Days do as days do…

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Days do pass….

Most of them are pretty good….it’s spring….the firebird is out….the kids are happy….lots of get togethers with the boys and plenty of warm summer nights to look forward to.

Is it really good?  I guess it could be….

My life on a bad day is likely better than plenty of people….I laugh every day.

I’m focusing on digging a bit deeper at the gym now….trying to keep my consumption of dissolving fluids to a minimum…unsuccessfully.  It’s not that I think the drinking is an issue, I mean it’s one big night a week….it’s the painful fact that hard work at the gym is quickly erased by hard work on a few beers….and I want my lifting to pay off these days….

I guess I’d like to have a good old fashioned man diet….a weigh in like days of old….but I’m not sure I want to sit here and discuss it….my failure at eating chicken breasts and broccoli choosing potato chips and beer….why bother.

I’m a rather unimpressive 245 pounds….and although my arms over fill just about any shirt these days….so does my stomach.

Anyway we will see what we can do about that the next 30 days…..

Emotionally I have been reasonably stable….I have dealt with a few great stings of sadness during this period, the time between Ev’s birthday and mine will never be great for me….and with Charlotte’s birthday falling in between I will always be reminded of just how much Ev is missing…..

I miss Ev….

Sadly I still look for her every day… places…things…..people…..

So many tiny things that make your heart rise and fall…..

Anyway….not much to say tonight….just checking in I suppose…..

Babe….I love your face…..

What comes……..

The Quote of the Day

My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.
Henry Rollins

I look forward to a lot of things in life……..and after…..


    Apr 25, 2016
    Some people may tell you it gets easier. Others will say "be strong." Honestly, my response to both of those since my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly in November: F-You! It's hard. But I think the writing/sharing is a good thing. I don't know you but I feel your grief. While it doesn't get better or easier, it does evolve. But what do I know? (LOL) I guess I'm just writing to send some good thoughts.
    • Victor Wheeler
      Apr 25, 2016
      It does take time...a long time. I'm not sure it gets easier, but the pain becomes normal.... All the estimate to you Jennie. Victor