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Surviving Wednesday Night Poker

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Yesterday I went to poker….I did not win the big bucks….I lost…


I had zero snacks at poker, no chips, nothing from the slow cooker, not a single cookie, bon bon, jujube or eggroll.


Yesterday I lifted, easy exercise for the big boys.

This morning I weighed in at 230.2 pounds…maybe a bit dehydrated…we shall see.  My BMI is under 30, I am no longer obese.  The old Omron actually gave me a 28.9 BMI this afternoon at 231.

My goal…..so low….205 won’t do it I don’t think….I want that frigin Omron to offer me under 15% body fat.  I may have to get under 200 pounds, maybe as little as 185…..Russett and I will weigh the same….

Anyway….that’s the current plan.  I’m okay with my food now, I’ve kicked my addiction I think….I’m not starving….


Up…194.6…poker food.  I saw him eating brownies….at least 2….

On Monday Russett is starting the 30 day Greco no carb diet….the agony.  Russett’s goal is 185, once there his BMI will be 30.8…..He will have to lose just a few more pounds to simply be overweight….the old BMI chart…making fat people obese since it’s publication.

Russett is down a few chins right now so all this is doing some good….

Beagle tsunami at the man blog
Hitting the low carb for 30 days will likely get the Beagle under 185…that of course will depend on how low carb he goes…and the amount of cheating.

The only issue with the low carb diet…other than the pain…if you cheat, it’s over…reboot.


Krista has offered up a 152.2 this morning…losing before the official weigh in of her 30 day challenge?  Not smart!

We will be following the contestants closely…of course we won’t be getting any names sadly…I’ll have to be creative with my photos…but I’m sure we will come up with something just perfect.

So starting Monday we will have Krista and Contestant A and B ….I can’t wait!

I quick image of our 3 contestants…

It’s not hard to imagine how some might not want to release their names….for now contestant A and B will remain anonymous…but who nows….

Krista looks happy enough…maybe they will follow her lead….


Glen is down,  255 pounds….I don’t even get how he outweighs me by over 20 pounds….

So greco for him, I’ll get an update on how that is going.


Donald is still bulking….and laying low….whether it’s his involvement in the CrossFit games or simply overtime at the gym I intend to find out this weekend…until then….

Donald if you are reading this here is the link to the city of Ottawa syringe exchange …..tell me that isn’t a useful link for a drug addict……our taxes folks….


Seamus and Richard

These 2 are busy pouring through each other’s wardrobes as they switch sizes….Be careful Richard….the horror of Seamus’ past is forever haunting….

Kevin Parker
Sorry Kevin.

The Quote of The Day

You and I will meet again, When we’re least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again.
Tom Petty

Beautiful……not that photo…no

The universe has given us such a great gifts…Life, Happiness, Love….

Embrace all the good things…

Babe…I’ll keep pushing….



Starving may be a thing….

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Yesterday I had 2 eggs and a slice of rye toast for breakfast…lunch….a bowl of home made soup….dinner…a steak…and some chicken, a salad…..I may have had an ice cream sandwich….wait….no….I had 2   …..we are out of those if I don’t buy more!

Then….poker…it is Wednesday after all…and like the man blog of new old and always…we do get out once in a while….

I won $130, drank 4 beers and left….I may have eaten several handfuls of bits and bites….on my way home I stopped for snacks for the kids….chips, a bag of twinkies, dip….a bag of bits and bites….

Ya…I ate some of or all of all of the above….

today’s weigh in….239.4  Up

Hey….30 days starts on the 9th doesn’t it?

Russet……he had a salad at lunch….no dinner.  zip nothing ,nada…..he did have track suits…at some point in the night he switched to diet track suits….which means zero cal red bull…..he did eat some bits and bites…I saw it.

His weight….200.6

So….he starved himself and lost…..5 pounds…is that the key?

OR….maybe the first salad Russett has had in 2 years did the trick….the man shat 5 times during poker….it’s his once every 24 month cleanse….one leaf of lettuce will do that to you if you haven’t had a veg in years.

No updates from Krista and Richard today….guess what that means????

Richard D'aoust and Krista Kelly
I’m still being nice…..ish

I haven’t heard much in the way of niceties from Seamus in regards to his shirt yesterday, a bit of abuse….but that’s about it….he is up.

I bet you Seamus is over 340….Richard I’m guessing is down….378.

Krista….her husband is telling her to send the weigh in….anything to make the photos stop!

Krista…unlike the rest of us here, does work out and sweat and eat right….all the important stuff.

Not that Seamus isn’t getting a good old fashioned sweat in …like OLD fashioned….I’m not sure if this is photoshopped or not…I just stumbled onto it….

Seamus Browne
Ya….I don’t know what to say about that…it is what it is people say…I’ve heard…

You can tell from the photo…at that point in his life he was working out….HARD!

The Quote of The Day
I’m looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past.
Mike Rowe

The man blog is what it once was…better…a laugh….

As I’ve said 100 times…Ev would be anxiously awaiting me to say it’s done so that she might read what punishment lay ahead for my buddies….a diet ongoing for 6 years plus….

One of these days we will actually lose weight….well not Seamus….but the rest of us…even Kevin will get skinny some day……………

Babe….XO…big stuff in the works here…and I know you love it.


Another day another pound….

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Another Day Another Pound…

I guess I’ll start with a heads up….I will be writing the man blog every day for the next couple of weeks….it will be the old man blog….

It’s about fat guys….their attempts to lose weight….and the pizza and beer that holds them back from that goal.

If you are here to read about my grief….it exists….and will here.  But the focus will be on poking fun at me and a few of the boys….a small bit of prodding that just might help us get the belt line under control….

It’s never worked in the past….so….here goes.

How long has it been since I’ve written the man blog….I don’t know, not sure….less than I week I suppose.

How have I been since then….some days I’ve been fine….some days I’ve been absolutely morbid….

Let’s see….yesterday….sucked…….I did Reiki yesterday, that’s not what made it suck, not at all….just pointing it out really….what I did realize during that Reiki session is why I have so much trouble sleeping….

I slept through probably half the Reiki session.  I hardly ever sleep….but I think…as soon as someone places a hand on me….like during Reiki or an RMT session….I’m out.

My mind runs and runs….at first….like flipping through really fast photos….but not in a single photo frame…yesterday as I fell asleep during Reiki it was like being at a movie theatre…or just being in front of any screen that could hold 10 photos….then the pictures flash anywhere on the screen, just too fast to see….you try your hardest to see them, and if they were in the same spot every time you might have a chance to glimpse them….but you can’t….and there I am….trying so hard to see the pictures….

How is that making me wrack?  How is it possible?

Anyway….I don’t sleep much…and if I wake up in the middle of the night and close my eyes to that I just get out of bed….There is a cure….but it isn’t an option….and now a sugar detox, so it’s out for sure.

So that was yesterday….tears after Reiki….tears on my way to the pub a few hours later….all fought tears….all my tears are fought now….I don’t want to cry anymore.

The day before…..Ave had a baseball BBQ, it was a good little event but we decided to do the Host India instead.  One of my favorite places, and a hit years ago on an early date with Ev….the first place Charlotte ate solid food….a place we went to once every few weeks, our favorite treat….

You know….this may be the last day of reminiscing for me….because I don’t need to wrack…..

I cried my way to the restaurant….it held me down right to the front door….but once we arrived…it was okay….

Damn I miss you babe…..I hate it….

So that’s it….I’ll sit here and wrack…..

This is it…I’m really sad…..I hate it…….I lost something in my life and I want so badly to have it back….an impossible want….

And I love to want…..but this………I hate this……

So there….I’ve laid out 2 days of the past week, you get the picture right….

You see me on the street….I’m fine…of course…..

Seriously though….I’m tired of this….

I’m tired….

A few more days…..a couple more weeks….a month….2…..this life of impossibilities is about to change….it has to…..

I sat down here to write none of this…………

The Weigh In

Here we go…the man blog of old….the man blog that Ev loved to read every day….

I’m going to put on my smiley mask folks……..

okay, here goes…..

This round it looks like we have 5 contenders.  Yours truly, Beagle, Trafford, Parker and this chap…Richard Boyling….

Richard Boyling

As amusing as that photo of Richard may seem upon first sight, look at Hudsy in the background….

He should be on the man blog himself…we’ll put him in a cheerleader outfit.

So we did get a weigh in from every one yesterday, the threat was made that I would photoshop them onto gay porn covers if they didn’t come up with it…and I may still!

Here it is:

Vic: 229

Parker: 249

Trafford: 171

Beagle: 205.3

Boyling: wait….I thought Boyling sent his…I don’t think he did….oh oh….I’ll be right back.

So…quick search…not porn….but it was the first cover that came up when I did a search for gay porn vhs cover….so maybe it becomes…..rotten….Richard would be able to tell us a bit more seeing as he had a starring role!

boyling rage


Tomorrow boys…or the worst is yet to come!

I’m going to attempt a sugar detox….for the most part…aka…low carb.  That should include no alcohol…although many beverages have zero carbs….and I have been known to drink a bit of scotch now and again…

229 pounds is garbage…and tomorrow I expect that number to be 5 pounds less!

Parker is also off the booze, he is on the shakes….Trafford?  He has been busy at the cottage…working…I’m surprised he has been putting it on….obviously beer…

They have a new canteen at Beagle’s place of employ….he will see 210.

Boyling…lol….get your weigh in done or tomorrow’s google search for Richard Boyling is going to show the world your dark past!

The Quote of The Day

I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.
Rodney Dangerfield

I’d like to take this moment to thank my friends….you make me look thin.

So that’s it…the man blog diet is on….let’s hope I can go 2 weeks without quicksand so we can all stay on track!

If my love were here she would have already asked me where the man blog was….she loved to read the man blog weigh in…I’v been doing it for over 2 years….and I can see her now sitting on the sofa reading it……..

Babe….I miss you………………………………………………………

You know what….I am not all right………


Day 4.28 would you laugh…

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If I said I was considering going on a diet…is that laughable?

Well I’ve been considering it, a serious diet…

Nothing new really, diet number 93.  I wonder what I’ll choose.

I’ve been thinking of doing the 21 Day sugar detox…the agony, I’m actually sitting here chuckling about the thought of it.

Today I weighed in at 234.4 pounds.  I am not sure what is going on as I haven’t been eating too horrifyingly.  I somehow managed to put on a pound yesterday.

The Man Blog Story: Man Weight

Man weight is a weird thing…5 pounds up or down any given day…normal.

10 pounds a week up or down, now problem…

I’m up 5 pounds or so in the past 2 weeks, and on the rise.

Well damn you man fat, let’s go to war!

Beagle laid claim of being down to 185 pounds this morning.

man blog one leg diet

He may have mentioned a heavy machinery accident.

I can say I have offered up a limb to beat the scale many times…but in the long run the 21 day sugar detox has to be less agony…and in the long run…if running is even an option, is likely a better way to drop 15 pounds.

Parker is at 252 pounds, a miracle really.  He told me his Saturday night/Sunday morning for Vinnie’s birthday ended at the Elgin Street Diner in a plate of poutine.

That is not a good plate of calories to be considering after a night of beer drinking.

kevin parker does the elgin street poutine
How this man is able to stay under 300 pounds is a medical mystery!

But he is doing it and claims the diet is off…there is no justice is this world.

The Quote of the Day:

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
Dolly Parton

You can’t be skinny without moderation, you’ll be lighter without a leg, but you’ll be wearing the same pants…




Day 3.23 Time Flies at the Up Down Repeat parade…Beagle’s Treadmill Workout Continues.

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It’s Fall at the Man Blog, Let’s drop some pounds this Fall!

Let’s first talk about our favorite diets…I don’t mean just eating a bit less…under control…I mean actual diets…

First my favorites…

The Beer Diet:

I’ve lost weight on this diet, it is possible…beer diet - man blog
This diet will work…IF…you trade a reasonable amount of beer for late night food.

If, like me, you are crushing 2000 late night calories…well a few beer will take you down to half of that in a jiffy…

But eat a single thing after the beer….screwed.

Follow this diet and you will lose pounds…but no pizza.  This and the following diets are no path to a 6 pack…that is hard work…but if you’re more than 30 pounds over weight…all will work…you will lose weight!

I’ve done it!

scotch diet, the man blogThe Scotch Diet:

This also works….

It’s better than the beer diet, zero carbs…That’s right, straight up or on the rocks, many liquors have zero carbs.

I like scotch…so it’s easy.  A few sips have been a part of many other diets in the past.

Again, not a single bite of food after your sips…nothing.

I broke this simple rule last night, I had sips and a small snack…back to that later.

The Beer and the Scotch diets are good fun, and I know for a fact that alcohol can be a part of any diet…in moderation.  So can apple pie….well…maybe not pie…

The Fad Diet:

sugar detox, man blog
Lot’s of diets here, many I’ve done…

Isagenix, Body by Vi, Low Carb, Atkins…there are 100’s of variations…

I pulled off the 21 day sugar detox last year, it was okay, I got down to maybe 226 pounds…

And a healthy choice, we eat too much sugar…but it was a bit painful, because you can’t eat some things, not even a nibble.  And zero alcohol, not a big deal but it makes 12 hour poker nights seem like the WSOP.

We should all be lowering our carbs, we are simply eating too many and it shows on our waistline.

Anyway…All these joyous diets are fine, but all you really have to do is eat better…MOST DAYS…and try to move around a bit.  No one needs to lift like a fool and run 20 km days to lose weight…although it will expedite the process…but there will be pain.

All I want to do is get back closer to 210…but I’m an addict…egg rolls…bon bons….it ain’t easy…

Today I find myself under 230 at 228.8 pounds.  I had a few sips of scotch last night and some snacks to go with it around 8:30 pm, not the best choice but just 500 calories worth so no huge deal…

I did run 5 k’s yesterday so I did work for my losses…I’m gunning for 225…I really must get a hold of my MOST DAYS…too many treats…

Beagle’s Treadmill Workout, Day 2, Fuelling the Man Blog

Diet is fine, but if you are going to work your fat off you’re also going to need fuel…good old fashioned FOOD!

Beagle has refined the art of Fuelling the body.

Treadmill Fuelling at the man blog
All this treadmill talk has given him some ideas…

Beagle reported in yesterday at 199.8 pounds, back under 200!

Either he has found a replacement for soda or he is actually doing a bit of sweating…

Somehow I think he is starving himself…then again…helium…hmmm


Parker, Parker, Parker…

Parker gained 7 pounds last week…he decided he didn’t need shakes to lose weight, he was going to “eat better”

Parker attempted the Beer Diet and failed…He let us all down men…Why do some of us drop pounds on the beer diet and others pack it on????


Parker was eating pizza during the beer diet…silly Parker.   He weighed in at 256 pounds…Well he is still under 260 I guess….

I remember weighing over 250, it isn’t fun to weigh 230 and it really isn’t over 250!  Parker is going to have to hit the bricks soon, summer has come to an end and this soccer season has seen him up in weight…that makes for a heavy winter!

Tomorrow is Poker Wednesday…I must be good today in preparation.

The Quote of the Day:

If we threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.
– Regina Brett

Let’s get something clear kids…this is not diet and exercise advice…please don’t contact me with your concerns.  If life is that serious for you, this is not the place to be…

Tomorrow the forecast looks okay…today…cold.  Fall is here, might as well give up!




Day 9.18 New lows!!!

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Poker last night…lost…quick.

I was home enjoying a book at 8:30.  Too sick to stay out any longer…JK cold.

Charlotte will be staying home with me today so I’ll be doing plenty of reading and watching curious george.

All my loses aren’t bad news though…I hit the Silver Soul Crusher at 228.8 pounds this morning…a new low.

treadmill zombie, man blog
It seems that you can have McDonalds and lose weight…  Not on the same day…  but it can happen.

Hitting 228.8 came as a real surprise considering I did eat when I got home from poker, likely 9 pm.

I crushed an easy 2000 calories.  A huge plate of red curry chicken and veg—>homemade though, not PC bottled stuff…I may have even had a handfull of bon bons…

Anyway, the scale doesn’t lie…much.

It may have been the 5 miles I ran yesterday, they were good, even with the chest cold.  I’m not looking forward to 8 miles tomorrow though, 12 km of chest screaming running is going to be killer.

Fatty Updates at the Man Blog

Updates all around…

Parker is doing well, shakes and beer and a reasonable lunch.  I did see him at the trough on the weekend and still he finds himself down to 249 pounds!  He actually hasn’t had a shake in a week…

Healthy eating is his claim…

Wait….he may have had 2 Jr Whoppers on the way home the other day…we can’t be good all the time kids!

Beagle has yet to find his groove, he is at 202 pounds.  He has everyone he knows looking for powdered ice tea singles which are imperative to his weight loss.  Yesterday he only had 3 cokes…

Hair Scott number 2 was out last night…I hear he cleaned up…and at self proclaimed 215 pounds, looking svelt as always…(Scott’s scale lies).

Anyway…I apologize for the picture quality…low light in the garage…but it struck me that hair Scott has a doppleganger…

beetlejuice Scott, the man blog
Well that’s that!

Hopefully while Scott is looking for ice tea mixes he isn’t getting around the slick sliding windows of popular drive thrus.

The quote of the day:

I’ll eat anything you want me to eat. I’ll swallow anything you want me to swallow. But, come on down and I’ll… chew on a dog! Arroooo!


Beetlejuice Scott…you better mind the waist line…

Cold…Sunny but cold…warmer later…rain…



This is your brain on …meat

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Wow…dumb…dumb dumb dumb…

It’s a miracle I got out of poker with money in my pocket last night, but miracles do happen, up $90.

No carbs makes me forgetful, stuuuupid, slow, ….lazy.  Wait….I’m all of those things with carbohydrates….

Left for poker without my phone…couldn’t focus most of the night…although I did pull a 23 hour day yesterday, we played poker until 3 am.  Not bad for a 5:30 pm start…

9 and a half hours of poker…2 litres of water….2 coffees…a pack of sugar free gum…and 12 meat sticks.

Load those 12 meat sticks up with 3 eggs and 3 slices of bacon, 2 bowls of meatball soup, some cheese, and a handful of veg…fatty is going down!

Day 3 of the sugar detox sees me at 237.8 pounds.  I’m down 5 pounds in 3 days.

Imagine I’ve only talked about dieting for 4 months and once I get on with it I lose weight…and I’m not even dieting…I’m eating all day…at the expense of my kidneys of course…the cavemen died early….of kidney failure.

Wheels is back!  the man blog

wheels is back!

Sorry to all the children that are now hiding under the bed due to the look of the image to your right folks but you heard it here first…wheels is back!

Just another beautiful face at the poker table?

This guy and Jaime are going to battle it out on the runway and in the forest…although I think wheels is more interested in bigger mammals…I’m not sure a face squirrel will make do.

Gone for 7 months getting a new ass sewn on and he is ready to work it!

I’ll wait until future posts to track down interesting photos of the wheels…right now I believe this image speaks for itself.

We really should consider a Wednesday night poker beauty pageant…If this group ever walked down a city side walk together…we’d clear the streets…mugly bunch…slim too!

Miss Poker America. the man blog

Miss Poker America

Did I just say I wasn’t going to track down interesting images of Hearty?  I lied…it happens…

Anyway, another great night of poker, lots of laughs, monumental card drops…

Tired old men.

So far I have not lost at poker with my shorts on…this year…let’s hope the temps hold up, it was a chilli ride home yesterday.

I might not have made it if it wasn’t for a dozen extra spicy meat sticks keeping me warm…burning from the inside out…

That will not be pleasant at some time later today…

One last tidbit of fat man news…Beagle was into the 200’s again…Too many stops at the golden arches?  He claims to have this back under control.

Parker…I’m betting if he gets on the scale right this minute…248.  Keep in mind this man weighs in wearing his birthday suit so it isn’t something accomplished at work.

The quote of the day: When Miss Philipines was asked would you rather be more smart or more beautiful…

“Well, I’d rather choose to be beautiful, um because, to be beautiful it’s natural. But being smart you can learn… you can learn, um a lot of things… a lot of things from the experience… you can learn from a lot of things being smart.”

Now I know what my problem has been all these years…

Is the snow gone for this spring kids?  I certainly do hope so.

Keep warm…stay frosty!


To meat or not to meat…

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I’ve had some meat…meat meat meat…

During the sugar detox it seems you can consume as many meat calories as you’d like and still lose weight. How is that even possible???

Let’s try to count it up shall we…

3 eggs and 3 slices of bacon  –> 535 cals
coconut curry meatball soup (2 bowls) –> 1152 calories (coconut milk has tons of fat and calories)
salad with a chicken breast –> 500 cals
Meat sticks (8 spicy mofos) –> 1600 cals

Total cals is around 3700.

I wasn’t hungry for a second yesterday…if I felt like eating I ate…meat.

There are downfalls to the sugar detox…I haven’t had a schiezer is 2 days…that will require one of 2 things…fibre or as much meat as it takes to fill up the waste station….geez.

Anyway, good news…I’m at 239.4 this morning  -3.5 pound in 2 days…

meat meat meat.  the man blog

My friend the bovine

I like cows…tasty.  I’ve never had a bad experience with a cow…I’ve had to milk hundreds of them, I’ve even seen mean cows…not mad cows, mean…but no mean cow ever did anything bad to me.

Outside of bacon…I never met a nice pig.

Just my experience, I’m sure pot belly owners everywhere are boiling…

But bacon makes up for it…and pulled pork at poker, that’s okay too…

So far so good, no sugar, no bread and no alcohol for 3 days.

At this point the sugar is the hardest…I love bon bons!  Bread and booze are good too, don’t get me wrong, but right now I only hear the squeaky little voice of bon bons.

wonky wonka.  the man blog

Did somebody say bon bons?

I learnt about the little voices when I quit smoking 15 years ago…seems like such a long time since I smoked…the cigs have a powerful voice and I had to listen to them for years and years.

Any of you considering quitting should pick up Alan Carr’s book on the topic, an easy read and addiction put a great way…

Anyway the little voices of bon bons have been calling.  I sit here right now with a bottle of scotch beside me and I don’t hear a peep out of it…no calls from the cupboard for peanut butter on toast…

But upstairs…hidden away by a 4 year old…2 purple containers, one contains fruity mints with just 1 carb per and a roll of juicy gum…

These things mauk me…calling out to me in the evening…one mouth full of gum never hurt anybody…dirty purple packages…

I may have to buy some sugar free gum or a box of tic tacs to quell the monsters…I have been known to demolish mounds of gum at poker on nights that I’m not eating or drinking and I can swear right now that I intend to do this tomorrow night…or Thursday this week if it’s put off due to good Friday.

Another day another pound?  Let’s hope…

The quote of the day:

Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.
Hunter S. Thompson

You want to see this quote at work…stop by Wednesday night poker…


Stay warm…Be Cool.




A pound a day…let’s hope.

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I managed to lose 1 pound yesterday.

Day One of the sugar detox: 242 pounds  -1

I had expected better but maybe I won’t see a 2 or 3 pound loss until my body hits ketosis…the state where my body starts burning fat for carbohydrates…

I ate plenty yesterday, almost all meat.  Bacon and 3 eggs for breakfast, meat sticks throughout the day, I likely had 8 of them at 200 calories a piece, a bag of beef jerky and a bowl of coconut curry meatball soup…I made a pot of this up before noon…good stuff.  Oh…I managed a cup or 2 of raw veg too, carrots, broc, cauliflower…the usual.

I attempt the same today.

No bon bons, no booze.  It won’t be easy with a plate full of muffins from Treats staring me down on the counter.

the msn blog, man weight

Visually stunning….

Am I in the group of the fattest guys I know???

Maybe…looking around we are all about the same level of…well…out of shape.

Now some of us are in this condition in our 20’s.

This does not bode well for the future gentlemen.

You’d think hunting face squirrels would lean you out a bit…buggers must be hard to catch.

I had a big day yesterday…I drove the Cobra.  The last part I needed to patch up the transmission arrived, installed, and the monster started right up after 8 months of sitting in the garage.  I wish I hadn’t started the body work now as I would just drive it as is…anyway, still a beauty.

I had the misfortune of watching Pompeii…Now I usually look up reviews on IMDB, check a films rating before watching it, but you know what…that’s ruined now.  IMDB gave this donkey show a 6.3???

I had to fast forward through the last 20 minutes of the movie…I actually gave up with 5 minutes left…I don’t know if the main character and his lady friend made it to safety or not…

I like to imagine they didn’t…which is why I decided just to turn the movie off…sweeter dreams…

hair cut.  the man blog

job done.

A trip out to Capital Dodge on the weekend.  I was surprised to see a few things…squirrels shirt topped this list…

I did notice that Scott had gotten a little off the top…a trim.  He hasn’t lost an ounce though.  There are salesman walking all over the lot while he putts around in a golf cart.

If I was staring down at a pants tag that read something like 44-32 I might want to go for a stroll around the lot now and again.

Just saying….

The guitar was going swimmingly but I may have closed the patio door on my finger last night…hard to type and I bet impossible to play.

I think I was punishing myself for sitting through that movie…

The Quote of theeeeeeee Day:

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John Steinbeck

Well John…it was 22 degrees yesterday and today we expect to see snow…

Go fak yourself…

Try to stay warm, murder is not an option neither is suicide…the sun will be out again soon enough.



Fat is where it’s at….

Download PDF

Who’s been procrastinating on losing weight for 4 months?



Okay okay…today I start a sugar detox.  A fancy name for eating healthy really.  No bon bons, no booze, no bread.

I can eat meat and veg…imagine that…hardly what you’d think of as a diet, more like eating right.  No cookies. But bacon is okay.

I’m at 243.  typical fat just turned 43 kind of guy.  Screwed up knee, surrounded by other fat guys, drinking beer, fooling around, the typical man child experience done right.

On Saturday I turned 43, had a few rum and cokes and a couple of laughs, woke up Sunday morning without a hangover…a gift from sweet tiny baby Jesus????…I’ll take it…

Anyway…I’ve been fatter…I’ve been quite a bit thinner…and if I can stick to the sugar detox for the next 15 days I figure I’ll lose 10 pounds…easy peasy.  What’s 15 days?

I’ll attempt to sign up a couple fatties for the event, we shall see, sign up form below…

As we know I’ll likely poke fun at those around me…plus I do like to offer up my opinion on whatever comes to mind…not much…and let’s not forget the national news service CNN.

Just like High School

Just like High School

I know it’s tough to run a big media outlet like CNN…but someone should review these things.

Thousands of American’s are going to leave NY heading south and end up in Delaware thinking they are headed for Cape Cod.

ahhh…not safe…

Lucky for me the media offers up hundreds of these, lots of fun.  I miss watching CNN, the gripping drama…

Okay, day 1 of the sugar detox.  Fak…

The quote of the day:

Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.
Sammy Hagar

Look at that, a Sammy Hagar quote…the tiny itty bitty baby Jesus smiles down on us today.

22 degrees kids, raining…time to run the streets nakety!



damn fat bastard…

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I did not make it to 235 this week.  I gained weight, I’m at 243.

Birthday cake for my baby Charlotte, chicken wings and chips and poker, hot dogs, junk food.  beer….

All these things are life at the man blog…but I really do need to punish myself.

My birthday is April 12, I’ll be 43…

On the 13th I start the 21 day sugar detox…shortened to the 18 day sugar detox just because that’s how many days are left in the month.

I hate the sugar detox but it works.

so other than birthday dinner at Zizi’s which should put me up to 245, mother*&%&^$*….

I’ll keep you posted.  As my diet partners are fattening up I will attempt to find new victims, almost every guy I know could stand to lose a few…21 day


complaints…I’ve heard a few

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You know…dieting, real dieting…it’s likely not any fun at all.

isagenix…the high wire balancing act between starvation and filler shakes…it’s not my thing…it works yes, but the pain.

The Parker diet…just shakes.  period…see it…the period?  Just shakes for 3 weeks has got to be tough, I’ve never attempted it myself…consider but not yet tried.

Low carb diets are pretty easy, eat lots of meat.  Done it plenty, it works and I don’t mind it…but forever…no.

The sugar detox…it’s low carb really, same as above, just like atkins or the french guy…done em all.

Chubby should be so vain…

Chubby should go to the gym, but chubby did not go to the gym yesterday.  He did eat a reasonably balanced diet…reasonably.

2 scrumptious hard boiled eggs for breakfast, chilli for lunch and home made ‘diet’ pizza for dinner.  Or 2 maybe.

Diet pizza—>high protein pita halved (makes 2 pizzas) 100 cals, 10 grams protein, 3 net carbs // 1 stick pillars pepperoni stick sliced  100 cals, 6 protein, 1 carb//shredded moz 2/3 cup  200 cals, 2 carbs, 14 grams protien//pizza sauce 1 tblsp 15 cals, 1 carb 0 protein.

2 pizza’s is 400 cals, 7 carbs and 30 grams of protein…that’s good stuff

what?  I said pardon?  You smell chocolate on my breath?  whaaaaaat?

Oh oh oh, right right…I forgot…I may have slipped a few chocolate covered almonds into my gob…I had to go to the bulk barn for suckers…valentines for the kids…and  Charlotte likes to pick a few treats…

what’s 15 chocolate covered almonds?

Well kids, that right there is 510 calories per 100 grams…can you give me an Amen!

The good news?  The silver monster I’ve been trying to unsuccessfully crush on a daily basis tells me I’ve lost weight….half a pound…I’m at a slimming 243.4.

That’s right…in the right light…with the right angle…I’m slim…mer….

Our favorite life insurance salesman is down weight! And he is on the beer diet!  All that time I spent in church as a child…you’d think the lord would be better to me than that!  Parker is out at the pub every night having beer while I sit here eating celery and imagining him downing diet shakes.  Kevin puts himself at 243-244 as of yesterday…or he hasn’t been on his silver monster to check in…diet shake avoidance….we shall get to the bottom of that

I won’t even get started with Beagles at an all inclusive…drunk…at the trough…

These are terrible people!

Excellent food Ottawa, the man blog

a must try in South Ottawa

Today is Valentines day!  My super sexy wife and I hemmed and hawed over breaking my diet to go eat delicious Zizi’s Kitchen and drink some vino…it was left to the restaurant reservation gods…they squeezed us in…I’m not to be blamed.

Tonight I will gain 5 pounds of man weight, I will lose it…but first I must pack it on…and pack it on I will enjoying every minute of it…and a fine bottle of wine…or 2…or more!

Zizi’s and have a small amount to eat…drink water and leave satisfied.  But why?

Nope…I’m going to go ahead and punish myself.

I know I wasn’t going to drink anything until the end of the month…20 days…but dinner with the wife does include a bit of wine…some sangria…a cocktail…a beer…

It’s a celebration…why not celebrate!

I promise to start punishing myself again ASAP!

Now…As I mentioned in an earlier blog…I had requested an image of Beagle on the beach via his wife…there might be some issues with that request so I’m going to go ahead and do the best I can with what’s out there on the nets…the webs have things.

man weight loss, the man blog

I have nothing more to say about this…

So here we are, photo one from the depths of the Beagle portfolio…As you can you plainly read, he is slimmer also.

All that meat is paying off!

For those of you that aren’t in the know…somewhere in Mexico Beagle has just coughed up cervesa through the nose…

As far as I know images on the interweb are never doctored in any way, Beagle simple forgot to evenly apply the sunscreen.

Beagle will be back in the land of snow on Monday…but I suppose we could have a look back at his vacation next week…a wee review of the excursions I like to imagine he went on, snorkelling, the pyramids, jeep tour…plus we can get the pictures from the inter web..fun stuff!

Today’s Quote will be from one of our fallen heroes, if you haven’t had a chance…read every thing he’s written:

The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.
Hunter S. Thompson

To those of you shovelling today, stay warm…to those of you like me that are going to put the truck in 4 wheel drive and wait until the spring thaw…hammer down.

Stay cool…