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The Return of The Scotch Diet

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Did I possibly drink a bottle of wine last night….and maybe I may have possibly followed that up with a sip…or 2…of scotch….

The silver beast stared 235.8 back at me this morning….dehydration?   You betcha!

Hell, that’s 8 pounds in 3 days….if only I had enough moisture left in my skull to pull that off another night….well who knows how low I could go….

So…I ate 4 eggs and 3 slices of toast for breakfast…a few shakes through the day…and a monster steak with salad for dinner….and the above noted liquid calories….

30 minutes of uphill running on the treadmill….

Today I lift….I’ll be sweating liquor….there is nothing but that and coffee in me at the moment….

Combatants for this round of the man blog…..

Arthur at 195 and holding

Beagle started at 201.7 and has broken the 200 pound barrier in just a few days….he weighed in at 198 this morning…198!

Ayhan the king of Turkey has nothing to lose….but he is giving it a go…he started at 189.2 and has been down then back up and he now sits at 189 even….I’m not sure if Ayhan is dieting at all…I mean the guy simply has red wine over beer and he dumps a pound a day…..

Parker….FAT…what do you want me to say…255 pounds….measly pounds……

The Spy…..his weight is a secret at this point….it’s a huge number and I’ll post it here daily even if the spy wants to keep it a secret….let’s say 285….to be fair….

Pirouz had his camera out in the gym again last night…there may be a no photo policy but he doesn’t care one bit…158 pounds.  Pirouz and Beagle are the same height if that gives you any reference….I’m just saying….

Vinnie is at it again…he will lose weight for sure now that his Cuban son inlaw has moved in….its chicken and onions every night at the stallions residence….pasta is a thing of the past!  Vin is down to 176 from 179.5….chicken is the secret kids…

The old fart isn’t playing this time around, Trafford is still pissed they swapped the carpet out of Carlingwood for slippery tile…they think a slippery when wet sign means anything to seniors….those son of a B’s are handing out broken hips FFS.

I’m not sure if the senior is secretly shaking it up or not…I suppose 40ish days from now when we are all on the beach we will check out his super old 6 pack…..the oldest ab in the Dominican Republic.

Tomorrow I’ll get a few photos of the fatties….no weigh in….no problem….

007…..get your act together or I’ll melt you on the internet…..I hate to pull photos of the spy from the public domain and attach them onto Jenner’s present physique….to be fair you should consider it.

If you’ve made it this far….I’ll tell you a secret………

I’m madly in love with my wife….she has only been gone a year…………..I miss her every damn day……

I’m trying……I really am….

Babe……I love your face…….



Not all New Years…

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New Years at the Man Blog

The beginning of the first new year of my life….without Evelyn…

Today will not be the first day I don’t cry….

Last night I did what I have always done on Wednesday nights, poker at Beagles.  It was a good night, the ladies went out for a sleepover, although only one of them made it through the night.  3 found their way back to me and we were home before midnight.

It wasn’t the best homecoming, there was a bit of bickering…there were tears…but we were able to settle in to a bit of a movie for 20 minutes before we all decided to go to bed…

It isn’t going to be easy to raise a house full of teenage girls…holy smokes.

I’ve had a few angry grief days recently, some angry at Ev, others angry at myself for being mad at her.  There are so many emotions involved in my day to day that I find myself constantly searching for the answers to my feelings.  This being a good outlet as writing the blog makes me reflect on the day before…

For years Ev and I made a habit of watching our ‘shows’.  There were simply shows we always watched together…I hardly look at the tv these days…it just isn’t the same.

Charlotte woke up and said Mommy last night….not loud…not calling out to her far away…but softly like she was making sure she was in the room, in bed beside her…She sat up and said Mommy…

I wanted to ask her what she was dreaming, but instead I comforted her back to sleep…I want Ev back in bed too…even if just to have her tell me not to put my cold feet on her…

I love your face babe!

Victor Wheeler and Evelyn Kindervater-Wheeler
There were no kisses this New Years, and there will never be another from my love…what a great set of lips!!!  my goodness….

wracking tears….

Hopefully today is a great day for me and the kids, a nice day of relaxation…once the ones that are home wake up anyway…

Before I get to the weigh in, I’ll pass on thanks to my friends and family that help me get through the days.  Martin, one of these times when you stop by I will be home, Mike, Darren, Beagle, Parker, Kevin, Hearty, Derek…this list is much longer…you keep me going ever day, as do all the other guys around me that take the time out of there busy lives just to check in…

Again, friends neighbors and strangers trying to help me get on with the days.

The weigh in…up 2 pounds to 218.4 pounds.  Not bad, on top of breakfast and lunch I managed 3 huge fajitas from the lonestar…if anyone wants fajitas for breakfast Mandy bought dinner for 20….ahhh…fajitas all week folks…

where was I…3 huge fajitas…peanut m&m’s….I had a few, fiddle faddle, crunch and munch, popcorn, oh wait….scotch…scotch…tracksuit…tracksuit…scotch…tracksuit…it goes on and on.

So 2 pounds doesn’t seem like much.  I wouldn’t have gotten into the tracksuits but every day in the early evening I seem to crash hard.  I guess I haven’t seen more than 6 hours of sleep in a night in 2 weeks and most nights get 4-5 tops…

Beagle starts his 30 pounds in 30 days diet today…it all about the chicken and rice…he did this one last year, maybe the year before and dropped very close to 30.  Yes we have been doing the man blog diet for years…I think 3…it’s sad…

1000 diets…no kidding…and now I’m down 40 pounds in 40 days…eating whatever I want…

I’ll get weigh ins for Parker and Beagle and we will start tracking their progress.

It won’t be easy, but considering that one of the poker guys threw a heart attack at 40 this week, we might all want to take a look at what we can cut out of our daily intake…right Chris?  Of course after Chris escaped from his 36 hour visit at the hospital he drove over to Beagles for poker…and tracksuits…5 pumps of the vodka sourpuss covered in redbull…

I do think he only had 2….in the dark recesses of his mind…he does not want to be back at the Perth General…

A picture of one of the boys sporting a beauty of a leotard?  No.  I close out today with a second photo of my love…Just have a look at her…evelyn kindervater-wheeler

The Quote of the Day:

Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.
Goran Persson

That right there kids…that’s what my wife was about…

Let us all be better to one another and this year and every other will be filled with happiness.



Warmer today, looks like we may get snow on the weekend, I’m hoping for 4 feet…the shoveling gives me quiet time with fat snowflakes…a good time to think…and likely make ice on the driveway out of my frigin tears…


Before I send my day off…I apologize that sometimes this reads like I’m in a dark depressing place, I hope it doesn’t affect you negatively…I don’t want that…I want all the light shiny places but they aren’t always there…I have to talk about the dark spots here so that I can realize the light ones…poker…or visits with friends…or the pub with the gbg…or just a wee bird flying by while I’m in traffic…

I know…I’m not sane…I understand that…but this is where I’m at…

anyway…before I delete all that…

Cheerio…maybe no man blog for a couple of days…we will see




Catamaran tours, 2 4 1 cheapy cheapy…

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Day one of the real diet.


Not bad!

Yesterday I consumed mainly meat, it was a low carb day which is the plan for the next 10 days.

Did I have any carbs?  Sure…I likely ate about 10 plus 2 michelob ultra which is 6 for a grand total of under 20 carbs.  If I can keep this up for another 4 or 5 days my body will go into Ketosis at which time I will be burning fat for energy…my bodies carb storage facility…

Side effects…sure…I’ll have bad breath…my kidneys are gong to take another hit also but bad breath I can live with…hell it’s everyone else that has to smell it.

So far I’m good though, I didn’t crave for anything yesterday, I ate pretty steady all day and still managed to lose.  It helps that every step I take my knee screams…I great reminder.

To our Caribbean office for a quick report…

catamaran. the man blog

That dolphin is thinning

Is it just me or does Kevin seem thinner when there is a porpoise in the image.

Parker may have to consider one of these for home…

Looks like the boys have successfully negotiated the Dominican prison system from some of the photos I’ve seen on facebook.

Shit Kevin actually seems a bit thinner…must be the sun.

I’m starting to worry about Arthur though, several of the images that have been posted recently are giving me that Asian vibe.

egg roll strike out. the man blog

egg rolls strike out

Here at the man blog we’ve seen this happen many times.  The result of too much plum sauce or massive amounts of alcohol consumption…

I’m wagering on the latter…

Robert the Bruce has lost another…

The boys still have 3 more days of sun while we freeze out of our shorts…envy.

That’s it.  Today I attempt to do the same as yesterday, low carb, chill, a few beers.

Tomorrow I will once again be in the 230’s.



The Quote of the Day:

Miyagi: Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything. 
Daniel: Ever catch one? 
Miyagi: Not yet. 

Karate Kid

Never give up…

Today minus 2, tomorrow same…someday… warmer


The End is nigh…

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Okay folks…I’m actually going to diet this week.
I must.

My knee is so messed up this past couple of weeks I can’t walk without a limp and one of 50 steps brings me down when the thing cranks out some good pain.

The doc said I was too young for a knee replacement…not that I want one…maybe just having one leg would be better????

I must lose 30 pounds, that’s it.  My knee will feel better then…and I start today.  I really do!

March 24, 2014—-> 242 Pounds

Let’s talk about international travel.

Dominican Prison.  the man blog

4 little monkeys jumping on the bed!

Regardless of where you stay in the Dominican it’s going to be all Inclusive…of course the quality of the food in the local prison is not likely as good as the resort…

…and the booze ain’t flowing…

Here is the result of the guys weekend in Peurto Plata where I hear they allow locals into the resort on Friday…sounds like fun.

I’m not saying these guys are trouble…but they wouldn’t have to look hard to find it…right Watford?!

Damn Vinnie…jumping on the bed.  Kevin is trying to get a bit of rest man.  Arthur isn’t wearing underwear under his kilt, a Scottish tradition I suppose…and in the Caribbean that wool can get swarthy.

Trafford…well that little butterfly is doing his thing…winning over Jail guards I’m guessing.

This weekend we were triple booked with 2 parties and a dinner.  We opted for the dinner as it was with folks we hadn’t seen in a while and figured we’d be able to catch up on another event afterwards.

ZIZI’s for 4…a huge tab and no way of getting anywhere afterwards due to the consumption. and I’m not talking about tuberculosis…We are talking about the old Alcool….

Is that it?  The end of ZIZI’s for a couple of weeks…sadly I think so…the delicious breads, potatoes and deserts that are important at ZIZI’s cannot be a part of my life for a couple weeks.

…I want to save my carbs for a few beers…it’s the time of year for beers, most times are…but the March-May corridor will be an important one for me this year…and no better way to self reflect than under the half comatose effects of alcohol.

At the man blog the guitar is going great…and now one of the kids is playing along with me which is perfection…

The quote of the day:

Let your mind go and your body will follow.
LA Story

May the sun shine down on your face today and warm your soul…and may the god of meniscus smile upon me.  Please god of knees…be kind…I promise to never use a short squat rack ever again.



Another day another ????

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What will today have in store for me other than a sore back? Likely not much!

I managed to tile 75% of the kitchen yesterday…I had to leave a section unfinished for access, I’ll get to that today.

I also managed to have ZIZI’s again for dinner…back to back nights  ouch…

I committed the mortal diet sin…Not only did I crush a delicious soup, amazing Zizi’s burger and desert…I managed a bottle of vino too.  A huge dinner and alcohol…that is going to cost me!

Is the diet off?  No…it’s having a short break….

I’m pretty sure none of us are at it right now…no reports from anyone…

Beagle was hard on the tracksuits poker Wednesday and out of luck too…Not sure what his Irish hat cost him but it didn’t seem good.

Out of luck...the man blog

Out of luck…

Lucky no…but good lookin!

Parker is 6 days away from getting on the plane to the Dominican with a few of the soccer guys, otherwise known and the GBG…aka the goldenboys…

A few of their smiling faces have blessed the pages of the man blog…let’s get back to Kevin at the pool bar…

So far signed up we have Andy, Vinnie, Arthur and Kevin.

Let’s imagine a 2 sided balance scale…If Kevin were on one side of it, and Andy, Vinnie and Arthur was on the other….

Well…be warned Sunwing…They’ll be flying in circles…

There is a slim chance I may still do this…I look at it every day.  I also think about being at the pool bar with 4 of the drunkest people in the world…I’m not sure what condition I’d be in myself…and if I had to I think I could carry any of the lightweights back to their room…but it’s been a while since I leg pressed a honda civic…I’m not sure I could get Kevin onto my shoulder…

No Dandruff.  the man blog

No Dandruff

Here at the man blog we do back Head and Shoulders…that and old spice…

I guess we better back Capital Dodge too…they have the best hair.

If you are shopping for a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or Fiat…

Well head on over to the West end and enjoy the freak show….

No Pressure...the man blog

No Pressure…



Now I know there have been some questionable images posted here at the man blog…but the one directly to the right….—————————–>>>>>>

This image has NOT been altered in any way…

What???  Inhumane?  No wait…you’re mistaken…he has not glued a squirrel onto his face…

No need to call the SPCA here folks…all is good.

Well I better get to work.

The Quote of the Day:


Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff.      – Mariah Carey

I get it…Geez

Well kids…I did break down a shovel yesterday…hopefully not again this year!




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As amazing as it is not…I lost weight yesterday.

Why is this…well I actually watched what I put in the gob and didn’t clear the fridge at 10 pm.

Since I decided I might do a 9 day cleanse or try the Parker shake diet…I might as well do it now with what I have in the house rather than purchasing it from isagenix or grabbing PGX shakes from the store.  I think the ingredients I have kicking around are better anyway, the isagenix shakes have plenty of suger in them and the cleanse is made up of who knows what…

Rather than the cleanse I’m using a veggie greens…it reminds me of a freshly mowed lawn, it’s not too bad in chug mode.  For the shake I have some zero carb promaxis, it’s a good brand developed at McGill I believe and tastes great.

I also crushed a chicken breast and some Brussel sprouts for lunch…which would be as per the isagenix method, a sensible lunch.

For a late night snack I had a handful of mixed nuts and…I don’t know, 2 or 3 cups of raw veg with hummus…maybe more…

And…I lost over 2 pounds, almost 3 I suppose.  I weighed in at 243.6, almost the lowest I’ve been on this man ‘diet’.

I had zero scotch.

Now all good things must come to an end and tonight I have poker.  I will try my best to not eat…I may have a wee scotch…maybe not…

dean  deceiver, the man blog

Another of the items on the up and up on my resolution list is the old geeeetar.  I’ve been practising every single day and…I can play the damn thing!

Now I realize that children everywhere have this skill, but I simply always thought my total lack of coordination and the numerous bones I have broken in my hands would not be conducive to this skill.  I should even mention that my mitts are 75% palm and 25% fingers.  But I’ve done it, I can already play simple tunes and I plan on going all the way.

If you’ve ever thought of giving it a try I can tell you that the game Rocksmith is a great help…when used with other lessons online or otherwise…

My weight loss coherts???  Beagle is off the booze tonight, he goes under the knife tomorrow…that should cost him a couple of pounds during recovery…lucky him!  Parker is hiding out in pubs within the Nepean – Ashton corridor.  I’d be hiding out too if I was officially the fattest of us again!  The joys of losing a couple pounds…I can point and laugh at my fatter buddies!!!!

Parker has been an avid soccer player since…forever I suppose.

Parker Power, the man blog

Parker Power

Being an Englishman I’m sure he has been at it since before kindergarten.  Anyway, as you can see from this photo I found of him on the interweb he has one hell of a boot on him.

My normal disclaimer…I don’t know how I luck into these images…

Parker has been enjoying freedom from shakes recently but I don’t see that 20 pounds he took off staying off unless he does a bit more of the scrimmage on the green,

But… he did lose 20 pounds, Beagle too, I’m the only non-losing loser.

Might I see the 230’s this week?  I do hope so.

Quote of the day:

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan

See…I have a chance.

Be cool, stay warm!


complaints…I’ve heard a few

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You know…dieting, real dieting…it’s likely not any fun at all.

isagenix…the high wire balancing act between starvation and filler shakes…it’s not my thing…it works yes, but the pain.

The Parker diet…just shakes.  period…see it…the period?  Just shakes for 3 weeks has got to be tough, I’ve never attempted it myself…consider but not yet tried.

Low carb diets are pretty easy, eat lots of meat.  Done it plenty, it works and I don’t mind it…but forever…no.

The sugar detox…it’s low carb really, same as above, just like atkins or the french guy…done em all.

Chubby should be so vain…

Chubby should go to the gym, but chubby did not go to the gym yesterday.  He did eat a reasonably balanced diet…reasonably.

2 scrumptious hard boiled eggs for breakfast, chilli for lunch and home made ‘diet’ pizza for dinner.  Or 2 maybe.

Diet pizza—>high protein pita halved (makes 2 pizzas) 100 cals, 10 grams protein, 3 net carbs // 1 stick pillars pepperoni stick sliced  100 cals, 6 protein, 1 carb//shredded moz 2/3 cup  200 cals, 2 carbs, 14 grams protien//pizza sauce 1 tblsp 15 cals, 1 carb 0 protein.

2 pizza’s is 400 cals, 7 carbs and 30 grams of protein…that’s good stuff

what?  I said pardon?  You smell chocolate on my breath?  whaaaaaat?

Oh oh oh, right right…I forgot…I may have slipped a few chocolate covered almonds into my gob…I had to go to the bulk barn for suckers…valentines for the kids…and  Charlotte likes to pick a few treats…

what’s 15 chocolate covered almonds?

Well kids, that right there is 510 calories per 100 grams…can you give me an Amen!

The good news?  The silver monster I’ve been trying to unsuccessfully crush on a daily basis tells me I’ve lost weight….half a pound…I’m at a slimming 243.4.

That’s right…in the right light…with the right angle…I’m slim…mer….

Our favorite life insurance salesman is down weight! And he is on the beer diet!  All that time I spent in church as a child…you’d think the lord would be better to me than that!  Parker is out at the pub every night having beer while I sit here eating celery and imagining him downing diet shakes.  Kevin puts himself at 243-244 as of yesterday…or he hasn’t been on his silver monster to check in…diet shake avoidance….we shall get to the bottom of that

I won’t even get started with Beagles at an all inclusive…drunk…at the trough…

These are terrible people!

Excellent food Ottawa, the man blog

a must try in South Ottawa

Today is Valentines day!  My super sexy wife and I hemmed and hawed over breaking my diet to go eat delicious Zizi’s Kitchen and drink some vino…it was left to the restaurant reservation gods…they squeezed us in…I’m not to be blamed.

Tonight I will gain 5 pounds of man weight, I will lose it…but first I must pack it on…and pack it on I will enjoying every minute of it…and a fine bottle of wine…or 2…or more!

Zizi’s and have a small amount to eat…drink water and leave satisfied.  But why?

Nope…I’m going to go ahead and punish myself.

I know I wasn’t going to drink anything until the end of the month…20 days…but dinner with the wife does include a bit of wine…some sangria…a cocktail…a beer…

It’s a celebration…why not celebrate!

I promise to start punishing myself again ASAP!

Now…As I mentioned in an earlier blog…I had requested an image of Beagle on the beach via his wife…there might be some issues with that request so I’m going to go ahead and do the best I can with what’s out there on the nets…the webs have things.

man weight loss, the man blog

I have nothing more to say about this…

So here we are, photo one from the depths of the Beagle portfolio…As you can you plainly read, he is slimmer also.

All that meat is paying off!

For those of you that aren’t in the know…somewhere in Mexico Beagle has just coughed up cervesa through the nose…

As far as I know images on the interweb are never doctored in any way, Beagle simple forgot to evenly apply the sunscreen.

Beagle will be back in the land of snow on Monday…but I suppose we could have a look back at his vacation next week…a wee review of the excursions I like to imagine he went on, snorkelling, the pyramids, jeep tour…plus we can get the pictures from the inter web..fun stuff!

Today’s Quote will be from one of our fallen heroes, if you haven’t had a chance…read every thing he’s written:

The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.
Hunter S. Thompson

To those of you shovelling today, stay warm…to those of you like me that are going to put the truck in 4 wheel drive and wait until the spring thaw…hammer down.

Stay cool…



Juice, Gym….Jelly beans? I’m looking for a word that works here…

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Might as well be Joker!

Zee good news is…drum roll please…I lost 4.8 pounds yesterday.

Let’s not start doing cartwheels just yet, this is man weight, I can gain that back in a few minutes…any minute now really.

The play by play…(to the rhythm of A day in the Life by the Beatles)…

I woke up, got out of the sack, juiced two pounds of veg and thought I must be smoking crack…

Yes, I hit the juicer for breakfast, delish really.  Carrots, kale, orange pepper and asparagus I do believe. Let’s have a look…



wait…I forgot broccoli!

For lunch I had chili, a fall back of mine, the recipe from a men’s health book I read long ago, the testosterone diet.  High protein, low fat, high fiber, some carbs…and tastes great.

Dinner….Salmon and more broccoli.  This broc was in the chewable format.

For an evening snack at poker I had 7 beers.  You heard it here folks, 7 beers and I still dropped almost 5 pounds.

What?  Is that even possible?

Man Weight baby!  Plus I did make a foray to the gym.  I attempted a trip to the local Plyomax, the new gym just opened in my neighborhood.

Not open you say?  On the busiest workout day of the year?  That’s right, pack up your new years resolution!  If you swore you were going to hit the gym every day in the new year and have a spanking new membership to the Plyomax in Riverside South you can scratch one off the list.  That’s 2 strikes for the plyomax.

1. Destroying 4500 New Years resolutions

2. Having equipment designed for people under 5 foot 10 inches.

I mean I’m not much over the average male height at 6′ 3″ but a bit of exercise equipment from Torque, which is the source at the Plyomax, is simply not set up for anyone over 5′ 10.  I can normally Angle Leg Press around 700 pounds, but the starting point on the Torque machine has my knees behind my ears…Kind of makes me feel like a lady of the night…  Anyway, no chance of pulling that off, it’s not safe…neither is trying to Angle Leg Press 700 pounds from that starting position.

Does that mean I was out of luck?  No Sir!

I still have a GoodLife membership!  And the GoodLife is always open!

Pardon?  Two gym memberships?  But of course, you can’t get into this physical form without 2 gym memberships…

That’s all folks, it’s 5:30 am, maybe I should try to get back to sleep…

Had to come back…quote of the day brought to you by

Steve Martin – Nothing I do is done by popular demand.