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Day 4.21 Back in the saddle?

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I stepped onto the silver mofo this morning and was awarded with 231.6 pounds.  I should be back under 230 by Thursday…if I follow the specific limitations of a light poker night tomorrow…

I might have been under 231 today if I hadn’t crushed a bag of beef jerky just before bed.  I punish myself…

Yesterday I managed to complete another project that has been on my to do list for some time.

…the man door…

Victor Wheeler cuts a man door into the garage at the man blog
I tried to time this to best take advantage of when the neighborhood is cleared out…dusty…noisey…

The neighbors do wonder what the hell is going on, but the one day install makes everything work out just great for every body…  Shouldn’t be too many complaints…

Next up…finish the bathroom in the sauna room?  I think so…

Today we take it reasonably easy though, clean up the garage…no power tools.  That stone saw and compactor have the muscles and joints aching!

I suppose I better paint that trim too…

Poker is on the docket tomorrow, I do promise myself to go easy on the food, just a few sips of scotch…

The Scotch Diet–>Man Blog done right

This week we are trying to limit our carbs, I’m not talking about any sort of diet, I mean no chips…less chips…okay fine…no chips…

Geez…meat, salad…good stuff…

Bar crawl this weekend for Vinnie’s birthday, that will be painful…I do forsee trying to stay sober enough to drive home, staying in the hotel with the guys is never pretty…man gasses…

Ya…10 guys to a room or drive home….hmmm…The scotch diet it is…a did manage a sip last night…delicious stuff really.

Good times can roll...the man blog
I hope to get updates from the fatties this week. Parker is out I’m pretty sure…he is the only platinum insurance agent Royal bank has and he wants to find out if they are willing to pay out…on his life claim…seems like a risky experiment…

Beagle is down, he has 4 months to drop another 20 pounds before heading south…I know he can do it…

Me?  NEVER!!!!!

The quote of the day:

Let come what comes, let go what goes. See what remains.
Ramana Maharshi

Do you think Ramana knew about the sticky fat that seems to cover me?

Rain…Cold…no snow…

Stay warm…be cool


Day Where were we? It’s been awhile…Day 4.20

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What….I just this second realized it’s almost been a month since I posted on the man blog…

A month of chips…beer…and turkey.  Lot’s of turkey.

I survived Thanksgiving, I hit the scale a day or 2 after, leftovers and all I was only at 235 pounds…

This morning…233.2, not so bad.

Victor Wheeler, turkey, the man blog

Where have I been? Well I thought, in my infinite wisdom…I jest…that I wouldn’t post until I hit 225 pounds. How long ago was that decision made, you heard it here folks.
Well I’ve had to take a pass on that. Should I blame the turkey?

No, that just wouldn’t be fair….

I have had some things on the go…I did interlock the front walk, doubled the size of the porch and made a run down the driveway….

Looks good, pics to follow.

Today I’m going to cut a man door into the garage.  My darling of a wife brought a door back from a trip to Toronto knowing I’ve been wanting a man door for some time.

Cutting brick today once the neighborhood clears out!

So after a month of not really dieting, or should I say watching what I eat, I’m back at it.  I’m going to be back under 230 this week, starting today I’m actually going to punish myself…we shall see.

Beagle reported last week that he is still under 200 pounds, that is a pretty good run.

Like me Parker gave up…for a while…I’m not sure what he is doing at this moment, but I do know he is doing whatever at about 260 pounds…the agony.

The quote of the day:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Thomas A. Edison

and now for a pic of last week’s project…

Victor Wheeler, interlock, the man blog
Not bad for my first go at interlock….I almost went with a wood front deck, I could have pounded it out in no time…but this is a bit nicer and will live up to the wear of a front step.

Next summer I’m going to build a few decks…the wife wants to see what it’s like to build ‘stuff’.

I’m not sure building a deck by my side is the introduction to construction she needs…but it will be a good time!

Getting colder, raking…frost…no shovelling yet though!



Who’s too sexy?

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I may have had a muffin last night…I may have had 2.

and a stuffed chicken breast….a tuna sandwich…on a croissant

I may have had 3 beers…

It was good…really good.

And I weighed in today at an even 240.  Looks like my body has gotten used to being around 240, hey, it’s 10 pounds less than when I started!

The sun is out, it’s getting warmer…beer exists…things seem good.

Parker hit 248 in the Dominican, not bad really.  I think that’s what I came back from Cuba at so he should be back at his fighting weight in no time…244?  Or will Parker attempt to drop into the 230’s?

The diet I’m on right now…might as well keep it going another week…beer and muffins!

Looks like Beagle and Parker are now movie stars!


You’ll have to imagine this gif to the tune of I’m sexy and I know it.

Been busy at the homestead.  Back splash done, new clutch in cobra, transmission installed….

Looks like I’ll be ready to go when this snow is gone….I’ve started shovelling the yard…

Ya, I hate shovelling the driveway but I’ll dig down to that beautiful green grass at the first opportunity!

That’s it for today, not even a quote…


too much to do and it takes a long time to find these great tidbits like the short video above!




The Great Fortune Teller…

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How did chubby know he would weigh in at 245 this frigid Monday morning?

Is it mystical?

No…it’s hamburgers, fries and beer!

That’s right folks, 244.6 on the silver devil this morning…not bad really…considering.

Let’s see, while my wife was away I did lots productive.  I tiled the kitchen and eat in area…I put granite to the ceiling on the fireplace…looks great.  Hair Scott came over and pretty much finished the drywall…

Looks like this 6 month renovation is coming to a close kids!

The wife was away…the stove was unplugged…but the phone was working.  I’ve had restaurant or take out food all weekend long…a case a beer and the better part of a bottle of rum with a side of a case of Pepsi…

That’s no way to diet.

Fawcett Hair, the man blog

Fawcett Hair

Chunk begins again today…try to keep the carbs down.  All that protein is a killer, but it helps drop the pounds.

So here we have Scott 1 with his new hair style…honestly Farah’s hair hardly covers it.  Hell of a drywaller though!  Good thing too or my renovation would be into the next century.

Maybe a before and after (during) of the fireplace…
fireplace granite, the man blog








Here at the man blog we may not be good looking, smart, funny, fit, witty…hell I could go on and on…but we are handy!

So very close to being done the main floor…to recapturing the garage…

Parker is on the beer, that’s for sure.  He flies off in just a couple of days and if he is willing to splash around making dolphins noises I think he may come back up money…it must be an easy $50 to swim with dolphins…Oh Oh…I feel I may have to dig up a manatee from the interweb.,…

Dances with Dolphins...the man blog

Dances with Dolphins…

Disclaimer:  found image…seems legit

Is that a Manatee or has that dolphin been on the man diet?

The world is full of mystery.

Anyway…today I eat meat…I keep the carbs below 30…that leaves rooms for 4 michelob ultra and some broc.

Sweet Baby Jesus…tiny little helpless sweetness…today I would like to lose a pound or 2…no big deal…thanks.

The Quote of The Dayyyyyy:

I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.
Rodney Dangerfield

That’s about enough…I really am going to punish myself today…



Toil and Trouble?

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I write the man blog today awaiting the defrosting of the garden hose…water is a requirement for what life has in store for me this weekend.

The wife and children have gone to Toronto for a birthday party and I’m hoping to tile the kitchen, granite the fireplace to the ceiling and possibly complete the back splash.

This is where the trouble comes into play…I’ll be deep into it if this list of chores isn’t accomplished.

There is a prize though…the Cobra den will no longer be a construction zone…time to get the monster roaring up the road again.

ac cobra needs help, the man blog

one more tear…

Yes it’s very sad.  Once the transmission dropped I thought I’d get the body work done this winter and ready for a paint job.

All great intentions if you aren’t doing icy driveway plyo-box jumps.

It’s not as bad as it looks in my mind…but its a week away from being a driver and a couple months away from paint…it’ll look like warm hell on the road in the state it can be found in now.

Another man task.

I will not be getting on the scale this weekend…if I arrive on Monday under 245 it will be an absolute miracle…just to recap yesterday’s 3 dinners.

Dinner number 1: ZIZI’s kitchen and wine bar Chicken Gorgonzola…amazing.

Dinner number 2: Again from ZIZI’s kitchen…Italian Hot pizza…amazing

Both of the above dishes are too cheap, the chicken is out the door for $17 and the pizza is $14…are you kidding me?

Either dish would feed 2 normal humans….

But wait…what about dinner number 3?

I use the third dinner references rather loosely…you see there was a Greek platter at poker last night…I managed to create a beauty chicken souvlaki pita…maybe 8 pm?  I might have had a second delish souvlaki pita at maybe…midnight?  Since those were 2 identical meals I consider them 1 dinner…In My Opinion!

I did not lose at poker…up $80…a small victory.

Good table last night, I had been up a couple hundred but managed a retreat which aided my disappearance around 2 am…I think.

Might you comb out this knot? The Man Blog

Might you comb out this knot?

The 2 Scott’s were accounted for at Wednesday night poker hosted at the Beag’s.

These 2 guys are having a hair comp…full on…pedal to the metal.

I think Car salesman Scott has Construction Scott beat on top poof but Const. Scott defo has the lead on length.

2 beauties…I have noticed that Car Scott is trying to weigh in…I mean he is attempting to outweigh even the biggest of Manites…

I foresee a future of elastic waste bands for that young man.

Well I had better get some work done…I believe I heard the hose give it up!

The Quote of the Day:

There’s many a man has more hair than wit.
William Shakespeare

Sorry guys…It’s all I could come up with on the topic of hair.

The drifts of snow outside my house are 3 feet high. My wife has taken the 4 wheel drive and left me with a rear wheel drive supercharged Mercedes with balding tires…

AKA…Trapped…I refuse to shovel!

Keep warm…Stay cool.


March break madness

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I had planned not to Man Blog during the March break…and I’m pretty sure I won’t bother with the silver monster, My weight is surely up right now after the weekend of scotch and gobble I’ve just survived.

Survive I did though and here I am to be chubby another day!

Parker and Beagle are doing their thing…as requests to meet at the pub from Parker suggest…he is on the beer diet.

Beagle…I worry.

Beagle's party, the man blog

NO words….

Not sure what Beagle is up to this past weekend.   Work?

Other things….

Well to each their own.

Me…I had a few glasses of wine, a couple beers and a bit of scotch.  Nothing too extreme though.

I also attempted to limit my intake of food…reasonably…which goes straight down the tubes once  either of wine, beer or scotch is added.

You see here at the man blog we like to think of it as the battle against manhood.  Somewhere there is a balance between hunting mammoths and drinking grug, and looking good.  Once we go to the gym we are supposed to limit grug while upping the mammoth…but mammoth goes good with grug…

Damn you grug…

Parker is counting down to his week away in the Dominican…I wonder what the limit is for being submerged in water…I’m betting Parker will find out, the pool bar will not enjoy the crystal clear waters its used to…that I can guarantee.

Pool Bar anyone? the man blog

Pool Bar anyone?

In his defence he may not be as sober as the other guests in Peurto Plata.  I’m willing to gamble the resort will not see a positive balance sheet that week.

I’ve got a busy week, tile the kitchen, possibly do the back splash, and put stone up on the wall where the fireplace is. That will mark the second time I have tiled that wall since we moved in here…I don’t know 4 or 5 years ago.

We shall see how that goes, the 5 month long renovation will be nearing completion if I can get my drywall sorted out…then the fun begins…paint.

My wife is beautiful, smart, fun…but she lacks the eye for design…I believe the day after I painted the house last time…the time she wanted browns and burgandys…ya, that day…then she thought greys might be nice…

My other resolutions…as far as code goes I’m busy trying to mess with the man blog…trying to reverse engineer other sites…and the guitar, I put in at least 8 hours on the guitar this past weekend.  I can play the damn thing…now I just need to become good at it.

Please excuse the appearance of the man blog…it’s under construction….

The Quote of the Day:

 As Mr. Sloan always says, there is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in pie. And there’s an “I” in meat pie. Anagram of meat is team… I don’t know what he’s talking about.

-Shaun of the Dead(movie 2004)

That single quote will cover the meaning of the man blog during the March break…kids running around, howling…it’s simply not an environment for thought….




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It’s Saturday night…not particularly late.  No point with a weigh in at this time, and likely no point in the morning either…I’ve cheated myself!

The day started off right, scrambled eggs for breakfast, a few lean meatballs for lunch.  Had a sauna and a dip in the hot tub.  No gym.

My arms are so sore from pushing it the other day I can’t straighten them…not even a little  🙂

So I just T-rex around.

My neighbor called asking if I could help install a new dishwasher so I went over, got the job done, and we sat for a while enjoying a bit of Johnny Walker Double Black Label.  Not bad, worth a few sips.

Came home, pigged out…

Watched a couple of movies, Dallas Buyers Club and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  Both very good, Walter Mitty was great.  A feel good movie with great meaning.  Dallas Buyers Club was good too but seeing Mat at 90 pounds is unnerving.  He could be a stand in for Michael Jackson.

Sweet Baby Jesus, tiny little itty bitty baby Jesus…

So…good food, chillin, helping neighbors, scotch, m&m almonds…  Seems like a normal diet to me?

I’m blaming it on the rain…no wait, that’s not it…the pain the pain…in my fantasy island voice.  I’m too sore to think about the gym so I might as well slink off into the bushes and try to ambush myself with chocolate.

Ronald in the bushes

Why is Ronald hiding in the bushes.

There it is, the diet monster peering out from the bushes on the front yard…

At least I likely won’t head down to the mcdees, and they’ve killed the Golden Palace Egg Roll, that was a blessing, I almost went to church when they did that.

Let’s talk about that to close out.  You buy the Golden Palace, legendary for the Egg Rolls.  You have people flying in from 4000 km away just to buy them and what do you do when you take over the place????

Why you change the recipe!  Screw it, you own the place.  Thing is, you now own a plain Jane chinese food restaurant on Carling with terrible access and parking…Good Luck with that.

Quote of the day…not from Steve Martin but from one of his movies, Leap of Faith:

“I believe in life- what it does to you, and what you do back.”


Sweating to the Oldies.

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I should have done a cartwheel…one at the very least…an attempt…likely end up with a broken wrist…again….

So, a perfect day if I must say so.  I woke up early, did the b b b blog and off for a wee nap!

Out of bed round 2, 3 eggs scrambled for breakfast.

Then the gym, back and arms.  I pushed it hard considering it was my first time hitting it back/arms really good in 2 months.  Today I will not be either bending or straightening my arms without the suffering.

Home for lunch, a bowl of chili.  Then I punished myself with a Sauna and hot tub.

Easy and Cheap Sauna


For dinner I had salmon and sweet potato.

For all of this misery…244.6 pounds.  I lost a little over a pound yesterday…still man weight, the pound plus a day will end soon enough.

This afternoon I will be meeting a buddy  for a beer, I have my doubts that this beer day will find me down but we shall see.  The discussion will be all about fast cars and the joys of the consumption of alcohol…but not fast cars while consuming…we are too old to be that stupid.

The gym was open!  The plyomax was open, it wasn’t crowded, overall a good day at the gym.  Sadly I noticed there is no preacher bench or curl machine.  You’ll be freestyling or using yourself for concentrations…

…seeing as the plyomax is advertised as the best equiped gym in the city I expect this other equipment will be showing up any day…

Today I will not go to the gym…I think.

A bit about building a sauna in your home for those interested.

All in for under $500 for a cedar wet sauna in your home?  You bet!

I purchased everything needed from kijiji.  The heater was $200, people sell these every day, and the cedar is reclaimed cedar siding I purchased for $50.  I simply put it through a planer to remove the paint.

A dry sauna might be nice, but in my opinion a wet sauna does serious work, plus you can use it dry if you prefer.

On a -37 sort of day its nice to sweat…

Quote de jour: We will roll Steve Martin again…

You know “that look” women get when they want sex? Me neither.



the end of the start…

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Let’s be honest, I haven’t really started yet…on the diet front.  Last night I managed some chips, a couple chocolate bars, a few beers…

No weigh in today.

Yesterday I also managed to finish polishing the countertop, it looks good.  Today I’ll finish sealing it with a water based sealer, Cheng product.

polished concrete

Not bad at all…

The job wasn’t easy, I polished it dry which did cause a LOT of dust…but clean up is under way and I’m very happy with the result…cost–>under $1000 for 62 square feet of counter.


Next up today, fix this wordpress theme or find another…



Attack of the xmas cookies

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I was down…I saw 242 on the scale after poker which I consider a great success.

And then…And then…Xmas cookies, lots of them.  Delicious treats!

I ate 40 plus of them.

I’m at 244.2 this morning, I’ve seen 246 since Wednesday.  It’s Christmas, this isn’t easy!

I’ve been working hard on the countertops, messy hard work.  Today I slurry it, which is a top coat to fill any small holes.

concrete countertop to 400


The house is a DEEsaster…the wife is moderately going crazy over it…no beatings yet though!


Half a pound a day…

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It isn’t the 6 pounds I managed to shave of two days ago but it is something.  Went to the gym, ate a reasonable amount and didn’t have any beer…

Not too punishing…  Tonight, Poker!  I’ll likely have a few beers, let’s say I limit it to 4…tall cans.

My wrist is getting better, I managed some reasonable weight and the bench heights are a bit more comfortable at the Plyomax…low, but I’m getting used to it.  The squat rack is the worst as I am dropping a foot just to get under it.

Today I will likely skip the gym, I’m waiting on the concrete polisher via fedex and then I might just get at the counters.


Okay okay…I’ll do it.

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We all see the date.  It’s on the side of this post somewhere.

Monday morning, jumped on the scale, 250.2 lbs.  That’s a lot…

So we begin the man diet.  This morning for breakfast…2 hard boiled eggs.

The big challenge will be getting to the gym, I’m still recovering from a broken wrist and to be honest my entire body is killing me.

About 5 years ago one of my uncles asked me if I felt old yet, at the time the answer was no…things change in 5 years.

I’ve blown my knee, my recent broken wrist is a pain in the butt and my back isn’t getting better with all this extra belly!

eggs man diet

On the bright side of life…I poured the concrete countertop this weekend, it’s looking good.  The polisher is due to arrive Wednesday and I’ll go at that for a day or 2.

concrete countertop poured