Almost like we had a summer….

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I’ll start where the buck stops….I’m at 241 and change.

Dilly bars…warm fall night beers…indian restaurants…these things will not make for weight loss…

So be it.  Let’s see what this week brings for chunk.


Down to 196 even.  The groundhog has moved on from Russett’s life for now.  He has managed to lose 9 pounds in 12 days.

This old classic might just become a thing of the past.  The combination of watching what he eats, time in the pool, and long bakes in the sauna are doing the trick….

….or is Russett offering up his -just sweat out a gallon- weight….

I could be envious….


I’m sure Richard is way down…he has been laying super low on the HTG and moved several yards of rock into his back yard last week….no update though….and sadly that means we must surf the net for a photo of Richards progress….

If I was a betting man….Richard is in the 360’s.


Donaldinio had a rough weekend…it seems he went to the pub and had a few beers…He hasn’t been drinking in weeks due to his new workout routine/medication….well…the liquor hit him badly….

Anyway, good news is that Donald is up another 2 pounds…137 pounds….

I’m not sure he will be able to hold his gains this week while he is in hospital.  The story I heard goes something like…pub…few beers…managed to crawl home to medicate…decided to hit the gym to pump up the old muscles…had some sort of medication issue…..

Hopefully Donald is released this afternoon and can get right back at it….geezus….I never expected one of these police mug shot before and after’s of the Don.


Here is another one…bulking up….why Seamus?   Why punish yourself????

Up just one pound to 391 pounds.  I was on the phone with Seamus for a moment on Friday…I believe he managed a muffled hello before I heard the sound of the phone dropping and screams….I stayed on the line in an attempt to figure out what happened until one of Seamus’ co-workers picked up the phone and offered me an update….

It seems Seamus had stuffed an entire Berry Explosion muffin into his mouth in an attempt to crush it before we spoke….choked on the monstrous 2 pounder and had to get the Heimlich from his coworkers…

He did not return any of my calls the rest of the weekend…that sort of thing must be hell on the throat….


Krista is on the same diet as I am it seems.  She offered up a 151.8 this morning…she blames it on weekend drinks.

I get it…we’ve had a terrible summer and some warm weekend nights….there were a lot of lawn chairs on driveways this weekend in the Ottawa area.

Now…with Krista’s “feeder” away the next couple of weeks…and a bridesmaid’s dress to squish into…soon…very soon…Krista will have to tighten up the old bouche…

She could head on over to the sugar bear and try to melt it off……

The Quote of The Day

“Believe me, every heart has its secret sorrows, which the world knows not, and oftentimes we call a man cold, when he is only sad.”

–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What do I say…I’m not sure….even Longfellow might not have been able to explain why a man must be cold in the hopes it makes him seem more…..manly….

We’ve separated being a human into categories….and a lot of people misunderstand these categories…how other humans judge us for staying within what we think these categories should be….


Babe….I love you.


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    Sep 18, 2017