Years past…..

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Old Andy Trafford…..old dried up….terribly old….OLD….Andy Trafford…

Andy has offered up his weight……Trafford and I

I knew Andy was secretly dieting away, preparing for our trip to the beach….and I was right!  Yesterday OOOOOLD Trafford offered up his weigh in.

Andy started at 187 a week ago, was at 183 yesterday and this morning sent over 181.2 pounds.  5.8 pounds in a week….shakes baby.

Andy drinks these leans shakes through the day and has a sensible dinner.


He is a walker!!!!!

No senior in this entire city has done more laps at Carlingwood that old Trafford…..He has worn a strip through 2 carpets….they’ve turned to tile in an attempt to get him out of there!!!!!  Andy’s lofty goal….170….

Andy Trafford walks the mall

Next up….Beagle.  Down to 196.4 pounds.  Beagle was on the elliptical twice yesterday, that’s gotta hurt…Once upon a time there was only 10 pounds between Beagle and I…on the low side, this time last year I was hitting the scale under 220….what’s up with that?  Beagle is about to participate in a cleanse….a viscous treat…but first…

Poker night in Canada folks….redbull is on the menu!

treadmill crawlin at the man blog

Ayhan no longer updates me on what he has had to eat….he has taken the fun out of it.

Ayhan weighed in this morning at 185.2, he had 1750 calories yesterday…..What else can I say….you’re guess is as good as mine.

Kevin Parker….nothing from Kevin on the weight front yet this morning….I’m sure it isn’t pretty.  Kevin sent me a late text last night saying he wouldn’t be at the gym today….the inability to straighten your arms thing.

I told the darling Kevin that a little light lifting will get things loosened up….so we shall do a bit of pushing today.  I see good things in Kevin’s future….in about 2 weeks he will be able to shampoo his hair again….

Kevin Parker, man blog

No update from Arthur or Vinnie yet either….too early.

Me?  I hit the scale this morning at 239.6 pounds.  I’ve started the habit of crushing tons of calories before bed…I’ve also been sleeping like crap.  Charlotte has been out of my bed for 2 days, I thought that would help, but no…I’m still up half the night….lots of that due to twitching muscles.

I managed to push a full set of 100 pound dumbbells yesterday, peanuts weight.  I pushed them easier than I every have before.  Ya, 200 pound bench presses don’t seem like much on a straight bar….but you hold 100 pounds in each hand over your face and give 8 good pushes….it’s no straight bar.

That, a pack of squats and Arthur and I went to hit the treadmill.

Soon….very soon….I start to lean out a bit…..

The Quote of The Day

If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses.
Bruce Nauman

I’m lucky that due to my current mental state a little pain in the gym actually feels good….it takes other issues away.  This fact makes it hard for the other guys to keep up….when I’m done…I try to push more.  These days when I give up on weights its because my fingers can no longer handle the lightest of weights….my hands cramp up while I’m getting changed…..

I remember seeing Ev’s hands cramp up like that……thinking of her pushes me farther than I’ve ever gone…and I’ll be stronger at 44 than I have ever been……

Shit….Ayhan just sent me what he ate yesterday….at 6:45 he had oatmeal, steel cut, the oatmeal seemed a bit darker than he likes…he added 5 drops of milk, skim, the container has a small dent….factory issues possibly….sandwich…thai chicken…a bit of crust was rough…not quite burnt…….

You get the idea…..

This is the Man Blog Ev loved to read every morning…..she waited on the sofa for me to come out of my office so that she might enjoy a good laugh…..

This is what I want the Man Blog to be.

Babe….I love your face.