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Day 3.22 Apple what? And Beagle’s Treadmill Workout Special…

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Apple picking did the rounds at our house this weekend, there are a couple dozen apples doing their thing on the kitchen counter right now.

They weren’t alone….

will apples make you fat, man blog
There was an apple donut…gone

My wife knows I love a good pecan butter tart, and a pecan apple butter tart makes a good substitute.

Gone   TIMES 6…you heard right…

Wife said she wouldn’t mind an apple pie…I baked one up…and immediately crushed half of it….

Does that sound bad?  I also crushed a half bag of jelly beans this weekend…plenty of bread…it’s like I’m carb loading for the competitive television watching…

I didn’t run this weekend, today I do plan to get out and run…probably alone as the wife ran the half yesterday…wet.  No good.

I better do something, I weighed in this morning at 230.8 pounds.  I’m not sure that apples make you fat, you’d have to eat plenty of them…but if you surround them in liquid sugar and pastry…I think I’m on to something here.

Little Charlotte should be back to school today and I can get back to taking off a few pounds, her cold is gone and I’m only a day or 2 behind her.

Beagle’s 3 Day Treadmill Program at the Man Blog

Beagle has not yet started his man diet, still searching for a suitable replacement for coke, he loves his sugary drinks…

He has offered up a beginner Treadmill Program, it’s sure to be a hit!

Like any good workout program it’s good to start off slow!

Beagle's treadmill workout Day 1, man blog
We’ve all made the same mistake…start a new program and go too hard…

The dreams of seeing your willy again over take your good sense and you are out there running, squatting, pushing, pulling…next day…pain…agony.

It can be excruciating….the T-rex inability to use full range of motion in the arms…the unwillingness to climb stairs…the pain of squatting onto the throne…

It’s this sort of agony that has made Beagle quit in the past….”The hell with my willy”, Beagle was quoted as saying, “I’ll follow the stream to locate it’s where abouts!”

The ingenuity of this fellow….

Soon Beagle will find a replacement for soda…then he will be publishing part 2 of his 3 part Treadmill series…I hope for the best!

I will strive to get weigh in updates today, I expect Kevin has stayed even now that he is ‘eating right’ rather than on shakes…Beagle…up to 203 is my guess.

Tomorrow I’m under 230…guaranteed!

The Quote of the Day:

You’ve got to listen to the universe, to life, to God, whatever you want to call it. Because its going to speak to you.
Jillian Michaels

It was Jillian’s day today…I could have mocked a statement she made in regards to her understanding how hard it is to stay in shape as a mother…of course she was just talking about scheduling issues…she adopted…

Anyway…I listened to the universe this past weekend…The lord of apples and pastries did speak to me many times…I may have been talking in tongues at one point, overcome with a mouthful of apple pie and trying to respond to my wife…Charlotte was busy making bracelets with her grandfathers…it’s creepy…she’s never met them…bends the mind.

Cloudy…colder…no shovels yet though…