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Day 1???

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Let’s call today day 1.  Please?  Let’s try to forget the last 2 years, 600 diets, 1000 egg rolls.

Let’s live in the now!  A word from Dan Auns about living in the now, Dan recently cut his hair so you may not recognize him…

That’s pretty clear…even the chicken bits…I think we can all get along with forgetting about my last 780 diets…

Today is day 1 of my diet, first diet ever!

Weight?  246.6 pounds

Yes we will be using decimal places…

Poker tonight….also known as diet suicide…I’d almost like to skip it but I must defeat my addiction to food…I eat too much!

At some point today 4 miles must be ran, the agony.  Fat man!

More tomorrow…no quote…no cheers…a fat man must get his head on straight because he is about to lose 20 pounds before the end of the month…29 days away.