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Almost like we had a summer….

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I’ll start where the buck stops….I’m at 241 and change.

Dilly bars…warm fall night beers…indian restaurants…these things will not make for weight loss…

So be it.  Let’s see what this week brings for chunk.


Down to 196 even.  The groundhog has moved on from Russett’s life for now.  He has managed to lose 9 pounds in 12 days.

This old classic might just become a thing of the past.  The combination of watching what he eats, time in the pool, and long bakes in the sauna are doing the trick….

….or is Russett offering up his -just sweat out a gallon- weight….

I could be envious….


I’m sure Richard is way down…he has been laying super low on the HTG and moved several yards of rock into his back yard last week….no update though….and sadly that means we must surf the net for a photo of Richards progress….

If I was a betting man….Richard is in the 360’s.


Donaldinio had a rough weekend…it seems he went to the pub and had a few beers…He hasn’t been drinking in weeks due to his new workout routine/medication….well…the liquor hit him badly….

Anyway, good news is that Donald is up another 2 pounds…137 pounds….

I’m not sure he will be able to hold his gains this week while he is in hospital.  The story I heard goes something like…pub…few beers…managed to crawl home to medicate…decided to hit the gym to pump up the old muscles…had some sort of medication issue…..

Hopefully Donald is released this afternoon and can get right back at it….geezus….I never expected one of these police mug shot before and after’s of the Don.


Here is another one…bulking up….why Seamus?   Why punish yourself????

Up just one pound to 391 pounds.  I was on the phone with Seamus for a moment on Friday…I believe he managed a muffled hello before I heard the sound of the phone dropping and screams….I stayed on the line in an attempt to figure out what happened until one of Seamus’ co-workers picked up the phone and offered me an update….

It seems Seamus had stuffed an entire Berry Explosion muffin into his mouth in an attempt to crush it before we spoke….choked on the monstrous 2 pounder and had to get the Heimlich from his coworkers…

He did not return any of my calls the rest of the weekend…that sort of thing must be hell on the throat….


Krista is on the same diet as I am it seems.  She offered up a 151.8 this morning…she blames it on weekend drinks.

I get it…we’ve had a terrible summer and some warm weekend nights….there were a lot of lawn chairs on driveways this weekend in the Ottawa area.

Now…with Krista’s “feeder” away the next couple of weeks…and a bridesmaid’s dress to squish into…soon…very soon…Krista will have to tighten up the old bouche…

She could head on over to the sugar bear and try to melt it off……

The Quote of The Day

“Believe me, every heart has its secret sorrows, which the world knows not, and oftentimes we call a man cold, when he is only sad.”

–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What do I say…I’m not sure….even Longfellow might not have been able to explain why a man must be cold in the hopes it makes him seem more…..manly….

We’ve separated being a human into categories….and a lot of people misunderstand these categories…how other humans judge us for staying within what we think these categories should be….


Babe….I love you.



Ice Cream Sandwiches….

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Did I start a 30 day challenge?   oh oh…

One second, it’s the thanksgiving challenge right….that’s more than 30 days so I thought I might wait until I was actually 30 days out to begin…it’s the 9th of October…I still have a few days.


And this kids is why I now weigh 238.8 pounds.  Hey…I was heavier yesterday, a miracle considering I had a nice chicken sandwich at 10 pm last night…what did I wash that down with?

….Did I mention Syd is now working at the DQ?  You heard it here first…and I had 2 DQ ice cream sandwiches post 10 pm last night…


Russett is running the same plan as I am, posting a weigh in of 202.8 today, down from 205 yesterday….I sense someone is starving at the Russett residence.  Beagle did have to make a road trip to drop the boy off at school…it’s funny how The Keg doesn’t have calorie counts on the prime rib…

Richard and Kelly…these 2 are both very active….Kelly posted one of her signature sweat selfies on facebook yesterday…and may have mentioned she was up to 158….I think she said….Richard and Kelly haven’t offered up a weigh in today though, the last I heard from Richard he was at 388….he did tell me he walked 5 km yesterday….

You push 388 5k and tell me how you feel….

Anyway, Kelly knows better not to offer an update….Richard….this is his first go at this sort of thing….I won’t go easy on him.

I'll serve myself thanks....Richard D'Aoust

I’ll serve myself thanks….

Today we test Richard’s sense of humor….lol

As we can see, Richard is getting his fruits at least.

Tomorrow I hope to have a weigh in on the big fella, I mean 388….there is a bit of room to drop massive pounds….

Krista….Is there room to drop massive pounds on our sweaty Beach Body Coach?  Krista has a love/hate relationship with the man blog….It’s great to have a little bit more motivation and none better than posting your success or failure…or lets be serious, a combination of daily….but then there’s the photo shoot….and nobody likes to have  to bare all to the world….once in a while though…Krista gets adventurous….
Krista Kelly bikini
And there she is…ready for the beach….or one of her daily sweat fests….

Krista does have a sense of humor, this we know….but it only extends so far…so we can no longer tag her on facebook posts…she is an avid reader anyway so she won’t be missing this tidbit….

I won’t bother Kevin with the man diet this time around, he has enough on his plate….

So does Seamus….well he did…but he ate it, so I’m including him…Seamus did not offer up a weight but seeing as he stopped by the other day sporting one of his new Tents I’m going to take a guess at his weight….

First I’m going to offer up a review of his new ‘shirt’ I found on the internet.
Seamus Browne new shirt

This little yellow number he showed up in…still a wee bit tight on him I thought…plus judging from this review….a leaky zipper….

I’m not sure I’d be risking that one out on the golf course if it’s calling for rain Seamus…

Anyway…My estimate on Seamus…325…and not an ounce less!

4 Young Ladies and a Headstone

Charlotte and I stopped by to visit Ev on our way to pick up Ave from Bridgitte’s wedding on Sunday….

Charlotte left Ev a small stuffy she laid 100 kisses on…we told mommy we loved her…it’s not easy…..

As I pull out of the Cemetery I still question if Ev is there….it seems impossible….It’s a strange way of being when I think about it….unsure…..

Anyway….I can’t focus on that, I have 4 beauties here back to school….the running around between school and sports….I’m doing 400 km a day without leaving the city!

Zee Quote of Zee Day

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.
Jane D. Hull

I’ll tell you this again and again….this is not an easy gig….I mean…hurricane’s….that’s easy…you wake up one morning and the weather service tells you a hurricane is going to hit next week. You pack up your things, board up the house and move north to stay will friends for a couple of days until it blows over and you go back to clear the downed trees…..

This….parenting….one day you are having a stroll, enjoying nature and all it’s beauty…a bird….just look at how pretty….and a volcano erupts under your feet….it sends you just clear of the debris and almost certain instant death….you scramble to make sense of everything, hustle up what you can, grab the kids and fight to get them to safety…timeline….15 seconds….

……you survive…..look…a bird………….and you feel the ground rumble…….

The life of a parent….the joys.

Babe….not a volcano to break us thus far….I miss you…..




The show begins….

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The Fat Man Blog

It’s on, Russett laid out a proclamation…he plans on losing 30 pounds in 30 days….by Thanksgiving our friend plans on coming in at 175 pounds….

So me…what do I do….agree to attempt the same.

Russett is 204.6

I’m 236.6 this morning, down from my official 30 day challenge weigh in of 238.6….and really, I’m down from 244 last week, which is when I decided I was going to do this…..diet…

The decision came during the HTG street party, some time between 11pm and 3 am….the days clearest hours.  Not a super big deal…but standing there beside Auns reviewing the crowd….it just struck me….this is too much…and Ev would not be happy…might as well dial this down a bit.  I’m not the spring chicken I once was!!!!  Do I really need 3 dinners every day?

So this is it…a diet in my life means 1 dinner…it doesn’t mean I’m restricting very much…well candy bars….I won’t be able to have 10 of those a week like I normally do but I did manage a wee bit of home made banana bread last night….it won’t eat itself!!!!  I can’t toss it out!

So…I’m just eating better, I’ve had a salad every night for dinner since monday….and not just a salad, the entire salad….oh wait…and a nice tenderloin Monday Tuesday and Wednesday…and salmon last night….So, ya, not starving.

Wait….I had a glass of red wine last night….it’s good for the heart….and the soul….maybe I should have one now….no…5:30 am….I’ll have coffee….one second………..


Okay…along with Russett and I on this journey will be Krista…she will not lose 30 pounds in 30 days…as far as I can tell from her sweat lathered facebook posts she likely has nothing left to lose…but she is one of these beach body coach people….she has a misssion.  We will include her anyway….Then there is Richard from across the street….

Richard across the street…..sorry buddy…if you read this….sorry…

Richard told a few of the HTG boys maybe 6 months ago that he was starting a diet…he weighed in at a svelt 380 pounds and his goal I believe was to lose 80 of those….so he wouldn’t be having a beer with us….well…maybe just one….ish.  An hour or so later Richard’s wife stopped by with a cookie….

…..No word of a lie the thing was as big as a dinner plate…freshly wrapped in plastic while sitting on a Styrofoam plate…the cookie was too big to support it’s own weight…..

Richard was called out on this wee treat and told us he would just be eating half….the man actually took him xmas ham sized hand and rested it on the cookie showing us the half he planned on eating…..first….

oh my geezus…..I love it.

well 6 months later and Richard says his diet start Monday….so he is in,

Oh…just remembered…Russett and I have a bet, who ever loses the least weight by thanksgiving has to buy a bucket of KFC for the other….its low carb….

Of course we will include terrible photos of Kevin Parker and Seamus into the mix…and whatever else I dig up…like this old treasure…..

Kevin Parker

Which is actually my favorite photo of Kevin…I love it…it’s not even photoshoped….not like this next one.

Kevin Parker is immortal at the man blog

So…before I close the fat man blog portion for today I would like to finish of with one important note….

This is not fat shaming.  We are fat…and obviously not ashamed….What is fat shaming anyway….feeling bad for eating too many bonbons?  Nope…we eat our bonbons without shame…..

The Lifey Bit

Charlotte asked me on Monday if I would be sharing Mommy’s stone, to which I responded yes.  I told her I would be happy to be beside mommy when the time came….it’s an odd conversation to have with my daughter but the questions do come up…and at least when I’m put in the ground I won’t be rolling solo!

Her little friend was standing beside her trying to figure out what in God’s name she was on about….but that too is the Lifey bit.

What else do we have…Syd got a new job yesterday, she will be creating ice cream wonders at DQ starting Tuesday…fun stuff…Ave is at Grandmas for Bridgitte’s wedding, Rhi is pulling in shifts like crazy and really coming out of her shell…and Charlotte has 20 hours of ice this week……….

I’ve been up since 3am…and now I’m going to attempt a the first of 30 30 day shreds with Jillian Michaels….Ev is either smiling or laughing her ass off….we shall see.

The Quote of The Day

Shame is the most powerful, master emotion. It’s the fear that we’re not good enough.
Brene Brown

What is good enough….Have I been good enough….good enough son….brother…father…friend….lover….human….

No….I haven’t been good at all of these things all the time….but I try….if I fail I try again….harder….I do try….

One thing I won’t be shamed for….sitting here writing my feelings….I will deny them face to face…but sitting here I will not be shamed….

and that kids makes me sad….

Time for some punishment….Ev style

Babe….you better hope this doesn’t kill me…..



I’m just runnnnning

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I managed another 5 km yesterday, running for speed.  A fat man can have dreams.

This morning I woke up with Zero leg pain, other than the normal knee issues, which means I’m getting stronger in the running category.  My initial goal is to run a 24 minute 5k.  10 years ago it was gravy, I could pull off a 21, but I was 40 pounds lighter and 10 years younger.

The scale hasn’t budged, I’m still over 245.  Let’s be honest with ourselves…I ran 5 k, had 2 beers, 2 meat sticks and a muffin.  I’m still up 500 calories just in the post 7 pm feed.

Dropped the kids off for school this morning and played chicken with a cyclist.  I’m in the outside turning lane heading left and he is across the street opposite of me.  Light turns green he signals that he is going to make the turn and goes super wide into my lane…

This guy is looking right at me…like right into my eyeballs…

He must have seen something, or came to his senses…he managed to get on his side of the road about 10 feet away from my bumper.

Don’t get me wrong…I bike.  I also hate cyclists.  The total disregard of traffic laws while expecting every one around you to follow the rules…donkeys.

Run a stop sign on a bike, get smoked by a car and blame it on the driver…perfectly normal.

Anyway, let’s all try to stay out of the lane of oncoming traffic…please consider that 5000 lbs pickups aren’t fluffy pillows…

Poker tonight…I hope to have less than 100 bacon wrapped weaners tonight.  I’m going to eat…guaranteed…but I’ll try to stay under 10,000 calories.

let’s see…a photo…what do we have…

Beagle’s baseball team has had a great start this season with a couple big wins…then this…


I could make this stuff up, but no, it’s real life.

So, no baseball for Beagle.

In other news, the firebird is coming apart nicely, I hope to build the body cart for it this week and really get down to business.

Last but not least, this past weekend marked the 10 year anniversary for the GBG.  10 years ago a group of strangers met on a soccer field in barhaven and are still at it today.

Many good times had and many more to come.

Back by popular demand!!!!  The Quote of the Day!

“To make a point of declaring friendship is to cheapen it. For men’s emotions are very rarely put into words successfully. ”
― Hunter S. Thompson

There we go folks…Another from Hunter.  Right or wrong I like to give the guy props when possible.

Another beauty day if the rain holds off.  Enjoy it…Winter will soon be back!



it’s an addiction…

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I could get on the scale, but it would not be pretty.

I won at poker on Wednesday night, coming home with $320.  I also managed to drink 10 beers, not a big deal since we played for over 10 hours…less than a beer an hour.  Shocking?

How about the fact that I ate 14 egg rolls?

the man blog egg rolls


I’m not talking about the light delicate egg rolls pictured off to the right.

Greasy corner store chinese egg rolls.


Of course yesterday I recovered from 2 hours of sleep trying to recharge with calories.

It’s a vicious cycle…but that is exactly where we are kids…in the endless loop of fatness.

I set the trap…I stopped running, constantly injured and away from the gym…naught to do but have a beer and order up a pizza!  Beagle is back at 205…Parker is at the pub every night…what’s a man to do?

Sitting here right now with a pull in my chest from muscling a 42″ CRT TV…not enough?  I leg pressed an elliptical up from the basement…no good?  Give it a shot…and not one of those easy peasy ellipticals either, grab one with the motor that makes it raise and lower at a push of a button.  Strap the thing on and start pushing, 20 steps.

I was signed up for a re-roof this weekend but there is no way I’ll be bent over laying shingles, not a chance of that.  I did manage to pressure wash the poker table…not safe.  Want to lose weight fast?  Get some of the water rushing off that table into your system…  die-eting.

10 beer.  was a good night, not to many into me…really…can’t say that for all of us though, some of us enjoyed what appeared to be more than 20….maybe more than 25….youch.  We do like to take our turns, blowing off steam…most of us have a group of guys that will put up with our crap a couple times a year, we guys need that…to get drunk, pound our chest, scream out loud…nothing important…random words…grunts…I need a snow day right now I think…and tomorrow is water under the bridge…with maybe a poke here or there to remind us that we took the snow day just last week.

It’s Friday, long weekend almost here…3:26 am for the sleepless…dinner out, pool party, work on car, street beers…maybe I start my run training today…this weekend for sure……..

The Quote of the day:

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.
Bob Dylan

Some I would like to relive, some I wish I hadn’t lived the first time around.

Peeps, be good to one another, and enjoy the day, stay cool.




Would I lie?

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If I told you I was on a “diet” would you believe me?  Would I believe myself?

Well I am, the wife and I are on the Choose to Lose diet.  Let us see what makes sense here…

My wife is on a diet? ….NO

I am on a diet? ….Sure

This diet is one of those eat all day long diets?  ….OK

I can lose weight eating a plate full of food every 3 hours?  ….Sure

Choose to lose…so far I’ve done 2 days of the choose to lose, day one was a low carb day…which included carbs, day 2 was a high carb day…which didn’t seem to include bon bons…


Anyway I could get on the scale every 7 minutes and report but I’ve decided against it at the moment.  I will tell you that when my wife decided it was time I choose to lose I was at 246…


Ya ya, fat…

Let’s take a moment to reflect on our past manhood…cobraandI


Sold…too fast.  I’m too young to die.

In exchange I purchased a 69 firebird, a car I’ve always wanted.

I’ll be doing a frame ON restoration of the car, any real man takes his cars apart and rebuilds them by hand…

Suicide…Just getting the garage set up and away we go.  I’ll need around $1500 in new body steel to make it the way I want it, plus I’ll redo the interior.  I do plan on painting this car myself…in less than 3 attempts!  We shall see.

Poker tonight.  Wish me luck!

The quote of the day:

Taken for a Fool, Yes I was because I was a Fool.
The Shins

Enjoy the day.

PS…I can play the guitar so my resolutions are making headway!




Another day another pound…

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It may never end…ever.

at 241 today, it means nothing.

Poker tonight, likely eat 10 egg rolls.  Punish myself.

The plight of man, this man anyway, is to be fat…  I’ve been considering running again, the gym, amputation…

There has to be some easy way to lose weight…

water slides at the man blog

slip sliding away

It simply isn’t easy…I like my lifestyle.

A free spirit at my age…  har har har

Beagle…the Pirate

Parker…the beat boy

Me… Fatty McFatterson, super hero

Things could be worse…of course…

Tonight I do believe I will drink beer and eat egg rolls.  The joys of life.

43 years old, playing poker through the night…eating junk food and swilling ales…it’s the real paleo diet…

Anyway, another day another pound…likely up.  Up up and away like a super hero…

The quote of the day:

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.
Friedrich Nietzsche

I’ve managed stand, walk, run and climb…I guess that just leaves dancing and flying…

Another beauty day…going to be some kick as flowers in May if this keep up.



damn fat bastard…

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I did not make it to 235 this week.  I gained weight, I’m at 243.

Birthday cake for my baby Charlotte, chicken wings and chips and poker, hot dogs, junk food.  beer….

All these things are life at the man blog…but I really do need to punish myself.

My birthday is April 12, I’ll be 43…

On the 13th I start the 21 day sugar detox…shortened to the 18 day sugar detox just because that’s how many days are left in the month.

I hate the sugar detox but it works.

so other than birthday dinner at Zizi’s which should put me up to 245, mother*&%&^$*….

I’ll keep you posted.  As my diet partners are fattening up I will attempt to find new victims, almost every guy I know could stand to lose a few…21 day


The thing about paradise.

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I’m back in the 230’s…weighing in at 239.8 this morning.
Outstanding considering I crushed an entire bag of mixed salad and a chicken breast at 9 pm.

I guess if you’re going to stuff your face late it better be a bag of green stuff.

Poker tonight…I hope not to eat anything…once a single solid calorie touches my lips it will be over…I’ll be back on the sour patch kids.

Beagle…last I heard he was stuck at 195.  His side kick car salesman Scott might want to put a call through to Jenny Craig while he still has the strength to lift the phone AND the immense girth of his own arm.

hunting face squirrel, the man blog

hunting face squirrel

You think he would stay thin…hunting for a fresh face squirrel for Jaime.

Here at the man blog we don’t do much hunting, but we do understand that a squirrel won’t last forever…freshness is not guaranteed.

Good luck with the hunt boys…and Jaime, get that furry bugger stuck on there before Scott gets his fat little fingers into it for a meal.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on my favourite news agency CNN.

Today’s topic, the not missing any more flight MH370…I’ll start with this, a lovely Saturday morning breakfast shortly after the plane went missing, CNN on the tele and a specialist comes on to say he believes a fire started on the plane, slowly taking out systems, the pilots went to 45000 hoping to put it out, then turned to come home but the planes system’s were hopelessly damaged and the plan would just fly pilotless until out of fuel.

This man and his boring ideas will never be seen on CNN again.

Some things we will discuss as possibilities…Zombie plane, Aliens and Black Holes.

zombie plane. the man blog

Of Course!

This would be fine if they reported it on SNL, but this is actual news coverage folks.

This is what’s wrong with our closest neighbors and potential allies.

Blinded by news…

Next up…the Dominican Republic.  So nice and sunny…white ish sand…bottled water…all inclusive.


The boys seem to have survived another day.  They took a wonderful zipline tour yesterday.

Andy Zips for free! the man blog

Andy Zips for free!

Looks like fun!  I think Arthur may stay on at the resort, they are looking for a chef that can do haggis and egg rolls.

Andy doesn’t zip…no need…butterfly wings…

Kevin is looking slimmer…must be the liver failing…a sure way to lose fat.

Paradise has almost come to an end for the lot…or has it?

The thing about vacation…you’re always missing something.  A wife, child, parent, friend, pet, house…

There is always something that falls short in paradise.  Life is like that, it’s never as perfect as you’d like.

Same as above, something is going to be missed…and on top of that you could have a boss you hate, or an entire job…maybe you’re just fat…singing to the choir…  Chunk has been in and out of paradise…he knows that some days you wish the sun was out at night, others that darkness would fall…

The Quote of the Day:

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
Carl Jung

Seems like it’s up to us kids…

The forecast says today is the last day the high will be a negative number for this spring…but maybe a bit of snow to remind us of how wonderful a winter can be.

The best thing about the sun…look at it…it’s impossible to squint without turning up a smile!  And I love a good laugh.





The Great Fortune Teller…

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How did chubby know he would weigh in at 245 this frigid Monday morning?

Is it mystical?

No…it’s hamburgers, fries and beer!

That’s right folks, 244.6 on the silver devil this morning…not bad really…considering.

Let’s see, while my wife was away I did lots productive.  I tiled the kitchen and eat in area…I put granite to the ceiling on the fireplace…looks great.  Hair Scott came over and pretty much finished the drywall…

Looks like this 6 month renovation is coming to a close kids!

The wife was away…the stove was unplugged…but the phone was working.  I’ve had restaurant or take out food all weekend long…a case a beer and the better part of a bottle of rum with a side of a case of Pepsi…

That’s no way to diet.

Fawcett Hair, the man blog

Fawcett Hair

Chunk begins again today…try to keep the carbs down.  All that protein is a killer, but it helps drop the pounds.

So here we have Scott 1 with his new hair style…honestly Farah’s hair hardly covers it.  Hell of a drywaller though!  Good thing too or my renovation would be into the next century.

Maybe a before and after (during) of the fireplace…
fireplace granite, the man blog








Here at the man blog we may not be good looking, smart, funny, fit, witty…hell I could go on and on…but we are handy!

So very close to being done the main floor…to recapturing the garage…

Parker is on the beer, that’s for sure.  He flies off in just a couple of days and if he is willing to splash around making dolphins noises I think he may come back up money…it must be an easy $50 to swim with dolphins…Oh Oh…I feel I may have to dig up a manatee from the interweb.,…

Dances with Dolphins...the man blog

Dances with Dolphins…

Disclaimer:  found image…seems legit

Is that a Manatee or has that dolphin been on the man diet?

The world is full of mystery.

Anyway…today I eat meat…I keep the carbs below 30…that leaves rooms for 4 michelob ultra and some broc.

Sweet Baby Jesus…tiny little helpless sweetness…today I would like to lose a pound or 2…no big deal…thanks.

The Quote of The Dayyyyyy:

I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.
Rodney Dangerfield

That’s about enough…I really am going to punish myself today…



Another day another ????

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What will today have in store for me other than a sore back? Likely not much!

I managed to tile 75% of the kitchen yesterday…I had to leave a section unfinished for access, I’ll get to that today.

I also managed to have ZIZI’s again for dinner…back to back nights  ouch…

I committed the mortal diet sin…Not only did I crush a delicious soup, amazing Zizi’s burger and desert…I managed a bottle of vino too.  A huge dinner and alcohol…that is going to cost me!

Is the diet off?  No…it’s having a short break….

I’m pretty sure none of us are at it right now…no reports from anyone…

Beagle was hard on the tracksuits poker Wednesday and out of luck too…Not sure what his Irish hat cost him but it didn’t seem good.

Out of luck...the man blog

Out of luck…

Lucky no…but good lookin!

Parker is 6 days away from getting on the plane to the Dominican with a few of the soccer guys, otherwise known and the GBG…aka the goldenboys…

A few of their smiling faces have blessed the pages of the man blog…let’s get back to Kevin at the pool bar…

So far signed up we have Andy, Vinnie, Arthur and Kevin.

Let’s imagine a 2 sided balance scale…If Kevin were on one side of it, and Andy, Vinnie and Arthur was on the other….

Well…be warned Sunwing…They’ll be flying in circles…

There is a slim chance I may still do this…I look at it every day.  I also think about being at the pool bar with 4 of the drunkest people in the world…I’m not sure what condition I’d be in myself…and if I had to I think I could carry any of the lightweights back to their room…but it’s been a while since I leg pressed a honda civic…I’m not sure I could get Kevin onto my shoulder…

No Dandruff.  the man blog

No Dandruff

Here at the man blog we do back Head and Shoulders…that and old spice…

I guess we better back Capital Dodge too…they have the best hair.

If you are shopping for a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or Fiat…

Well head on over to the West end and enjoy the freak show….

No Pressure...the man blog

No Pressure…



Now I know there have been some questionable images posted here at the man blog…but the one directly to the right….—————————–>>>>>>

This image has NOT been altered in any way…

What???  Inhumane?  No wait…you’re mistaken…he has not glued a squirrel onto his face…

No need to call the SPCA here folks…all is good.

Well I better get to work.

The Quote of the Day:


Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff.      – Mariah Carey

I get it…Geez

Well kids…I did break down a shovel yesterday…hopefully not again this year!



Toil and Trouble?

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I write the man blog today awaiting the defrosting of the garden hose…water is a requirement for what life has in store for me this weekend.

The wife and children have gone to Toronto for a birthday party and I’m hoping to tile the kitchen, granite the fireplace to the ceiling and possibly complete the back splash.

This is where the trouble comes into play…I’ll be deep into it if this list of chores isn’t accomplished.

There is a prize though…the Cobra den will no longer be a construction zone…time to get the monster roaring up the road again.

ac cobra needs help, the man blog

one more tear…

Yes it’s very sad.  Once the transmission dropped I thought I’d get the body work done this winter and ready for a paint job.

All great intentions if you aren’t doing icy driveway plyo-box jumps.

It’s not as bad as it looks in my mind…but its a week away from being a driver and a couple months away from paint…it’ll look like warm hell on the road in the state it can be found in now.

Another man task.

I will not be getting on the scale this weekend…if I arrive on Monday under 245 it will be an absolute miracle…just to recap yesterday’s 3 dinners.

Dinner number 1: ZIZI’s kitchen and wine bar Chicken Gorgonzola…amazing.

Dinner number 2: Again from ZIZI’s kitchen…Italian Hot pizza…amazing

Both of the above dishes are too cheap, the chicken is out the door for $17 and the pizza is $14…are you kidding me?

Either dish would feed 2 normal humans….

But wait…what about dinner number 3?

I use the third dinner references rather loosely…you see there was a Greek platter at poker last night…I managed to create a beauty chicken souvlaki pita…maybe 8 pm?  I might have had a second delish souvlaki pita at maybe…midnight?  Since those were 2 identical meals I consider them 1 dinner…In My Opinion!

I did not lose at poker…up $80…a small victory.

Good table last night, I had been up a couple hundred but managed a retreat which aided my disappearance around 2 am…I think.

Might you comb out this knot? The Man Blog

Might you comb out this knot?

The 2 Scott’s were accounted for at Wednesday night poker hosted at the Beag’s.

These 2 guys are having a hair comp…full on…pedal to the metal.

I think Car salesman Scott has Construction Scott beat on top poof but Const. Scott defo has the lead on length.

2 beauties…I have noticed that Car Scott is trying to weigh in…I mean he is attempting to outweigh even the biggest of Manites…

I foresee a future of elastic waste bands for that young man.

Well I had better get some work done…I believe I heard the hose give it up!

The Quote of the Day:

There’s many a man has more hair than wit.
William Shakespeare

Sorry guys…It’s all I could come up with on the topic of hair.

The drifts of snow outside my house are 3 feet high. My wife has taken the 4 wheel drive and left me with a rear wheel drive supercharged Mercedes with balding tires…

AKA…Trapped…I refuse to shovel!

Keep warm…Stay cool.