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Lost…not weight.

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Lost at poker again…I need a break…
Hit quads twice, both times paid off and still ended up down…

Wednesday Night Poker. the man blog

Wednesday Night Poker

I know there can be a certain amount of skill in poker…but at Beagles we cast that aside.

Mainly we play Omaha, if we have enough empty seats we play it with 6 cards tossing 2 after the flop…

You will need a boat to win that pot…which is going to be more than $200…

If you think you can bet someone off a 1 out draw…you just created a $600 pot with 3 callers…

Sobriety has nothing to do with it…and that above folks is the game of skill…we play some pure games of luck and it can get expensive…

That’s not the greatest expense in my life though…I picked up the parts needed to get the cobra rolling again…fun doesn’t come cheap.

Let’s talk about weight…mine is up…painfully.  I only ate a handful of peanuts at poker last night…for treats…I did have 2 bowls of chilli.  No beans, pretty reasonable on the carb count.  Plus 4 beers and 10 ish Ozees of The Glenrothes 95.  All in all I’m pretty sure I was under 30 total carbs for the day…

Beagle and Parker aren’t budging.  Skinny Fat Skinny Paul has lost weight since the beginning of this round of the man blog.  He’s so skinny we didn’t even realize he was catching up but I’m told he was within 20 pounds of the monster mass…He is down in the 210’s but I’ve noticed that Skinny Fat Skinny Paul has been doing a bit more late night snacking lately.

Maybe he lost a bit due to the helium diet…we shall see…

Skinny Fat Skinny Paul

Skinny Fat Skinny Paul

Now I’m not sure he is on the helium diet…but if he is going to throw out numbesr like he claims to be at 214…a loss of 9 pounds…and I see him eating gummie worms and jujubes all night…he’ll have to start offering up a morning update.

I witnessed hit gobble a bowl of chilli, 14 gummie worms, 30 jujubes, half a large bag of all dressed chips…and 6 Coors Banquet.

You simply can’t have 2000 calories of the good stuff with 6 Banquets and expect to continue on as Skinny Fat Skinny Paul…

SKS Paul has an entirely different connotation if you remove a certain one of those S’s

It’s the final day in paradise for the gbg today.

fly fly away.  the man blog

fly fly away

In my opinion Andy may want to use his own wings to get him home…I’m seeing some serious getting off the ground issues with that wee plane.

Kevin is drained after zip lining yesterday…I’m not sure that man has used his feet all week!

The resort simply couldn’t offer Arthur enough to stay on…if you want egg rolls you’ll have to see him at the Shoppers Drug Mart.

Vinnie…poor Vinnie…I hope that suit didn’t leave a mark…

I await the scale report from Kevin tomorrow…

The Quote of the day:

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”
-Hunter S. Thompson

We at the man blog are staunch supporters of Hunter…may he rest in peace.

The beautiful wife says ice rain tonight…let’s hope not…we’ve had enough.

Keep Cool, Stay Warm.


To Diet or not to Diet…

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I can’t refer to the past weekend as dieting…diet did not happen.

I didn’t gain weight though, 242.6 this beautiful Monday morning.

Let’s see…I ate pizza, drank beer, a few M&M almonds…chips…The list is long and it isn’t pretty.

But my weight has been 242ish all weekend regardless of intake.  Today I start fresh with a man diet again, I’m going to strive to be in the 230’s by Wednesday night poker.

I did manage a trip to the gym both Friday and Sunday.  Yesterday I did the same workout that left me immobilized a few weeks ago, this morning I seem fine!  Gym again today…

Beagle and Kevin are doing much better than I am thus far.  Starvation or just shakes does seem to work better than pizza and beer…but I think I’m enjoying myself more.

I did both code and guitar this weekend which just reminds me I have some online work due, cripies, I better get to that right away.

Short and sweet today.

Why not some cars…a man moment!

Factory Five Cobra

Factory Five Cobra

The Quote of the day:

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty