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Some things NEVER change…

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Groundhog days…


There have been so many hard fought groundhog days here at the man blog…years and years of them…

No matter how hard you starve…you can not lose a pound….not an ounce!!!!

Mr. Russett…the sugarbear…is stuck in a groundhog cycle…every morning he wakes up…at anytime…he looks around and realizes…this is a new day!  My starvation will be rewarded on this day…

No sir….as the Beagle steps onto the silver monster he is greeted with this….

We must consider though….he hasn’t been under 200 pounds in a year…and he has been now for 3 straight days….He hasn’t eaten in a week….

Not sure what keeps him going at this point…but he is managing to get his base calories from somewhere….

Is he eating whats left of his muscle mass…or his grey matter….

Time will Tell


wowzers…..I haven’t heard from the big boy in 2 days…the last time we spoke he told me that he was timing how long it takes for sour kids candy to melt in a can of Pepsi….he was amazed to realize that the rate at which sour kids melt in Pepsi is affected by thermodynamics….a cold can of pepsi melted the sour kids slower than a warm can….

Anyway, Seamus was on his second dozen Pepsi’s when I spoke to him…he was pretty much shattered at that point…between gummies and pop he had managed several pounds of highly refined sugars…

His weight….last he checked….390 pounds.

My lord…..


I think Richard is actually taking this seriously….he is actually watching what he consumes….but no weight in…he only weighs on Fridays….

Guess what that means?

Richard is burning Cals kids….


Krista seems to be on the HTG diet…that’s the one where you lose a few pounds and then demolish the fridge.

On Monday Krista was under 150….remember….I may have said 250 but I get mixed up with my hundreds now that we have a big boys club….

Krista Celebrated being under 150 with…a bag of gummies and some popcorn..and drum roll…………………

Up…Tuesday she weighed in at 150.4.  We had a wee chat about diets and stuff during which Krista told me she was a fortune teller of sorts…..geez….I mean….I’ve made a lot of lofty claims in my life…like I’m going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days….but…if I could see the future….I would already know there is zero chance of that….

Regardless Krista told me she had these feelings….she knows stuff….future type things….

Well Krista is sure of one thing….she gained…weighing in this morning at 151.2 pounds….this she blames on her HUSBAND….


She claims he comes home with chips…he is a ‘Feeder’ she says….chips AND pepsi….shhhhh…don’t let Seamus find out you have Pepsi…

Anyway, Garry is off to England tomorrow…Krista thinks she will lose weight while he is gone…..

We shall defo know if the crystal ball is telling the truth won’t we….


Now that the Capitone is seriously bulking up we will have to address him with a bit more respect…or suffer the consequences….and no one wants to mess with a man in the midst of a steroid induced rage.

ZEE capitone Ramsay Buchanan is up again, hammering the scale at 135 pounds, up from 127…major gains….I hope he forwards us an updated selfie tomorrow…


Light weight!!!!!  PEANUTS!!!!

I’m down to 236.6 pounds….but…it’s Wednesday.

Last Wednesday I weighed 236.4…my low of this round of man blog dieting….I then managed to get to 242 overnight…Wednesday night….


By the way…I have had 2 dilly bars each of the last 2 nights….so they aren’t the issue…..

I will attempt to take it easy on the donuts tonight…..

The Quote of The Day

Somewhere there’s a score being kept, so you have an obligation to live life as well as you can, be as engaged as you can.
Bill Murray

I wonder what my score might be….I do like to live life…I must…I try to live with passion…it isn’t always easy.  Living life can be tiresome….and much of what I have is given to my children….I make that choice….

But I do live….and I like a great laugh every single day.

Babe….I love your face.



Day 5.20 A scientific Analysis

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Today we will perform a scientific analysis…

of what you ask????  Of poker of course…

Is Poker Fattening?

Is it possible?  We at the man blog are going to delve deep into this universal question…

Yesterday I awoke to 220.8 pounds, or so the scale said….



What???  Wait one second….is poker making me fat?

porker stars, man blog, fat poker

So I ate reasonably yesterday…enough…ish…

For dinner I had a lovely bit of salmon with potatoes and asparagus…fit for a king really…I poured myself a couple shots of scotch, grabbed a 6 pack, and out the door I went to play poker…

I’ve done this before without eating, no big deal.

But wait…let’s order pizza…meat lovers, xtra large…better get 2 of them…shiiiiiitttttt….

And the fun starts, I’m down 2 slices the scotch the beer, and then…and then…

Troy shows up with a bag of left over trick or treats, and more beer…I felt like a prom date…just have one…just a bit…

So here I am, fat…ish…er…

Today I’ll have to watch the consumption for sure…get it under control…

I did win moula though, left up $10!

A quiet night, Beagle announced that he is once again under 200 pounds…I’m thinking naked after a 2 hour sauna…

I don’t think I’ll catch him under 200, I have been there in my 30’s…moments before they hit me with the IV antibiotics…Kevin Parker, man blog

Just so we don’t lose touch with Parker…I told you the other day that he is maxing out…well here is solid proof….

Those aren’t the cheap tires on that bike….

The Quote of the Day:

The most important thing is to have a good relationship with the bike… you have to understand what she wants. I think of a motorcycle as a woman, and I know that sounds silly, but it’s true.
Valentino Rossi

I’m not sure how Parker’s wife does it….

Sorry Parker…

Wait…a plug…want the best, cheapest insurance possible?  Contact Kevin Parker at http://lifeinsuranceottawa.ca/

It’s worth a look, even if it is just to see a skinny picture of him…but honestly…he can save you money.




Day 3.10 Lifting is easy, lazy man’s work

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I really meant to write the man blog yesterday, I had my day planned out.

Get Charlotte on the bus…go for a run, 4 mile sprints, then off to the gym…peanuts weight, run a few errands and get back with time to key in a short blog post…

Before I knew it time had flown by and I had to pick Charlotte up from the bus…

Plus a visit for driveway scotch.

Chunk hits the gym…

chunk goes to the gym, the man blog
After 4 miles of sprints yesterday the wife and I went to the gym…It’s been a while, like 6 months, maybe 8…a long time.

I took it pretty easy, no super heavy lifts.  I wanted to be able to brush my teeth this morning…

There is some pain though, but that is the way it goes.

I did not do any crossfit…I lowered all my weight back to the floor…no drops…It seems like fun, but the neg builds a lot of strength as everyone outside of the crossfit craze seems to know.

I weighed in yesterday morning at 230, that after an evening of scotch and a late dinner. I did try the scale after the gym and was at 228 pounds…this morning I hit 229.6 pounds.

Again yesterday there was a wee bit of scotch to be had in the driveway.  We had a few people stop by, Scott 1 in his 37 Ford and long hair Scott…I hadn’t planned on driveway pops…but you can’t let company down.  Dan Auns dropped over for a short visit, a good little time in the late summer sun.

So let’s say 4 or 5 ounces of scotch was followed up once again with a late dinner…and I’m still under 230…not bad.

The guys are deep into diets of their own…

sean russett homerun
Well some of them are trying more than others…

Parker is down 5 pounds to 253 pounds.  That’s a lot of pizza …I’m seeing him down another 10 pounds within 2 weeks.  At 250 plus the first 10 to 15 pounds drops off pretty quickly.

He is on the shakes, just one solid meal a day.  That’s a tough way to go but it will get the weight off as Parker has shown before…

But keeping it off…none of us have pulled off that parlour trick yet.

Beagle is also on his diet, finding himself at 202 pounds after a weekend baseball tournament.  Beagle has some workout pains also, a 28 hour drinking fandango will do that sort of thing.

Beagle has his vacation booked, 5 months out.  He tells me he will be travelling with a buddy of his that is in great shape…I quote “Greek warrior”.  When I first read his text I thought he was trying to say he was going to have the body of a greek warrior in 5 months…

It is possible of course…but that would be a commitment…ya…I read that wrong for sure…although Beagle does say he has been inspired.

I do see him following in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks…but I’m not sure about warrior…

We shall see…

The Quote of the Day:

I don’t believe in fad diets.
Jenny Craig

Makes sense to me.

It’s cooling off…soon we will all be turning on the furnace.













Day 2.26 Do fat men float…

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Do Fat Men Float, the man blog

I did not run 4 miles yesterday.  Just about the time I finished positioning my fat little fingers onto this keyboard the wife and I discussed the end of summer for the girls and decided to meet up with the Parker’s at Calypso…a few water slides….

We aren’t the first fat men to attempt the water slide…

Sean Russett water slides at the man blog

slip sliding away

Beagle is well known for his water slide antics here at the man blog.

Yesterday Parker did inform me that he is right at the verge of being one of those guys that wears his shirt at the water park…This time around he didn’t…it hasn’t come to that yet…

2 shakes a day starting September 1st is his claim.

We did have some fun pushing weight limits at the slides…yep, the slides have weight limits, not to keep you from falling through the slide but rather to prevent you from gaining too much momentum and heading over the edge.

What this means is that for a few Rides, the 4 man runs, Parker, Chris (a GBGer from Leicester), and myself along with Parker’s son Ethan…who weighs in at 125 pounds….get the Oh no you don’t treatment…we are over the limit…

In fact Parker his son and I ventured down a 4 man run…one of those in which there is risk of going airborne.,..well Parker sitting on the back almost had his head taken off…

I might mention the time the 6 man tube…with my man weight on one end…submerged, catapulting everyone else…an attempt to drown everyone in the boat…The life guard was amazed…it was the I’ve never seen that happen before look…

The joys of being fat!  Well here is a gif I was able to dig up on Parker…Kevin Parker belly flops for the man blog

A true professional folks. After today’s abuse I might as well give him a plug… Kevin is the best Life, Disability, Critical Illness or Mortgage insurance broker around…anywhere…
He really is, I think he is RBC’s only Platinum broker…
Anyway, he can save you money on your insurance…give him a call. LifeInsuranceOttawa.com

One last thing…Beagle sent me a photo of his scale this morning, 198.8.  He is under 200 pounds…The helium diet works.

The Quote of the Day:

Be excellent to each other….and….PARTY ON, DUDES!

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Hot…very hot…time to sweat…soon we shovel…



Day 2.18 The road is long…

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Fatty weighed in this morning at 233 pounds, not bad considering I did a bit of potato salad and a couple of cupcakes at a BBQ this weekend.

Sadly I did see 228 on the scale this weekend at one point, my first foray into the 220’s this diet round and a glimmer of hope of what is to come.
worn out shoes, the man blog
When did I see this 228 pound reward on the grey beast? Well after a 16 km run of course.

How was running 16 km as a fat man? Surprisingly not too bad!  The last couple miles are tough, pushing past your long run distance from the week before.

I mean last week I only had to manage 13 km so the extra 3 is a tough pill to swallow, this coming week I’ll only have to squeeze out an extra 1.6 km up to 17.6 km next Saturday.

Today there are a few sore spots but in a day or 2 they will pass.  Also, there won’t be any more 5 K short runs, those short runs are now 7’s…in 2 more weeks the weekend long runs are always over half marathon distances…the joy.

I’ll need a new pair of runners shortly, they don’t make shoes for chunky men.  Once you get over 200 pounds you can forget about support.  You’ll blow through the sole of a shoe in no time…

So somehow I’ve packed on 5 pounds of water and food since yesterday at noon…we shall see what today has to offer.

Fat, Fatter, Fattest at the man blog

We are only a couple weeks away from Parker hitting the shakes again…and no update on Beagle’s weight lifting…I’m sure it’s going well for him

man blog, 2 fat men
It isn’t easy for these guys to get started…and catching up with chunk right now…next to impossible.

I may not have lost a pound in weeks now but I’ve been in the low 230’s for a month, at some point I’ve got to hit the 220’s solid.

Beagle will have to hit the weights hard to make up for 10 pops a day and Parker will punish himself on a meal a day and 2 shakes…no beer…no exercise.

It may seem easy to starve yourself to lose while not burning it out sweating…but I find the starvation harder to deal with…I rather work hard and have a snack once in a while.

Hell I’ve stayed at this weight through egg rolls, nachos, beers…whatever…

Good luck Fatties!

The quote of the day:

Smile, it’s better than a poke in the eye.
Douglas Horton

Seems simply enough.

Is summer over?  Get out there while you can.




damn fat bastard…

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I did not make it to 235 this week.  I gained weight, I’m at 243.

Birthday cake for my baby Charlotte, chicken wings and chips and poker, hot dogs, junk food.  beer….

All these things are life at the man blog…but I really do need to punish myself.

My birthday is April 12, I’ll be 43…

On the 13th I start the 21 day sugar detox…shortened to the 18 day sugar detox just because that’s how many days are left in the month.

I hate the sugar detox but it works.

so other than birthday dinner at Zizi’s which should put me up to 245, mother*&%&^$*….

I’ll keep you posted.  As my diet partners are fattening up I will attempt to find new victims, almost every guy I know could stand to lose a few…21 day


Who’s too sexy?

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I may have had a muffin last night…I may have had 2.

and a stuffed chicken breast….a tuna sandwich…on a croissant

I may have had 3 beers…

It was good…really good.

And I weighed in today at an even 240.  Looks like my body has gotten used to being around 240, hey, it’s 10 pounds less than when I started!

The sun is out, it’s getting warmer…beer exists…things seem good.

Parker hit 248 in the Dominican, not bad really.  I think that’s what I came back from Cuba at so he should be back at his fighting weight in no time…244?  Or will Parker attempt to drop into the 230’s?

The diet I’m on right now…might as well keep it going another week…beer and muffins!

Looks like Beagle and Parker are now movie stars!


You’ll have to imagine this gif to the tune of I’m sexy and I know it.

Been busy at the homestead.  Back splash done, new clutch in cobra, transmission installed….

Looks like I’ll be ready to go when this snow is gone….I’ve started shovelling the yard…

Ya, I hate shovelling the driveway but I’ll dig down to that beautiful green grass at the first opportunity!

That’s it for today, not even a quote…


too much to do and it takes a long time to find these great tidbits like the short video above!




The End is nigh…

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Okay folks…I’m actually going to diet this week.
I must.

My knee is so messed up this past couple of weeks I can’t walk without a limp and one of 50 steps brings me down when the thing cranks out some good pain.

The doc said I was too young for a knee replacement…not that I want one…maybe just having one leg would be better????

I must lose 30 pounds, that’s it.  My knee will feel better then…and I start today.  I really do!

March 24, 2014—-> 242 Pounds

Let’s talk about international travel.

Dominican Prison.  the man blog

4 little monkeys jumping on the bed!

Regardless of where you stay in the Dominican it’s going to be all Inclusive…of course the quality of the food in the local prison is not likely as good as the resort…

…and the booze ain’t flowing…

Here is the result of the guys weekend in Peurto Plata where I hear they allow locals into the resort on Friday…sounds like fun.

I’m not saying these guys are trouble…but they wouldn’t have to look hard to find it…right Watford?!

Damn Vinnie…jumping on the bed.  Kevin is trying to get a bit of rest man.  Arthur isn’t wearing underwear under his kilt, a Scottish tradition I suppose…and in the Caribbean that wool can get swarthy.

Trafford…well that little butterfly is doing his thing…winning over Jail guards I’m guessing.

This weekend we were triple booked with 2 parties and a dinner.  We opted for the dinner as it was with folks we hadn’t seen in a while and figured we’d be able to catch up on another event afterwards.

ZIZI’s for 4…a huge tab and no way of getting anywhere afterwards due to the consumption. and I’m not talking about tuberculosis…We are talking about the old Alcool….

Is that it?  The end of ZIZI’s for a couple of weeks…sadly I think so…the delicious breads, potatoes and deserts that are important at ZIZI’s cannot be a part of my life for a couple weeks.

…I want to save my carbs for a few beers…it’s the time of year for beers, most times are…but the March-May corridor will be an important one for me this year…and no better way to self reflect than under the half comatose effects of alcohol.

At the man blog the guitar is going great…and now one of the kids is playing along with me which is perfection…

The quote of the day:

Let your mind go and your body will follow.
LA Story

May the sun shine down on your face today and warm your soul…and may the god of meniscus smile upon me.  Please god of knees…be kind…I promise to never use a short squat rack ever again.



I have to lose something…

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It isn’t weight…might as well be money!

I did not win at poker, I was up over 200 clams but there is no escape with money. After being awake for 19 hours I started to fade out…I mean you could still see me, no risk of that, but mentally.

And it isn’t a slow fade with a mind like mine.

I donated and off I went home to bed.

Kamakaze diet, the man blog

Kamakaze diet

This morning I weighed in at 243.4
An absolute miracle.
I went to poker thinking I would not eat. I’d have 6 Michelob Ultra, a whopping 20 carbs. Hell I had saved up all week eating mainly protein.

So let’s see…20 carbs from 6 beers.  Ricky Beiber brought egg salad sandwiches and meatballs.

Egg salad sandwiches on white bread…good old fashioned white bread from our childhood…that white fluffy bread doesn’t greet our kitchen often.  I’m guessing Rick chef’d up 12 sandwiches…I ate no less than 6 of them…

Meatballs…I went easy on em…I had 7.  Just 7?  Well I was saving room for a family sized bag of chips, a large box of Mike and Ike, sour gummy worms, peanut M&M, honey roasted peanuts….I’m sure there was more…

The Kamakaze diet folks…go down in flames!

Hey…I’m not the only one…fat skinny Paul, Beagle, The M boys, and captain glaucoma were all digging in too.

Parker is flying south in T minus 12 hours…I had the credit card info punched in and just about to hit the buy button when I backed out…If it wasn’t the Dominican I might have been swayed…but I’ve almost been murdered there in the past…alone…trying to defend 4 drunken UKer’s against a swarthy bunch of Haitian’s wouldn’t be easy…

This lot needs the safe sanctuary of Cuba where it’s impossible to get killed…but no…

One of you will not be armed.  the man blog

One of you will not be armed

My advice gentlemen…do not leave the resort without resort or tour staff from a reputable organization.

Never leave the resort at night regardless of who you are with…if the Prime Minister offers to bring you home for dinner…decline…politely.

The local girls on the beach at night are not lonely…the are NOT alone.  be very cautious of your new friends…best not to make any.

There will be American’s here…you have UK accents…this means they hate you…

Lastly…use Kevin as a shield if possible…he weighs more than any 4 Dominicans that haven’t reach the MLB ( for you English that’s baseball…aka where a Dominican can put on 100 pounds in a season…naturally…wink wink)

I’m sure I’ll be missing a fabulous time, maybe next year.

I did order the parts to get the Cobra rolling again with the trip money…a fair exchange.

The Quote of the day:

If there is a will there is a way.

Dominican equivalent:

A buen hambre no hay pan duro -(When you are really hungry no bread is too hard to eat)

Be safe guys…Parker…be good, if you can’t be good keep your chin in and your left high.

: )




The Great Fortune Teller…

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How did chubby know he would weigh in at 245 this frigid Monday morning?

Is it mystical?

No…it’s hamburgers, fries and beer!

That’s right folks, 244.6 on the silver devil this morning…not bad really…considering.

Let’s see, while my wife was away I did lots productive.  I tiled the kitchen and eat in area…I put granite to the ceiling on the fireplace…looks great.  Hair Scott came over and pretty much finished the drywall…

Looks like this 6 month renovation is coming to a close kids!

The wife was away…the stove was unplugged…but the phone was working.  I’ve had restaurant or take out food all weekend long…a case a beer and the better part of a bottle of rum with a side of a case of Pepsi…

That’s no way to diet.

Fawcett Hair, the man blog

Fawcett Hair

Chunk begins again today…try to keep the carbs down.  All that protein is a killer, but it helps drop the pounds.

So here we have Scott 1 with his new hair style…honestly Farah’s hair hardly covers it.  Hell of a drywaller though!  Good thing too or my renovation would be into the next century.

Maybe a before and after (during) of the fireplace…
fireplace granite, the man blog








Here at the man blog we may not be good looking, smart, funny, fit, witty…hell I could go on and on…but we are handy!

So very close to being done the main floor…to recapturing the garage…

Parker is on the beer, that’s for sure.  He flies off in just a couple of days and if he is willing to splash around making dolphins noises I think he may come back up money…it must be an easy $50 to swim with dolphins…Oh Oh…I feel I may have to dig up a manatee from the interweb.,…

Dances with Dolphins...the man blog

Dances with Dolphins…

Disclaimer:  found image…seems legit

Is that a Manatee or has that dolphin been on the man diet?

The world is full of mystery.

Anyway…today I eat meat…I keep the carbs below 30…that leaves rooms for 4 michelob ultra and some broc.

Sweet Baby Jesus…tiny little helpless sweetness…today I would like to lose a pound or 2…no big deal…thanks.

The Quote of The Dayyyyyy:

I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.
Rodney Dangerfield

That’s about enough…I really am going to punish myself today…



Another day another ????

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What will today have in store for me other than a sore back? Likely not much!

I managed to tile 75% of the kitchen yesterday…I had to leave a section unfinished for access, I’ll get to that today.

I also managed to have ZIZI’s again for dinner…back to back nights  ouch…

I committed the mortal diet sin…Not only did I crush a delicious soup, amazing Zizi’s burger and desert…I managed a bottle of vino too.  A huge dinner and alcohol…that is going to cost me!

Is the diet off?  No…it’s having a short break….

I’m pretty sure none of us are at it right now…no reports from anyone…

Beagle was hard on the tracksuits poker Wednesday and out of luck too…Not sure what his Irish hat cost him but it didn’t seem good.

Out of luck...the man blog

Out of luck…

Lucky no…but good lookin!

Parker is 6 days away from getting on the plane to the Dominican with a few of the soccer guys, otherwise known and the GBG…aka the goldenboys…

A few of their smiling faces have blessed the pages of the man blog…let’s get back to Kevin at the pool bar…

So far signed up we have Andy, Vinnie, Arthur and Kevin.

Let’s imagine a 2 sided balance scale…If Kevin were on one side of it, and Andy, Vinnie and Arthur was on the other….

Well…be warned Sunwing…They’ll be flying in circles…

There is a slim chance I may still do this…I look at it every day.  I also think about being at the pool bar with 4 of the drunkest people in the world…I’m not sure what condition I’d be in myself…and if I had to I think I could carry any of the lightweights back to their room…but it’s been a while since I leg pressed a honda civic…I’m not sure I could get Kevin onto my shoulder…

No Dandruff.  the man blog

No Dandruff

Here at the man blog we do back Head and Shoulders…that and old spice…

I guess we better back Capital Dodge too…they have the best hair.

If you are shopping for a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or Fiat…

Well head on over to the West end and enjoy the freak show….

No Pressure...the man blog

No Pressure…



Now I know there have been some questionable images posted here at the man blog…but the one directly to the right….—————————–>>>>>>

This image has NOT been altered in any way…

What???  Inhumane?  No wait…you’re mistaken…he has not glued a squirrel onto his face…

No need to call the SPCA here folks…all is good.

Well I better get to work.

The Quote of the Day:


Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff.      – Mariah Carey

I get it…Geez

Well kids…I did break down a shovel yesterday…hopefully not again this year!



Toil and Trouble?

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I write the man blog today awaiting the defrosting of the garden hose…water is a requirement for what life has in store for me this weekend.

The wife and children have gone to Toronto for a birthday party and I’m hoping to tile the kitchen, granite the fireplace to the ceiling and possibly complete the back splash.

This is where the trouble comes into play…I’ll be deep into it if this list of chores isn’t accomplished.

There is a prize though…the Cobra den will no longer be a construction zone…time to get the monster roaring up the road again.

ac cobra needs help, the man blog

one more tear…

Yes it’s very sad.  Once the transmission dropped I thought I’d get the body work done this winter and ready for a paint job.

All great intentions if you aren’t doing icy driveway plyo-box jumps.

It’s not as bad as it looks in my mind…but its a week away from being a driver and a couple months away from paint…it’ll look like warm hell on the road in the state it can be found in now.

Another man task.

I will not be getting on the scale this weekend…if I arrive on Monday under 245 it will be an absolute miracle…just to recap yesterday’s 3 dinners.

Dinner number 1: ZIZI’s kitchen and wine bar Chicken Gorgonzola…amazing.

Dinner number 2: Again from ZIZI’s kitchen…Italian Hot pizza…amazing

Both of the above dishes are too cheap, the chicken is out the door for $17 and the pizza is $14…are you kidding me?

Either dish would feed 2 normal humans….

But wait…what about dinner number 3?

I use the third dinner references rather loosely…you see there was a Greek platter at poker last night…I managed to create a beauty chicken souvlaki pita…maybe 8 pm?  I might have had a second delish souvlaki pita at maybe…midnight?  Since those were 2 identical meals I consider them 1 dinner…In My Opinion!

I did not lose at poker…up $80…a small victory.

Good table last night, I had been up a couple hundred but managed a retreat which aided my disappearance around 2 am…I think.

Might you comb out this knot? The Man Blog

Might you comb out this knot?

The 2 Scott’s were accounted for at Wednesday night poker hosted at the Beag’s.

These 2 guys are having a hair comp…full on…pedal to the metal.

I think Car salesman Scott has Construction Scott beat on top poof but Const. Scott defo has the lead on length.

2 beauties…I have noticed that Car Scott is trying to weigh in…I mean he is attempting to outweigh even the biggest of Manites…

I foresee a future of elastic waste bands for that young man.

Well I had better get some work done…I believe I heard the hose give it up!

The Quote of the Day:

There’s many a man has more hair than wit.
William Shakespeare

Sorry guys…It’s all I could come up with on the topic of hair.

The drifts of snow outside my house are 3 feet high. My wife has taken the 4 wheel drive and left me with a rear wheel drive supercharged Mercedes with balding tires…

AKA…Trapped…I refuse to shovel!

Keep warm…Stay cool.