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Roller coastering…

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Life is up down and all around….

My darling Ev sure did like a good roller coaster, not me so much…the old back and all…

Our first summer together we all spent the day at Le Ronde and it stuck as a tradition…although I do believe she missed one year when Charlotte was just born.

All those trips, all those rides, usually Ev would ride with the kids while I waited…and when Charlotte got older I would take her to kiddie land while Ev enjoyed her day with the big girls…

ev rollercoatser

Oh my love….I’m so sorry….I love your face.

Today will not be the first day I do not cry…

It’s super hard to do this, this grieving…because just when I think I’ve got myself under control…I realize I control nothing…

All those rides…

Yesterday morning weighed heavily on me, trying to organize the ladies to get to school…finally at 8:30 having all but Syd gone with her upstairs sick…a moment to breath.

Single mothers everywhere point and laugh…I whine about how busy life has gotten, trying to pack up 4 young ladies in the morning…coping with their after school arguments…it isn’t easy.  And it’s going to be hard for a long time…Charlotte is just 4 years old, Ave with be 11, Syd will turn 14 and Rhi 15 this year…Soon I’ll be dealing with big girl problems…and I’m not talking about trips to the drug store for tampons…I’ll be dealing with boyfriends, drinking and tracking down girls out past curfew.

I’ll take this moment to add for all the single father’s out there…that don’t have their kids 100% of the time…I’m still waiting on a permission letter to take these kids away for a week….I am trying to be kind here…but just maybe we should appreciate that it’s a lot of work to raise kids and I shouldn’t have to get a permission slip to take them on vacation…as I said yesterday as a joke…if I was at the airport alone they should make me promise to come back…who in their right mind would steal away with 4 kids…geez…

Just a short rant…and nothing super negative….

Those things…are easier done with someone there to support you…but really, It would be nice just to have one single kiss and a good morning at 8:30 after packing off the kids…taking a deep breath and getting ready to get on with the day.

I haven’t been getting much sleep this week, always up around 4, hacking cough waking me several times a night…it isn’t easy to keep my thoughts in order…

I went over for a chat at the Milne’s yesterday, a friend trying to help me out, offer his company…I found myself trying to fight my tears…I just didn’t want to do it…there is peace is being lonely, you can zombie out and be inexpressive…there is no one to show your grief to…you can hide it…like Ev wanted to hide her cancer at first…if no one sees it you can make yourself believe it isn’t happening.

Not long after I tried the same gig with Parker on the phone…I simply didn’t want to do it…and I feel it again right now…not wanting to wrack out…

I’m banking tears…and today, tomorrow or the weekend…they are going to cash out…and I’m going to wish I had let it rain pain…

One bit of shinning light yesterday was that Parker reminded me how much of Ev lives on in the girls…he sees Ev’s light in Charlotte and reminded me to enjoy all my moments with her…live in that space…

Sometimes the Ogres are full of goodness….

The roller coaster of emotions offered me so much joy yesterday… while brushing Charlotte’s teeth, how it makes her laugh so big…and agony dealing with arguing children…missing my love…Crying in the school parking lot while dropping off the kids….

Yep…I’ve been doing some crying for sure…..The kids are all bits of Ev and in them I see traits….bits of personality…a smile…the way they hold themselves when they watch tv…little things…I love the little buggers!

Man Weight

Riddle me this…how can I weigh in at 219 pounds yesterday…eat breakfast, lunch and dinner…then have 6 egg rolls, handfulls of peanuts with m&m’s, Doritos, some fruit, and then a sandwich…and this last bit all after 9 pm…and wake up down 3 pounds…

This morning I weighed in at 216.6 pounds.

Kevin Parker, Sean Russett and Victor Wheeler

No weigh in from Parker…BUT…Parker played poker with us last night and while Beagle and I crammed eggrolls into our faces Parker had none.

Now…he has a friend visiting from England this week starting today…we shall see how that goes for him as I expect he will be enjoying a beer most nights….

Beagle did have eggrolls, I expect he will have gained a pound or 2 last night, he did offer a weigh in yesterday of 194.8…I think that is 10 pounds in 12 days…not bad at all.

Some of you get as much out of the battle of the bulge as you do the grieving, and if you are here for that portion of the man blog…good for you, we could all be healthier people…for our.selves and our families and friends.

Today I will thank that tear sucker Trevor Milne…hopefully we can get out on the slopes for a run or 2 today, Kevin Parker…I can honestly say I would have never thought I’d be getting support from this guy…The Russett’s and both Mandy and Beagle are better to me than anyone should be…and to the rest of my friends…acquaintances and to all the strangers you have contacted me and become a part of my life…

Without all of your support my days would be darker…your energy is fantastic…thank you.

The Quote of The Day:

Giving up is conceding that things will never get better, and that is just not true. Ups and downs are a constant in life, and I’ve been belted into that roller coaster a thousand times.
Aimee Mullins

And folks…you’re the belt…without you I might not be able to hold on…

Cold…Just looked at the forecast and it shows very cold until this afternoon…maybe I ski another day…

Babe….I love your face….I’m trying….





It’s On….

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The Big Man

Yesterday I thought I might tough it out, I would put on my big boy pants and get through an entire day without a tear…after the man blog tears of course…

And the battle was on…I paid dearly…

First, the decision making process…I get ready to run some errands yesterday morning…I go out to the truck and see a couple of my neighbors down the street, good guys I’ve spent plenty of time with…

I haven’t been out having sips recently, something I did almost daily last winter…

I pull out of the driveway and in my mirror I see them watching me…and the grief strikes me…I wrack out…I roll up to the stop sign…wracking tears…

You know, all I want to do is put the truck in reverse, jump out and get a hug from these guys…

Grown fucking men….

I could say I’ve been reduced to a child…seeking the comfort of another person…to let me know that I will be okay…

here we go……Today will not be the first day I don’t cry…

That’s right…I’m broken…I’m hurt…emotionally destroyed….

But I still have joy…I sent Ave to dance last night, I see how happy that makes her, and I feel great about it…

I think of my baby Charlotte while I’m out, loving the fact that she sees me as a good man…and that is what I want to be every day…better…the best I can be…That is what made Ev love me and that will be what is left behind when I’m gone…

which reminds me Can Skate…must get Charlotte into that…okay okay…the mind of a loon folks, welcome…have a seat…

…sorry…took a break there to send an email to canskate before I forget…messy brain…

anyway…I wracked out hard last night…I punished myself good.

To close out today I want to share again a photo I posted here a week or 2 ago…I photo that hangs on the wall in my office and one that speaks volumes to me…

Evelyn Kindervater-WheelerYou see, although many of you commented yesterday about loving the picture I posted…the way you knew Ev…

This is the picture of the woman I knew best…an amazing beauty…and that look in her eyes…it’s love, but it’s searching…she was always trying to be loved…after living through so many bad times we had reached such a great place…our life together was perfect…

wracking out……..

We had a great love…and every day we had time to simply look at each other…and to enjoy our moments together…ever single day…

Can I stop crying?  Will I stop crying?  Will the pain ever end?

Enough for today, the weigh in…

Man Weight

The man diet is still on and it sees everyone down pounds except for yours truly, I’m a 216.6 pounds.  Looks like I can stop worrying about dropping weight too quickly.

Sean Russett balancing


I almost went snowboarding yesterday, something I gave up when I met Ev so that I could put the old skis back on to teach the kids…I’d like to get back to that, and now 35 pounds lighter it shouldn’t be too hard on the knees…

We will see how much balance a fat man has…

Obviously Beagle still can manage his balance…He is down to 197.4, 8 pounds in 12 days.  Not too shabby….

Parker is at 256 pounds, a 10 pound loss so far but he isn’t happy with it…he has actually been exercising and expects it to drop off faster due to all that sweating…

I bet he isn’t drinking enough water!

Today I will eat super good, lots of veg and 3 solid meals…wish me luck on the scale tomorrow.

The Quote of The Day:

Recovery begins from the darkest moment.
John Major

I really hope I’ve been there…I hope my darkest moment is behind me…

Thanks today to a thousand people, but I’ll mention the Russett’s, Lawrence family, Cainnes, Auns…Sarah, Megan…these people helped me get through the day yesterday…lots more too…

I wonder where I would be without all this help…

Cold…Very very cold…







Day 9.11 You loser!

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Poker last night…lost!  $100 down the drain.  You can’t win them all and I’m still up enough not to worry about losing ever.  Beagle was a late entry so yours truly had to get the door open.

Beagle reports in at 202 pounds, hopefully that sticks with him as he was mixing Florida Tracksuits and staring hard at a table full of Greek on wheels as I was on my way out.

florida track suit
I haven’t had super great sleep the past week…I’m fighting off the compulsion to get out of bed at 2 am followed by playing catch up sleep through the day…

It’s likely that I’m back on the coffee…I slept like a baby when I quit coffee.

Heading to poker I simply wasn’t in it, tired.  We discussed how the track suits help you win money late into the night when the other guys have had 6 or 7 beers against your 6 red bulls with vodka a sourpuss.

It makes perfect sense…but I wonder if all that sugar is really going to be good for you…I’ve had a few tracksuit nights myself and have found myself home at 3 am, staring at the ceiling, heart pounding…at 43 I’m not sure my body needs it…


I saw 229.4 pounds on the silver mofo this morning, not bad, down even after I had some greek last night.  To be fair I had a high piled sandwich…and that Greek pita doesn’t leave carbs on the table…plus a plate of salad and a second serving of just meat…I may have tossed all aside and had a couple handfuls of chips also…

Maybe it was the 3 ounces of scotch I sipped that kept the weight off…the Scotch Diet!

Kevin Parker swims, man blog
I didn’t get a weigh in from Parker, it’s not likely to happen daily…maybe twice a week.

Parker did exercise yesterday.  He did pint curls and a short game of foot golf.  The foot golf I was going to do myself but poker got in the way.

It seems that after foot golf Parker went for a dip in the pool…prepare yourselves…the wave may still be on it’s way.

Seems like the wife is in no mood to run today…is that my excuse not to do anything?  It may very well be…although I do want to go to the gym and do a bit of the lift…and I’ll be facing 7 miles tomorrow morning for sure.

Now that I’m under 230 for 2 days back to back I’m looking forward to 225 pounds.

Anyway…The Quote of the Day:

It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.
Muhammad Ali

Parker’s waves do more than “pound the sand”

wet…cool…summer is shot.  Sharpen your shovels!













Day 2.14 …the half gainer…

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Poker last night…lost…it all…oh maybe not…I gained weight!

it’s no wonder, 6 egg rolls, a few chips, 5 beers…home at midnight…might as well call it a cheat day and enjoy myself…a bit of toast and peanut butter for my 3rd dinner…

half gainer, man blog

man blog half gainer…

What we have here is a cheat day right…a reset of the old metabolism, make the bodacious bod do a bit of calorie burning…okay…

Add beer…hmmm…let’s hope this works.

Hit the scale this morning up 2 pounds at 235.

It was worth it though, I really do like egg rolls, a lot…and I like peanut butter toast and I like to eat…it’s not like I don’t eat every day, but once in a while it’s nice just to stuff it in there.

We did not run yesterday, put off until today.  After laying flooring and doing tile I just didn’t have it in me to put in 8 kilometres…today.  The plan is to run one km ish out, sprint 5, and run the rest back…ish…

Then skip tomorrow and run 16 kilometres Saturday, I’m so excited.

Beagle worked out yesterday, he is back at it folks.  I’m not seeing it as a long term prospect as he is off to Malone next week and I don’t see him squeezing in the bench press between beers.

Sean Russett, yoga workout, man blog

man blog yoga…

Beagle sure can flex it out…I’m not sure that the hip joint is going to make it long term…but way to open up to a new workout routine Beagle!

Let’s be honest though kids, we can’t do nothing and expect to make it to the finish line at some old age…

I’m not saying we have to get out there and run marathons, or even hit the gym every day…but a nice walk…at the very least.

Beagle back on the weights is a good thing, and as much as he hates doing it…we all want to push big weights over our heads…using muscle…the good old fashioned no cheat workout.


Try and cheat up a dumbbell…You like teeth…cheat a dumbbell bench.  You like conciousness…cheat a dumbbell snatch…

Quote of the Day:

I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.
Rodney Dangerfield

I do what I can folks.

12 degrees…in August…go for a run…work up a sweat…





Day 2.12 …When will it end…

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I don’t get it…232.8 pounds

Yesterday…sprints…5 km.

5 km of sprints is getting easy, the distance seems like chump change these days…peanuts…

It’s peanuts distance….but 5 kilometre runs are almost a thing of the past, next week I have 2 more and then….and then….and then…short runs become 7 km…then 8….pavement death…


So in the past week I’ve run a total of 32 kilometres…it’s time to drop under 232.8 pounds…any minute now…

I am thinner though…belly fat is being transferred as muscle to the sore areas…like butt and legs which are constantly painfully reminding me of the 16 kilometres I have to run on Saturday.

My cardio is getting much better, these sprint days help build both the heart and muscle…and my recovery is improving vastly…

For a fat guy I can really move…

Today I’ll be swinging the hammer most of the day, that may just get me over the edge.

Beagle and Parker are still caught in the never ending spiral of fat…Beagle had 10 cokes yesterday and Parker had 10 beer…he is from the UK…so that’s normal…

Parker is staying active playing soccer, he is sweating buckets…of course they do drink a case of beer…or 2…after the game so I’m not sure if there is a net loss in calories…

Beagle plays baseball…he swings a no hitter…what?

Sean Russett at bat, the man blog

He also drinks beer after the game…but only because Burger King is closed.

No groundhog days for him…it’s the helium diet or bust…

Tomorrow is poker night so I must try to get down to 232.5 pounds before the kick off or I’m sure to be up due to beer…some things go well with poker…

beer, egg rolls…stuff…I must get down another pound…

The Quote of the Day:

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.
Robin Williams

Well that didn’t work out…I’m hoping in the end that they told him he had a terminal disease like Hunter…staring down the barrel can make the run to the finish line seem too long…although it seems it may have been due to drugs and alcohol…fresh out of rehab maybe he couldn’t cope with sobriety…hell I’m down to drinking only on Wednesday and I’m sure I could easily give that up with just a small percentage of the Williams fortune to keep me entertained.

I personally don’t see the point of suicide…I’m holding out for the very last second, they may find the cure for fat and I’d hate to miss it…

Cloudy…rain…I hope you got out yesterday because the rest of the week is looking bleak…




It’s not even worth mentioning….

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what isn’t?  Groundhog day.  I’ve had so many it’s really just the norm…Deffo not worth a major motion picture.

Weighed in this beauty day at 246.  Imagine that after 3 double stuffed fajitas, 4 pieces of liquorice, 3 track suits and 2 beers.

Wait for it…I then came home a loser from poker and had 2 slices of peanut butter toast like any sane 43 year old fat guy!


What is wrong with me?  Guesses…


Well it certainly is the million dollar question.  We all know the answer to that one.

Beagle has reported in at his all time maximum, 210 pounds.

Seems okay yes?  I mean I’d love to weigh in at 210 pounds!

Let’s have a bit of a closer look at this shall we, an internet photograph may help…let me see what I can dig up…

Here we go…shorttall

For those of you in the know this will be easy.  The slender gent on the right is Scott Cainnes…use your imagination now folks.

For those of you that don’t know Mr. Cainnes, he is approximately 5 feet tall, give or take half an inch.

We have discussed it at length and he does contend that this is the average male height while I think it’s 6’2″…he isn’t happy about that….but let me stay on topic here…

Beagle…well he is on the left standing beside the gentleman that is 5 feet tall…..give or take half an inch or so.

So you see, 210 pounds may not be the proper BMI category for young Beagle…

I wouldn’t refer to him as obese…he has skinny eyebrows…  Anyway I’m wondering if Beagle has sincerely devoted himself to 300 pounds, he has claimed that he will never diet again.

Bored at work?  Check out my latest website http://www.enviroblasting.ca

Site built on Monday and tracking great on the google search by Wednesday!

The quote of the day:

I thinned them out real thin once and it just didn’t look like me. I know it was in style to have really thin eyebrows, but it didn’t look right on my face.

Denise Richards 

Just another thing that Beagle and Denise Richards do not have in common…If opposites attract Beagle may get a gold star…

Sunny days!  Get out there!




it’s an addiction…

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I could get on the scale, but it would not be pretty.

I won at poker on Wednesday night, coming home with $320.  I also managed to drink 10 beers, not a big deal since we played for over 10 hours…less than a beer an hour.  Shocking?

How about the fact that I ate 14 egg rolls?

the man blog egg rolls


I’m not talking about the light delicate egg rolls pictured off to the right.

Greasy corner store chinese egg rolls.


Of course yesterday I recovered from 2 hours of sleep trying to recharge with calories.

It’s a vicious cycle…but that is exactly where we are kids…in the endless loop of fatness.

I set the trap…I stopped running, constantly injured and away from the gym…naught to do but have a beer and order up a pizza!  Beagle is back at 205…Parker is at the pub every night…what’s a man to do?

Sitting here right now with a pull in my chest from muscling a 42″ CRT TV…not enough?  I leg pressed an elliptical up from the basement…no good?  Give it a shot…and not one of those easy peasy ellipticals either, grab one with the motor that makes it raise and lower at a push of a button.  Strap the thing on and start pushing, 20 steps.

I was signed up for a re-roof this weekend but there is no way I’ll be bent over laying shingles, not a chance of that.  I did manage to pressure wash the poker table…not safe.  Want to lose weight fast?  Get some of the water rushing off that table into your system…  die-eting.

10 beer.  was a good night, not to many into me…really…can’t say that for all of us though, some of us enjoyed what appeared to be more than 20….maybe more than 25….youch.  We do like to take our turns, blowing off steam…most of us have a group of guys that will put up with our crap a couple times a year, we guys need that…to get drunk, pound our chest, scream out loud…nothing important…random words…grunts…I need a snow day right now I think…and tomorrow is water under the bridge…with maybe a poke here or there to remind us that we took the snow day just last week.

It’s Friday, long weekend almost here…3:26 am for the sleepless…dinner out, pool party, work on car, street beers…maybe I start my run training today…this weekend for sure……..

The Quote of the day:

Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.
Bob Dylan

Some I would like to relive, some I wish I hadn’t lived the first time around.

Peeps, be good to one another, and enjoy the day, stay cool.




This is your brain on …meat

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Wow…dumb…dumb dumb dumb…

It’s a miracle I got out of poker with money in my pocket last night, but miracles do happen, up $90.

No carbs makes me forgetful, stuuuupid, slow, ….lazy.  Wait….I’m all of those things with carbohydrates….

Left for poker without my phone…couldn’t focus most of the night…although I did pull a 23 hour day yesterday, we played poker until 3 am.  Not bad for a 5:30 pm start…

9 and a half hours of poker…2 litres of water….2 coffees…a pack of sugar free gum…and 12 meat sticks.

Load those 12 meat sticks up with 3 eggs and 3 slices of bacon, 2 bowls of meatball soup, some cheese, and a handful of veg…fatty is going down!

Day 3 of the sugar detox sees me at 237.8 pounds.  I’m down 5 pounds in 3 days.

Imagine I’ve only talked about dieting for 4 months and once I get on with it I lose weight…and I’m not even dieting…I’m eating all day…at the expense of my kidneys of course…the cavemen died early….of kidney failure.

Wheels is back!  the man blog

wheels is back!

Sorry to all the children that are now hiding under the bed due to the look of the image to your right folks but you heard it here first…wheels is back!

Just another beautiful face at the poker table?

This guy and Jaime are going to battle it out on the runway and in the forest…although I think wheels is more interested in bigger mammals…I’m not sure a face squirrel will make do.

Gone for 7 months getting a new ass sewn on and he is ready to work it!

I’ll wait until future posts to track down interesting photos of the wheels…right now I believe this image speaks for itself.

We really should consider a Wednesday night poker beauty pageant…If this group ever walked down a city side walk together…we’d clear the streets…mugly bunch…slim too!

Miss Poker America. the man blog

Miss Poker America

Did I just say I wasn’t going to track down interesting images of Hearty?  I lied…it happens…

Anyway, another great night of poker, lots of laughs, monumental card drops…

Tired old men.

So far I have not lost at poker with my shorts on…this year…let’s hope the temps hold up, it was a chilli ride home yesterday.

I might not have made it if it wasn’t for a dozen extra spicy meat sticks keeping me warm…burning from the inside out…

That will not be pleasant at some time later today…

One last tidbit of fat man news…Beagle was into the 200’s again…Too many stops at the golden arches?  He claims to have this back under control.

Parker…I’m betting if he gets on the scale right this minute…248.  Keep in mind this man weighs in wearing his birthday suit so it isn’t something accomplished at work.

The quote of the day: When Miss Philipines was asked would you rather be more smart or more beautiful…

“Well, I’d rather choose to be beautiful, um because, to be beautiful it’s natural. But being smart you can learn… you can learn, um a lot of things… a lot of things from the experience… you can learn from a lot of things being smart.”

Now I know what my problem has been all these years…

Is the snow gone for this spring kids?  I certainly do hope so.

Keep warm…stay frosty!


The thing about paradise.

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I’m back in the 230’s…weighing in at 239.8 this morning.
Outstanding considering I crushed an entire bag of mixed salad and a chicken breast at 9 pm.

I guess if you’re going to stuff your face late it better be a bag of green stuff.

Poker tonight…I hope not to eat anything…once a single solid calorie touches my lips it will be over…I’ll be back on the sour patch kids.

Beagle…last I heard he was stuck at 195.  His side kick car salesman Scott might want to put a call through to Jenny Craig while he still has the strength to lift the phone AND the immense girth of his own arm.

hunting face squirrel, the man blog

hunting face squirrel

You think he would stay thin…hunting for a fresh face squirrel for Jaime.

Here at the man blog we don’t do much hunting, but we do understand that a squirrel won’t last forever…freshness is not guaranteed.

Good luck with the hunt boys…and Jaime, get that furry bugger stuck on there before Scott gets his fat little fingers into it for a meal.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on my favourite news agency CNN.

Today’s topic, the not missing any more flight MH370…I’ll start with this, a lovely Saturday morning breakfast shortly after the plane went missing, CNN on the tele and a specialist comes on to say he believes a fire started on the plane, slowly taking out systems, the pilots went to 45000 hoping to put it out, then turned to come home but the planes system’s were hopelessly damaged and the plan would just fly pilotless until out of fuel.

This man and his boring ideas will never be seen on CNN again.

Some things we will discuss as possibilities…Zombie plane, Aliens and Black Holes.

zombie plane. the man blog

Of Course!

This would be fine if they reported it on SNL, but this is actual news coverage folks.

This is what’s wrong with our closest neighbors and potential allies.

Blinded by news…

Next up…the Dominican Republic.  So nice and sunny…white ish sand…bottled water…all inclusive.


The boys seem to have survived another day.  They took a wonderful zipline tour yesterday.

Andy Zips for free! the man blog

Andy Zips for free!

Looks like fun!  I think Arthur may stay on at the resort, they are looking for a chef that can do haggis and egg rolls.

Andy doesn’t zip…no need…butterfly wings…

Kevin is looking slimmer…must be the liver failing…a sure way to lose fat.

Paradise has almost come to an end for the lot…or has it?

The thing about vacation…you’re always missing something.  A wife, child, parent, friend, pet, house…

There is always something that falls short in paradise.  Life is like that, it’s never as perfect as you’d like.

Same as above, something is going to be missed…and on top of that you could have a boss you hate, or an entire job…maybe you’re just fat…singing to the choir…  Chunk has been in and out of paradise…he knows that some days you wish the sun was out at night, others that darkness would fall…

The Quote of the Day:

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
Carl Jung

Seems like it’s up to us kids…

The forecast says today is the last day the high will be a negative number for this spring…but maybe a bit of snow to remind us of how wonderful a winter can be.

The best thing about the sun…look at it…it’s impossible to squint without turning up a smile!  And I love a good laugh.





Another day another ????

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What will today have in store for me other than a sore back? Likely not much!

I managed to tile 75% of the kitchen yesterday…I had to leave a section unfinished for access, I’ll get to that today.

I also managed to have ZIZI’s again for dinner…back to back nights  ouch…

I committed the mortal diet sin…Not only did I crush a delicious soup, amazing Zizi’s burger and desert…I managed a bottle of vino too.  A huge dinner and alcohol…that is going to cost me!

Is the diet off?  No…it’s having a short break….

I’m pretty sure none of us are at it right now…no reports from anyone…

Beagle was hard on the tracksuits poker Wednesday and out of luck too…Not sure what his Irish hat cost him but it didn’t seem good.

Out of luck...the man blog

Out of luck…

Lucky no…but good lookin!

Parker is 6 days away from getting on the plane to the Dominican with a few of the soccer guys, otherwise known and the GBG…aka the goldenboys…

A few of their smiling faces have blessed the pages of the man blog…let’s get back to Kevin at the pool bar…

So far signed up we have Andy, Vinnie, Arthur and Kevin.

Let’s imagine a 2 sided balance scale…If Kevin were on one side of it, and Andy, Vinnie and Arthur was on the other….

Well…be warned Sunwing…They’ll be flying in circles…

There is a slim chance I may still do this…I look at it every day.  I also think about being at the pool bar with 4 of the drunkest people in the world…I’m not sure what condition I’d be in myself…and if I had to I think I could carry any of the lightweights back to their room…but it’s been a while since I leg pressed a honda civic…I’m not sure I could get Kevin onto my shoulder…

No Dandruff.  the man blog

No Dandruff

Here at the man blog we do back Head and Shoulders…that and old spice…

I guess we better back Capital Dodge too…they have the best hair.

If you are shopping for a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler or Fiat…

Well head on over to the West end and enjoy the freak show….

No Pressure...the man blog

No Pressure…



Now I know there have been some questionable images posted here at the man blog…but the one directly to the right….—————————–>>>>>>

This image has NOT been altered in any way…

What???  Inhumane?  No wait…you’re mistaken…he has not glued a squirrel onto his face…

No need to call the SPCA here folks…all is good.

Well I better get to work.

The Quote of the Day:


Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff.      – Mariah Carey

I get it…Geez

Well kids…I did break down a shovel yesterday…hopefully not again this year!



Toil and Trouble?

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I write the man blog today awaiting the defrosting of the garden hose…water is a requirement for what life has in store for me this weekend.

The wife and children have gone to Toronto for a birthday party and I’m hoping to tile the kitchen, granite the fireplace to the ceiling and possibly complete the back splash.

This is where the trouble comes into play…I’ll be deep into it if this list of chores isn’t accomplished.

There is a prize though…the Cobra den will no longer be a construction zone…time to get the monster roaring up the road again.

ac cobra needs help, the man blog

one more tear…

Yes it’s very sad.  Once the transmission dropped I thought I’d get the body work done this winter and ready for a paint job.

All great intentions if you aren’t doing icy driveway plyo-box jumps.

It’s not as bad as it looks in my mind…but its a week away from being a driver and a couple months away from paint…it’ll look like warm hell on the road in the state it can be found in now.

Another man task.

I will not be getting on the scale this weekend…if I arrive on Monday under 245 it will be an absolute miracle…just to recap yesterday’s 3 dinners.

Dinner number 1: ZIZI’s kitchen and wine bar Chicken Gorgonzola…amazing.

Dinner number 2: Again from ZIZI’s kitchen…Italian Hot pizza…amazing

Both of the above dishes are too cheap, the chicken is out the door for $17 and the pizza is $14…are you kidding me?

Either dish would feed 2 normal humans….

But wait…what about dinner number 3?

I use the third dinner references rather loosely…you see there was a Greek platter at poker last night…I managed to create a beauty chicken souvlaki pita…maybe 8 pm?  I might have had a second delish souvlaki pita at maybe…midnight?  Since those were 2 identical meals I consider them 1 dinner…In My Opinion!

I did not lose at poker…up $80…a small victory.

Good table last night, I had been up a couple hundred but managed a retreat which aided my disappearance around 2 am…I think.

Might you comb out this knot? The Man Blog

Might you comb out this knot?

The 2 Scott’s were accounted for at Wednesday night poker hosted at the Beag’s.

These 2 guys are having a hair comp…full on…pedal to the metal.

I think Car salesman Scott has Construction Scott beat on top poof but Const. Scott defo has the lead on length.

2 beauties…I have noticed that Car Scott is trying to weigh in…I mean he is attempting to outweigh even the biggest of Manites…

I foresee a future of elastic waste bands for that young man.

Well I had better get some work done…I believe I heard the hose give it up!

The Quote of the Day:

There’s many a man has more hair than wit.
William Shakespeare

Sorry guys…It’s all I could come up with on the topic of hair.

The drifts of snow outside my house are 3 feet high. My wife has taken the 4 wheel drive and left me with a rear wheel drive supercharged Mercedes with balding tires…

AKA…Trapped…I refuse to shovel!

Keep warm…Stay cool.



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The weekend wasn’t a total write off…sort of.

Friday afternoon My beautiful wife and I went to our favourite Indian restaurant for the buffet.  Host India on Montreal road.  The best Indian food in town.  I did try my best not to intake too much of the gobble but I did manage 2 plates…the second was wee.  In the past I might be inclined to go a bit bigger…

Saturday…well what can I say about the Saturday/Sunday split…

Canadian Winters, the man blog, themanblog.ca

Canadian Winters

Auns called to see if I had any need to come over for a driveway drink…That turned into 3 am at my house drinking the last of it and attempting the guitar.

The guitar didn’t happen at all, you need single vision for the guitar…

I have to say…this winter the street boys have been having a few pops outside pretty regularily, 20 below in the snow and wind has not stopped us!

Sunday morning at 9:30 my mother in law was over…geez…

So, I did weigh in after the Friday food and I was at 246, I weighed in at 3 am on Sunday morning and was at 241…mistakenly thinking I would see the 230’s if I was good when I woke up…I wasn’t…

and today….243 even

I can live with that considering I stuffed my face pretty good yesterday, hell I likely had 1000 calories worth of gatorade!   I also had chocolate and mixed nuts and some bbq nut mix thing…1000’s of salty calories…with litres of gatorade…that equals weight gain…simple as that.  Man Weight!

We’ve been getting through the show True Detective.  Super good.  Hard not to be with the cast.  It’s a good show in places of silence which aren’t easily found in our house but we are getting by.  Turn away from the screen for a second and you’ve missed something.

No word on Beagles weight loss, he is recovering nicely from surgery.
themanblog.ca, fat surgery

I’m thinking he could be dropping pounds in starvation mode…or he is hitting the shakes…I’m pretty sure he had to go easy on the solids for a few days…

Parker…Parker is at the pub more than the bar maid.  He does still submit a weight of 244 to the man blog but I have my doubts…

Is he one handing the table while getting on the scale?  Using Beagles balloons?

Sour grapes?  You bet…I still haven’t lost the weight…I still haven’t stopped the buffet, beer and bon bons…but I think about it a lot!

I’ll try to be good another week…

Zee quote of zee day:

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t. ~Henry Ward Beecher

It’s almost spring folks…you can’t smell it, it doesn’t look like it…but it’s coming!  Keep Cool…Stay warm.