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UP, not the Pixar animation

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Did I drink more than a dozen beer on Wednesday night and lose weight?  Was that a dream?

The hangover yesterday certainly wasn’t.  Terrible thing about hangovers, they make me want to eat, nothing but the best.

3 litres of gatorade, a litre of chocolate milk, a bowl of chili, 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate pretzels and mm almonds…Is that it?  There might have been more but its quite a blur.

The weigh in…246…I gained 6 pounds yesterday, man weight!

Pixar Up

The man diet

There was no gym yesterday, it couldn’t happen.  It’s one thing to look like a zombie on a treadmill, it’s another to smell like one.  I will make the trip today, squeezed into a trip to the US to pick up some cobra parts.

Let’s hope a can get the man weight off quickly…a wee prayer maybe.  Sweet tiny little baby Jesus.  Let fatty drop a few pounds.  Thank you sweet darling little baby Jesus.

There…I’m good to go.

It’s going to be nice and warm the next couple of days, maybe some garage time is in order, so much to do, so little permission to do it.

Parker and Beagle are both losing weight steadily. Beagle is below 200, its easy for him he is a foot shorter than me so 200 isn’t as slim as it sounds.  He went Wednesday not eating anything.  He is on a sugar detox…outside of the 15 Florida track suits he drank on Wednesday night he hasn’t had any sugar at all…Vodka, sourpuss and redbull are low in sugar no?  Again, the drinking doesn’t seem to affect the bottom line as he sent me a photo of the scale on Thursday morning and it clearly said in its glowing glory that he was 199.  Now…he doesn’t look 199, he might have been holding on to the table for stability or had a few helium balloons…ready to fly.

Parker is down 10 pounds with his shakes…and still at it.  He has not tried the beer diet yet.

You know what that means?

Victor is not the biggest loser…but there is still time.

Zee Quote of Zee Day:

Sushi Master: He say you blade runner.

Deckard: Tell him I’m eating.

…That sums it up…