The Ladies….

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My 4 babies…what a pack of beauties.  I do have my hands full but it certainly could be much worse…these are good kids.

It isn’t easy, there are days when I know they are the reason I spend time looking over the touch of grey products and wondering when they are going to come up with a pill that cures grey hair….at least I have lots of it I suppose….I haven’t torn it out just yet.

I had an early night yesterday, in bed at 8 pm…soothing a crying 5 year old…missing mommy.  It’s extremely painful for me to do as I’m pretty sure I miss mommy more…even right this moment to type that…to think about it…it’s a fight….

I do fight a bit harder these days….I fight to contain my tears that I allowed myself to give up months past.  It’s not healthy for me, I know I’m better to let these things flow that attempt to contain them….once full…well, we will see.

The Weigh In

Let’s start with me today, 244.8 pounds…it wasn’t a pretty weekend.  I think we will call today the beginning of the lean…

Okay, both Saturday and Sunday I took the kids out for breakfast, I ate my 2 egg plate and 2 of Charlotte’s pancakes…both days.  Big lunches and steak dinners.  Not all bad though, both Saturday and Sunday I lifted huge at the gym.  I am now stronger than I have ever been.

The gym saves me these days…I’ve wasted a lot of months since last December, a pity I hadn’t taken to the gym sooner, because I do prefer being healthy and clear…and strong….

Starting today I lean….I’m going to attempt 300 kidney destroying grams of protein every day while keeping the carbs down….beer….maybe just a few  🙂

At this point I’d be happy to hit the beach at 230, I’m a big boy…and I hate to fight it too hard…

Arthur and Kevin

Neither of these 2 is losing weight either, both of these guys are pushing weight at the gym 5 days a week….at some point they will lean out, Kevin is sure to drop a few pounds…but right now they are building muscle and holding on to water.

Kevin and Arthur did the evening spin class yesterday while I took the day off completely….

Kevin 252 pounds



Pirouz is also at the gym almost every day, 160 pounds…gaining…I wonder if he weighs in with his phone in his pocket…Pirouz does like to have is phone handy to take photos.

You keep this up Pirouz and you’ll get a fine…sooner or later…..


Andy Trafford

Old Old Old Andy Trafford, down weight again….Andy hit the scale this morning at 178.2

Andy has the benefit of old age, let’s be honest…if you weigh the fossilized remains of….I don’t know…I whooly mammoth…it’s simply lighter than it once was….

Andy might be lighter due to this process….who knows when it begins….Andy Trafford



Nothing from Beagle today….weekend blues perhaps?  My guess….Beagle is somewhere above 198 pounds….

Am I close?  We will get to the bottom of this tomorrow.


Up….187.4 pounds.

And I quote Ayhan, “Too much eat”

There you go….too much eat, does it every time!


Anyone see a pattern here….Vinnie is up…178 pounds.

Have I seen any of these guys regularly at the pub?  Maybe…..

The Quote of The Day

There’s so much to appreciate about my life every single day, and I make a big point of taking time to smell the roses and noticing how lucky I am. I never want to take that for granted.
Josie Maran

I have always enjoyed enjoying life, and I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of people that know how to rejoice in what life is…I’ve been very lucky.

I do have terribly beautiful moments full of pain, sharing tears with a 5 year old that misses her mother….one that says she can’t dream about mommy as her memory fades until I open up my phone and review some photos with her before bed….painfully beautiful memories to talk about and remember…..

These things build inside of me….I pack them up and release them at the gym……..stronger physically and mentally….I hope.

I also hope you all have a great day….rejoice!

Babe……………………We all really miss you………….

I wrack…………..



    Jan 20, 2016
    Oh the wee one...💔 It's the unthinkable. Sending you all strength and loving thoughts... That was especially heartbreaking to read. I will hold my babies a little tighter and longer today and tell them I love them until they believe me to be the most annoying mom on Earth and then I will say it some more... Hang in there! On a lighter note...I'm digging the Speedo pic with what look like kettle bells from the 1800's. I giggled out loud.