The Past….

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A strange day yesterday….old friends and old worries forgotten….

As I stand in the school yard waiting for Charlotte and Ave yesterday a passerby says my name, an old friend and roommate from days long long gone when I lived down in the market….fun times, the joy we used to have with 4 and sometimes 5 of us sharing a 3 bedroom….often to wake up with bodies covering every inch of carpet in every room….the mad sleepovers….

Fabulous memories………

Not all of my past has left me with those same feelings, some I’ve carried like luggage all this time.  Wrongs I had always hoped to be forgiven for….or simply relieved of….that too happened yesterday….I travel a bit lighter now.  I had to share a bit more than I usually do to get it….but these days I’ve laid my demons on the table more than I ever have….my secrets swirl around free…..and so do I.

Getting the ladies out the door this morning seemed like a breeze, although I do feel like I might be better with an extra hour of sleep, deciding to get into the hot tub late last night to relieve some muscle pain was a good idea….bringing a wee bit of scotch along might not have been….

Charlotte slept in her own bed again last night, likely 10 of the past 12 days….and now I dream again…obviously I’m getting a bit more sleep without her hogging.

The Weigh In

I hit the scale at 241.6 pounds this morning…reasonable enough.  Gym yesterday, tried to push but a back issue made it impossible…when the back hurts….I decided to work the back instead, easier to pull I suppose.  What did we manage to eat yesterday….I think I managed about 200 grams of protein yesterday, short of my goal….Roast beef and mashed potatoes for dinner and a salad at 11 pm just before bed….I couldn’t go to sleep hungry.

Today….the gym……..

Groundhog days

Groundhog days for Beagle at 196.2, Arthur at 192, Vinnie at 178, nothing from Parker….I’m betting 252….

Parker skipped the gym yesterday, today we do arms….I think he is over the worst of it so he might be brushing his own teeth again by Friday…Arthur…we shall see.

It just stuck me that Arthur weighs less than Beagle…..bahahahaha….shit

Kevin Parker belly flops for the man blog

Parker does like to hit the pool after a bit of the old lift.

Old Trafford

The starvation diet….old Trafford is down to 177.6 pounds.  If you are willing to substitute lean shakes for 2 meals a day while having a very sensible dinner….you will lose weight.

You can’t cheat this diet, your metabolism slows to a crawl so any misstep will be stored as fat as your body attempts to persevere for one more day.  Luckily Andy’s intake of beer seems to also have slowed to a crawl….as best as I can tell anyway….

A lot of seniors do come to the decision to give up the glug….Andy’s days of being a pirate are almost over.

Andy Trafford

Pirouz and Ayhan

Priouz is back down to 158 pounds….he loves that gym….Ayhan isn’t doing as well….he is obviously off the nuts.  Ayhan weighed in this morning at 188.2 pounds.  I think he is right back to where he started….

Let’s try to consider….Ayhan has been dieting, his body has had to consume a bit of the old muscle along the way….Trafford….hint hint….during this time I’ve been destroying the fridge….taking creatine….and pushing hard weight.  My weight at 241 includes a few pounds of new muscle and 5 pounds of water weight from the creatine.  I give that up and I’m 235 in 2 days…..


The Quote of The Day

It’s toughest to forgive ourselves. So it’s probably best to start with other people. It’s almost like peeling an onion. Layer by layer, forgiving others, you really do get to the point where you can forgive yourself.
Patty Duke

You know, for all my mistakes I’ve really turned into a pretty good person….this life has taught me so many things, the really important stuff….

Care for the people around you and they will care for you.

I’m a lucky man…..I’m surrounded by lucky people.

Babe….I love your face.