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I do not have to write the man blog tonight.  I am not wallowing in grief.

I feel okay…I am healing.

What does that mean…..hmmmm…..

I’ve been lost, but I’m figuring it out.  I really do feel like I’m getting better.  Now that might seem like an impossibility as December 17 approaches….but it is not.  I know exactly what is going to happen on that day……

A Thursday…..I’m going to go to the gym, work myself hard…..I’m going to take care of myself during the day and heal just a bit more.  For dinner I think I’ll order Indian from Karara, an old favorite of everyone in the house.  The kids can take Friday off and we will sit on the sofa, cuddle up and watch movies…..

I am getting better.

I watched one of my favorite movies tonight, Serendipity.  I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and love a great love story….long before Ev I was this….

It struck me that my love story isn’t over….there was a time I had wished for a P.S. I love you type thing where all my questions would be answered….I thought I didn’t have that…but I do….

My answers are here with me, my babies.  I’m here to care for them, love them…..and I’m here to love myself and be loved….

Yep….my love story isn’t over yet.

The Quote of the Day

You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?”.

I live……

Babe….I love your god damned face…   🙂  I wish you were here…….

So what if I cry…….I wrack….I love…..I live!


  1. Anonymous
    Nov 26, 2015