable juice…trying to give her body the nutrition she needed just in case something inside her figured out it was time to beat the cancer…

In the last week we were trying to get as close to 5 pounds of carrots worth of juice into her a day…maybe just another hokey internet cure for cancer…but every single hokey cure has to be attempted…

But much of that stock of organic veg has sat at the bottom of the fridge, and yesterday it was time to remove it…it’s another memory leaving the house…and I haven’t had juice since she left me…maybe tomorrow…

Today will not be the first day I don’t cry….

So, fridge cleanup, out to the green bin, garbage day…after that I loaded the kids up for a trip to bayshore to buy a few bits of clothing.  We walked that mall from high to low and back again but the ladies did not try on a single piece of clothing…and Charlotte had enough after about an hour and a half…

The ladies did convince me to drop them off in Barrhaven to a movie, and afterward dinner at Kelseys…So a good day for the girls and a good day for them is a great day for me.

Kevin and I had a game of risk, another of blokus, and then he went home…off to cozy spaces with his wife…I decide I would rearrange the office…a room that all of us in the house like to use for some personal time, either writing, watching a show alone, playing guitar…alone time…

This morning finds that task half finished…I decided I might walk to the Auns’ for a bit of the hockey game…with some scotch.  It would be a nice relaxing evening and hopefully a release from my own thoughts…

…it was not…

I punished myself with a stage 20 breakdown…I had held in my emotions all day…maybe days worth..

It was a valiant fight….I had bottled up my tears…the really good tears, the full wrack.

Not any more, I made quicksand at Dan’s like you haven’t seen…Quicksand…

You see it’s simple…you fight against yourself for so long, building the tears up, holding onto the agony..and then…you start to crack, just a bit at first.  You can almost hold the tears at bay.  You can almost pretend you aren’t agonizing, that you are such a strong man, such a big boy!

Idiot…..nope, you can’t stop the quicksand…that first tear is all it takes and the quicksand takes hold of you…dragging you deeper into your despair.  Punishing you for holding onto your tears.  You’ve held out as long as you could and now you will pay the price, grief will not let you go until your tears have drained, until you’ve laid out your emotions.  The weight you’ve carried will be released upon the room, your friends, strangers at the next table, children wondering what has happened…

Yep..quicksand…good luck getting out of that until the tears have dried up for the day…for that moment…

Evelyn Kindervater-Wheeler and Charlotte Wheeler at Disney World


A beautiful day…a beautiful wife!

I love your face babe…

I have poured tears this morning…

A break to get to the weigh in….

Parker and Beagle are hard at their respective diets.

Parker is down to 262 after a banana, a large sharwarma and 4 cups of tea.  He had no food after 6:30 pm, even better than the 8 pm he promised would be his evening meal cut off.

That’s 4 pounds, not bad.  No weigh in from Beagle, but I know he is trying…

Me…I hit the scale this morning at 216.6 pounds, that after a midnight charcuterie board with Dan Auns.   I would have figured I would have been up, or at least even..but no, down again.  Tomorrow I’ll see 215 for the first time…I wonder if that’s okay or not…

This man blog began as a record for weight loss, it wasn’t about my grief, I had none.  Now I share both of these journeys and that has meant both laughs for my friends, and tears…My friends have had to share in my grief…and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I have had to cry all these times, and I’m sorry I will cry again, the next time we meet…

But for now I will share this…Kevin Parker gets a new swimsuit
It isn’t all about tears…

Parker and Beagle are both preparing for a trip south in a couple of months, we shall see which one of them can look their best in a mankini…


Me…I think I may do some personal training, it struck me this morning that I might connect with Ev doing that…

Bench pressing in quicksand…that’ll be great to see at the gym, I wonder how the meat heads will take that…

The Quote of The Day:

Why is it you feel like a dope if you laugh alone, but that’s usually how you end up crying?
Chuck Palahniuk

We must do all the laughing we can.  And as far as laughing and crying alone goes…hell I’m talking to myself half the time these days…I walk through future shop carrying on a conversation with my wife…

There goes another one…a crazy loon.

Today I thank my neighbors, not just my street, my community…I have so much support and you know what…I need it, so thank you, thank you very much!  I thank Mary, you are helping me more than you know, and I hope I am returning that to you…

Those of you closest to me, thank you for being there to make sure the quicksand doesn’t bury me…thank you for making sure I don’t forget to breath…

I hate this….I hate this so much!  That’s it for today…I’ve got to get the cap on this for now…

Cold…then warm…snow, rice rain, rain..who knows…





Day 3.24 As Dan Auns Once Said…

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The silver mother of a mud pout showed me 232 pounds this morning…I have no one to blame but myself…apple pie and jelly beans.

Tonight is poker and there will be Golden Palace Egg Rolls.  It won’t be pretty.

They will be there and I plan on eating them…I’ll likely stare down at 235 pounds tomorrow.

As Dan Auns once said, “This….the moment…love now…it’s repeats…becawk”

It does repeat…

Eat Sleep EAT repeat, man blog
Tired yesterday, and tired makes me eat.  My mind fools itself into eating for energy…when what I really need is a nap.

And no amount of carrots can curb my tired laziness, no sir, apple pie calls from the fridge…one of those squeaky little voices…just one bit of pie and all your troubles will be gone…


So what…I’m due to run some miles today…that might defeat egg rolls…but I have doubts.

Skinny Dan can say what he wants about living in the now…about love…chicken calls…but a skinny man has less on his plate.

Really…much less…

Beagle closes out the Treadmill workout at the man blog

Some times…early mornings…after a big lunch…late evenings….you get tired.

You don’t feel like burning those extra calories, sure is easy to consume them but the old sweat and grind…well it sucks.

treadmill crawlin at the man blog








Sometimes the treadmill crawl is all you can do…

To be fair, you would still be burning calories…those devilish little numbers that tell us how fat we are bound to get.

Well I think when I wake up tomorrow, a belly full of egg rolls, beer and scotch…I may just have to watch my carbs for a few days, I think I can get to 225 in a week if I do and you know what…that is just where we are heading…

Yep…I’m going to Fad diet for a week…see if I can face next Wednesday any better than this one.

The Quote of the Day:

Life is a paradox, it’s a mirror of confusion, so…love…now.  – Dan ‘the sage’ Auns

You see folks, Dan is on to something…We all could do a bit more of the love now…

Week looks good…warmer…and fatter too….ALL hail the Golden Palace Egg Roll!




Day 3.19 Does Scotland exist?

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The big news of the day…The Scotts have decided they DO enjoy being English…

Youch…it’s like Braveheart just happened…

Scottish referendum, man blog
I get the feeling Mel would be shaking his head this morning…What the hell do we do now?

If I were Scottish I’d follow Mel…to Australia…

I hit the scale this morning at 229.6, up a bit but still under 230 pounds.

I didn’t eat to much yesterday…but maybe a few bon bons were consumed.

Still suffering cough due to cold…the dreaded man cold.  Little Charlotte is home today, looking like my excuse not to run 8 miles….she is so cute!

I watched the second episode of the last season of Sons of Anarchy yesterday.  I find it hard to watch the past few seasons…seeing as they’ve killed half the town and no one gets arrested.

So episode 1, 6 people were murdered, 1 was massively disfigured and a man in a wheel chair was dragged down the street screaming in broad daylight…

Arrests…Zero.  Not even a siren.

Episode 2…we are trying to catch up here…okay…12 Asian drug dealers were gunned down, I counted them…although their boss did mention only losing 7 men…the other 5 must have been hitch hikers…but wait, 3 others were killed, 2 preachers and a woman I will assume was a prostitute.  That’s 15 total, not bad…Zero arrests…no sirens.

Even the guy digging graves said it was getting a bit busy…

The population of Charming is 14,679, 20 ‘disappearances’ a week must seem out of place.

Beagle diet, coke, man blog
As another week comes to an end I’ve found myself in the 220’s for 5 of 7 days.  This weekend I will try to take it easy on the treats…

Beagle is still searching for a way out of the pop hole…the black hole of diets, fat in a can…

Parker is eating better…let’s see how that goes on the weekend, the toughest time for all us fatties!

I said a few words to one of the seniors on my street this morning…as she was on her walk to work which is almost 5 km away…the old lady still has stride, a bounce in her step…

Kids…we all should look forward to bouncing at 65-70…even with a shot knee…

The Quote of the Day:

It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.  -William Wallace

Well…they tried.  If you don’t have freedom at least you have taxes…a reason to get up in the morning!

Cold…sunny and cold…frosty and sunny…to the shovels men!



Day 3.10 Lifting is easy, lazy man’s work

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I really meant to write the man blog yesterday, I had my day planned out.

Get Charlotte on the bus…go for a run, 4 mile sprints, then off to the gym…peanuts weight, run a few errands and get back with time to key in a short blog post…

Before I knew it time had flown by and I had to pick Charlotte up from the bus…

Plus a visit for driveway scotch.

Chunk hits the gym…

chunk goes to the gym, the man blog
After 4 miles of sprints yesterday the wife and I went to the gym…It’s been a while, like 6 months, maybe 8…a long time.

I took it pretty easy, no super heavy lifts.  I wanted to be able to brush my teeth this morning…

There is some pain though, but that is the way it goes.

I did not do any crossfit…I lowered all my weight back to the floor…no drops…It seems like fun, but the neg builds a lot of strength as everyone outside of the crossfit craze seems to know.

I weighed in yesterday morning at 230, that after an evening of scotch and a late dinner. I did try the scale after the gym and was at 228 pounds…this morning I hit 229.6 pounds.

Again yesterday there was a wee bit of scotch to be had in the driveway.  We had a few people stop by, Scott 1 in his 37 Ford and long hair Scott…I hadn’t planned on driveway pops…but you can’t let company down.  Dan Auns dropped over for a short visit, a good little time in the late summer sun.

So let’s say 4 or 5 ounces of scotch was followed up once again with a late dinner…and I’m still under 230…not bad.

The guys are deep into diets of their own…

sean russett homerun
Well some of them are trying more than others…

Parker is down 5 pounds to 253 pounds.  That’s a lot of pizza …I’m seeing him down another 10 pounds within 2 weeks.  At 250 plus the first 10 to 15 pounds drops off pretty quickly.

He is on the shakes, just one solid meal a day.  That’s a tough way to go but it will get the weight off as Parker has shown before…

But keeping it off…none of us have pulled off that parlour trick yet.

Beagle is also on his diet, finding himself at 202 pounds after a weekend baseball tournament.  Beagle has some workout pains also, a 28 hour drinking fandango will do that sort of thing.

Beagle has his vacation booked, 5 months out.  He tells me he will be travelling with a buddy of his that is in great shape…I quote “Greek warrior”.  When I first read his text I thought he was trying to say he was going to have the body of a greek warrior in 5 months…

It is possible of course…but that would be a commitment…ya…I read that wrong for sure…although Beagle does say he has been inspired.

I do see him following in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks…but I’m not sure about warrior…

We shall see…

The Quote of the Day:

I don’t believe in fad diets.
Jenny Craig

Makes sense to me.

It’s cooling off…soon we will all be turning on the furnace.













Day 6…

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If I had not run 4 miles yesterday I’d be a bit more impressed this morning.

I did have a few chips, not many…a handful…

This morning I’m at 241.6

The agony.

running shoeHere is another case of false advertising.  I wear this model of mizuno shoe…

Nothin’s disappearing on me…

I’m off it though, all of it.  No poker this week, I’m off the beer, rum, scotch, chips…all of it until July 18 when we roll over to the Syracuse Right Coast Nationals.

Hell this Sunday I’m supposed to run 5 miles, Sunday after that???? 7 miles….and then….and then…12 miles.  Just 3 Sundays from now I’m expected to pull off just shy of 20 kms.

I’ve never run 20 km’s at this weight…Sweet little tiny baby Jesus…please let me live through Sunday’s for the next 6 months while my wife does her marathon training…

I will be solidly in the 230’s by the end of this week….or else something drastic is going to happen…donuts….no wait, that’s not it…

I still haven’t had coffee, I’ve slept through the night 8 hours for maybe 4 nights in a row…I haven’t done that in 10 years!

I just poured myself a green tea with…superfruit…ya ya…you don’t have to tell me.  Stuff is likely better with sugar but I’ll have to pass on that.

the man blog, man weight
So to the Fat Musketeers…it’s on.

You guys are going to be on your own, I’ve had it…I really have.

More than anything while sitting around with a few neighbors blabbing about how thin I was less than 10 years ago…they asked me to prove it.

I told them I was 205 pounds 7 years ago.

Lies…I’m told, they met me 4 years ago and I was fat… It’s true…4 years ago I was fat…I am know, but not 7 years ago.  The year Charlotte was born I gained 40 pounds!

the man blog

April 7, 2008

If that doesn’t turn your stomach…

I’m off it, seriously.

Screw this, fuck that.  I’m going to lose the 20 pounds this month.  I’ll be 226 or LESS by the end of July….

Or off comes a leg.

The quote of the Day:

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.
Michael Jordan

I’m not done fighting yet.

raining, stay dry….keep cool



2 seconds to paradise…

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I lasted one hand at poker last night…I really did not want to go and shouldn’t have but I had already signed up to pay for the egg rolls.

Maybe if I had worn shorts I would have lasted longer…

On the bright side I’m back in the 230’s at 239.8 today…it may not be much but I squeaked in there.

This week we did something new..

The 1st annual Wednesday Night Poker makeover contest.

man blog makeover

Win a Makeover

Here we had to give the man a shave…no easy task.

A haircut…

…we added eyeballs…

The outcome looks pretty good!  To be honest I’ve never seen Wheels looking this good.

Well…I only saw him for a moment, the entirety of my Wednesday Night Poker experience this week.

Maybe it was the shorts…maybe it was the lack of food, saving up calories for the egg rolls…maybe it was saving up calories for the egg rolls but having a few beers on an empty stomach with my neighbor before poker…

Now I think we are on to something…

There is always next week.

Later today some Cobra guys are coming over to the garage to grunt and scratch while talking cars.  Should be a good time.

The Quote of the day:

There’s nothing nice about a Cobra, it’s stripped down to the essentials – a big engine, a small car, and four wide tires trying to keep the whole business on the pavement. It’s loud, smells like gasoline, and shakes, shudders, and bucks. It makes your arms tired and your feet hot. You nearly crash about once every ten minutes. It’s so damn wonderful you can’t believe it.

Automobile Magazine 2004

Maybe I’ll go for a drive today…

Beauty day kids, get out there and soak up some sunshine!


Man blog vacation

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Looks like I was on a man blog vacation last week.  It’s just that I spent most of my time outside doing my best to soak up what little sun there was.

Strangely I really didn’t diet at all last week, I ate piles including a trip out to Agave on Friday and I think I may have had 2 dinners last night…

Today…241.  Not bad!

I’m going to stay off the carbs this week, see if I can’t get down 5 pounds.

The most interesting thing I dealt with last week was cancelling our Plyomax memberships.   I dug out my carbon copy of the contract and noticed there was a bit of important information missing from it.  The kind of information that the Consumer Protection Act says gives me the right to get out of my contract.  As simple a thing as the end date on your contract…should that be missing…gives you the right to cancel any time within your first year.

Here is a picture of my carbon copy of the original(pink) and the original(white) that Plyomax staff sent me after I submitted that mine was missing the period end date.

Changed Contract? Plyomax

One of these things is not like the other….

Seems a bit strange to me that the end date exists on the white form but not on it’s carbon copy…how does that happen?  Anyone…anyone…beuller…beuller…beuller…

No big deal though…the contract isn’t signed in the designated Plyomax associate area, it doesn’t provide the total number of payments, it is missing a few bits of info here and there.

It’s looking pretty good for my no problem cancellation…

Beagle was out to the Agave with yours truly…his man diet seems a bit stronger than mine.  He was driving so he didn’t partake in the extra 100,000 calories provided by delicious alcohol filled beverages.

the man blog

Russett vs Derek II

I had such a good time at poker last Wednesday I’m going back to it.

The battle of the ages folks.

Reports say that Derek may not remember the entire evening…might have been the tumble into the fish tank…might have been the tito’s…

A great time all in all, tons of laughs!

No word on Parker’s continuing efforts, soccer will start soon though, that might get him down into the 230’s.

I do plan on making an honest attempt to lose a few more pounds this week…we shall see…I may even try a one legged run…baby jesus!.

Quote of the day….

“This is your moment. Celebrate the pain.”
-Seen on a marathon spectator sign

I’m thinking it might be easier to carry the sign than run the race.

Looks like a beauty of a day ahead of us kids…get out there and soak up some sunshine!



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It’s been a big week…

I’ve grown…mentally and physically…mostly physically!

Up 2 pounds…many egg rolls on Wednesday night at poker.  Took home $300 though!

There may have been a skirmish at poker…a Tito’s vodka type event.

You Can Dance... the man blog

You Can Dance…

We’ve seen this before…usually in movies…

Once in a while one of the adult silver backs eats too many berries and flies a bit out of kilter.

This may have happened in the hours between midnight and 2 am on Thursday morning.

Not only did the old bugger fall in and out of alcohol induced coma several times…he won 20 hands in a row with one eye open and managed to crawl out of a $200 debt…

Amazing.  This stuff makes National Geographic what it is…

Dinner tonight at Agave to celebrate the birthday of the beautiful wife.  Should be fun!

In other news I only have one gym membership…no more plyomax.  And I only had to read the entire consumer protection act…  geez.  Oh well.

Next week we go at the diet again.  My goal this time next week is to be at 235.

This will be done almost entirely with diet alone…I have one leg and a messy wrist so no running and no lifting…maybe I will break out the bike!

Quote of the day:

something from Oprah perhaps…

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

There it is an Oprah quote on the man blog.

Sun is out, rain is going to wash this white stuff from our grass.




Who’s too sexy?

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I may have had a muffin last night…I may have had 2.

and a stuffed chicken breast….a tuna sandwich…on a croissant

I may have had 3 beers…

It was good…really good.

And I weighed in today at an even 240.  Looks like my body has gotten used to being around 240, hey, it’s 10 pounds less than when I started!

The sun is out, it’s getting warmer…beer exists…things seem good.

Parker hit 248 in the Dominican, not bad really.  I think that’s what I came back from Cuba at so he should be back at his fighting weight in no time…244?  Or will Parker attempt to drop into the 230’s?

The diet I’m on right now…might as well keep it going another week…beer and muffins!

Looks like Beagle and Parker are now movie stars!


You’ll have to imagine this gif to the tune of I’m sexy and I know it.

Been busy at the homestead.  Back splash done, new clutch in cobra, transmission installed….

Looks like I’ll be ready to go when this snow is gone….I’ve started shovelling the yard…

Ya, I hate shovelling the driveway but I’ll dig down to that beautiful green grass at the first opportunity!

That’s it for today, not even a quote…


too much to do and it takes a long time to find these great tidbits like the short video above!