Another week…another pound…

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Wednesday night poker kids…the great undoing of the middle ages…


The Beagle had a busy Wednesday…up $400 I believe.  Before I left he had demolished 4 slices of pizza and a half pound of chicken wings….

Sean Russett
The next morning he offered up a weight of 195 even…amazing really….

He has been under 200 pounds for over a week!  He must have starved himself hard all day Wednesday to crush 5000 calories of doughy pizza, sauce and chicken bits to end up at 195.

Sean Russett
I mean….seriously…I could do a collage of this from Wednesday night…

If that isn’t enough to turn your stomach…he just offered me a Friday morning update…..


I may have some competition on this bucket of KFC after all!

He lost just over half a pound yesterday…wings for dinner, chicken for lunch and a shake for breakfast…he didn’t workout or hit the sauna….


Krista is now one week away from the wedding she was hoping to drop a few pounds for…there were a few obstacles….life isn’t easy…and poutine does get in the way once in a while.

Set aside a bachelorette party and laying the blame on her ‘feeder’ of a husband she is now telling me the reason why she has not dropped weight is due to poutine….

I can hear those gravy soaked curds now….just laying there on a bed of greasy fries….”get over here you!  Get me in your belly”

Yep…blame it on the poutine….it will overpower the best of us!

Krista offered up 152.6, and I quote “which is better than the 155 yesterday! K got to get back under 150 for the wedding next week! No more beer or poutine (which I dived into Sat night at midnight!)”

Just to clarify….those are Man Boobs….

man boobs are not pornography….

The original for clarificationKrista-Sweating

As I’m writing this Krista just offered me a wonderful update…

She actually should be the quote of the day but I’ll try to come up with something a bit more awe-inspiring that this

Krista,”152.2 which is surprising as the feeder came home with treats from England. They are gone now and I plan to start running again tomorrow…”

I’m not making this up….the feeder has returned and all she can do is think about running now that she has demolished all the UK bonbons!


But you know what….152.2 is something….

Moving right along…..


Mr. Walton has been to the Greco 3 times this week…he claims to be in an enormous amount of agony….which I’m sure he is…

Glen started off his journey to weight loss at 259 pounds…and if one thing many of the participants at the man blog have learned over the past decade….that first 5 pounds should drop like a DQ cone on a 40 degree day…

Well…after a week of hard work at Greco Glen has managed to lose 2 pounds….

Yes folks he hammered out a weigh in of 257 pounds this morning.  glen walton

You see…you can go to Greco…you can push your absolute hardest…but max calories burnt per hour….under 200…

Yep….it’s the old…it’s what goes in that makes the real difference…

Glen and I had a conversation at the end of my driveway earlier this week in which he attempted to tell me that johnny walker red was just 5 calories per fluid ounce…

Well….sadly…that just ain’t it.

Every and all alcoholic beverages have about 110 calories minimum.

I wish it wasn’t so….but it is.

So dear Glen…you’ll have to keep those cals below 2000 to lose a pound a week.  I’d aim for 1600 if I were you and hope for the best.

The lower you go….the more you will lose.  Pay close attention to the fact that a donut sized steak has about 1/6 the calories of an actual donut and your body will use 75% of those steak calories just to digest the steak.

Seamus Browne

Seamus was on the street yesterday….I did not see him….he did have a bottle of grey goose with him….He doesn’t drink the stuff….he takes it downtown to try to exchange it for Tim Hortons roll up the rim tabs announcing a free donut….

It’s the currency of many street people downtown….the wounded by social injustice might be going through the bin at Tim’s looking for cast aside winners…and Seamus not wanting to ruin his expensive new tent….errrr…shit I mean…rather trade vodka for a dozen of these stubs….

And while we are on the topic of stubs….quit the smokes already….I mean donuts and slushies are one thing….but a pack of smokes a day on top of it…..

Seamus offered up a weigh in of 402 pounds.  Just up 2 this week.


Today is weigh in day for Richard although it’s a wee bit early to have the crane operator stop by and get him on his feet.

Hopefully we can get an update from the big fellow today…but until then I’ll offer you up this….

Richard D'Aoust
It seems today I’ll be getting updates from everyone while I’m writing their tidbit…

Sometimes the Universe offers up such gifts and today I’ve been blessed with glorious insight from both Krista and the big man (or should I say second biggest now that Seamus has seriously crushed it)…

Richard offered me up this just this second…again…a quote…

“Well the good news and the bad news scale is 373.4 but I’m on my way to sign up for gym membership as we speak.  Starting Monday.  So oct is big month for me.  Thanks for staying of top of me. I need this”

A couple things I’d like to point out from that message.

  1.  Richard has not given up
  2.  He is still down some weight
  3. This is not fat shaming…this is being accountable and for some it is a great way to be motivated!

There is one tiny issue….Richard is planning to go to the Plyomax….and don’t get me wrong…it’s very nice.  BUT….the equipment is not set up for a big guy.  Even at my 6’2″ 240 ish size I find the equipment just isn’t big enough…

Richard is taller than me and….twice my size….I feel like Scott Cainnes when I’m standing beside Richard….

Anyway….Richard…it’s all about what goes into your belly….not how much sweat comes out of your pores….

Seniore Donald

Donald is still hard at the bulk stage of his weight game.  He only gained one pound in the last few days….muscle just isn’t as easy to come by as fat.

Andy Trafford dbol

I’m sure these little blue pills are helping or Scottish entry…unlike it’s look alike Viagra, dbol will not do any good with erections…

I’m not sure what Don will be doing about his Jaun.

I hope for the best.  I’ll be in touch with Donald over the weekend to get a full update on his medicated approach to weight gain.

Yours Truly

I managed 234.8 this morning.  On Wednesday after poker I ate a bagel with cream cheese, 2 slices of toast buttered with marmalade, a half huge bag of tostitos and 100 jujubes….

ummm….carb loading…ya that’s it!

I have been running and lifting weights this week, I’ll actually attempt my 3rd 5k of the week as soon as I’m done with todays man blog.

I have decided to continue losing past thanksgiving.  My goal is to hit 205 by new years….Just 10 pounds per month….

I haven’t weighed 205 in 10 years at least.  But I think I have myself set up for success at this point, I have a good meal plan and am working out just enough to pull it together…

Next month I’ll head back to the gym too….just need to set down a bit of weight at home first….I get embarrassed if I’m not lifting heavy at the gym…..

The Quote of The Day

Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.
Allen Klein

I have known days…months…without color.  When the color leaves your life you really do have to work to bring it back.

Sitting here writing about so many gray days did help.  I still have moments where the color isn’t as bright as it could be…everyone does.  I work hard to make sure those moments are short…..

And I know that the brightest colored days are a gift…a present I offer myself simply by opening up myself to accept all the great things I have in my life….

Mushy…you bet…

But in these lives we live…all we have is the world we live in, our family and friends and the ability to enjoy those things to the fullest….

And that kids….is going to be up to you.  Choose to see the colors.

Babe….I love you.

Geez….almost cried there….time to punish myself with a run.

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