The fat…..and the sane….

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Okay…let me see if I can manage creating a man blog today without tearing out my hair….I’m tense….stressed out…..


Well ladies and gentlemen, I am the single parent to 4 young ladies…..OMFG!!!!!!!!!

In my next life Ev is getting an ass whoopin for this!  🙂

Don’t get me wrong…I love my children, I mean…I am a father first in this life….I guess….I think….WTF…….


I find myself drawn to the rope department of the Home Depot….just staring at rope and trying to calculate just how much I need….how much weight each type of rope can manage….which rope won’t burn….

Like come on….what in gods name did I do to deserve this….Hey…don’t all raise your hands at once!!!!

Okay….the weigh in….

I weighed 239 pounds this morning, still under 240 with 4 shwarmas in me….maybe…just possibly I had 4 small chocolates, 8 cookies and a baklava…or 2….

I was hungry……

I also lifted at the gym yesterday…..and as soon as I’m finished this blog I’m going back to the gym….lift a bit and get 5 k under my belt……….

I’ll be in the 220’s by the end of the month…less beer….easy peasy

Arthur will not be going to the gym today….he has soccer…He is at 194 pounds…..I’ll have to get a goal on Arthur…I figure he is up a pound of muscle already…

Let’s see….Beagle was on the track suits and doritos last night, alas he still managed to lose weight because he simple didn’t eat all day….nope starvation and redbull….why not!  Besides, what’s the chance he will have a heart attack?

It has to be under 87%…..

Treadmill Fuelling at the man blog

Parker….he is almost down to a Queen sized shirt…at 252 pounds he is fading away.  Parker would almost join the gym…almost.  He won’t, he is simply fat and lazy….

The chance of Parker having a coronary event in the next 10 years.

98%  I’m not kidding

Kevin Parker, Fat-Man-Dancing

The italian stallion is at 174, he says he is eating too much….come on….Vinnie really doens’t need to lose any weight, the same goes for Ayhan at 188 and Pirouz at a low low 158.

Again….Pirouz and Beagle at the same height………158 vs 197.6…..hmmm

I’m off to the gym….tonight I’m taking my snowboard out…’s time to sit in snow and dream about times past.

Babe….I love your gd face……but lord jesus….this is a lot of work!  XO


    Jan 08, 2016
    Four girls...the universe has a twisted sense of humour for sure.... I am a single parent of three. Two of which are twin girls. I have flown solo for almost 9 years. Being a parent is hard; being a single parent well that makes you superhuman without even having to "lift"! I have travelled to the dark side on many an occasion wondering what atrocities I committed in a past life to warrant this challenge. A challenge like no other and I've had my share... Although, I have avoided Home Depot's rope section, I still have the OMFG days you speak of. It does get easier. From the pull out your hair days surface the OMG these offspring are evolving into amazing humans and "I'm doing a good job!" Good deeds, accomplishments, hugs, I love yous and giggles make you forget that the dark side knocks on our door some days. They are always the saving grace; the reason for being... Your girls will grow to be amazing women who choose strong and loving partners on their journey as they have you as a role model standing by them. You are an example of resilience, courage, love, loyalty....every time you wake up and take on a new day with them! It's good to see the last few man blogs with some humour and healing in progress. Pics are too funny! Being a single parent is never easy but it is always full of rewards and memorable moments that do not compare to anything else in this life. You've got this Mr. Wheeler! ❤️