September diet challenge…day 1 ends.

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Let me start with this…get it out of the way….

While Syd and I drove around the city yesterday, running some errands, we talked about how we used to take the number down for crap apartments and give them to Ev as a joke….or point out rentals to her….she always had some great smart ass rebuttal…

And that conversation ended when I told Syd that I couldn’t believe she was gone…..

Because I’m not sure I do….and this morning while Dave and I watched Charlotte muscle a new bike given to her by the Auns’ family…too big for her by a good margin……..I could see so much of her mother in her….her strength as she drove those pedals……and I said to Dave I wish Ev was here to be as proud as I am…..

Dave said she was……as I walked back home to fight my pain……

Every day I either fight that pain or give in….today I will fight….I fight my tears now…….I’ll pay later…today or a week from now I’ll be reduced to nothing………….

And on that note we begin the diet challenge update.

fat vinnie creaco
In Vinnie’s defence it was Kerri’s birthday yesterday.

He weighed 176.5 pounds this morning up 4 pounds.  Vinnie had an all dressed burger for lunch with fries and 2 beers, small antipasto, plate of pasta followed by stuffed tomatoes and cake, 2 glasses of wine and an after dinner liquor…

I’m not sure Vinnie has this September diet thing worked out just yet….

arther fat

Arthur managed a break even at 192 pounds with a 6 inch sub, home made spaghetti a mini keiths pitcher and a small bowl of chips….just to get rid of the bag.

Well now that there are no chips for this Scot to eat we will see what tomorrow brings.

andy shakesTrafford is on the shakes…down a full pound to 176.8.  He managed one real meal yesterday, a Vietnamese Vermicelli.  It appears that Andy may be taking this seriously.

At his age it is amazing he can lose weight….what is the metabolic rate of a fossil?  Anyone?

fat party the man blog
Beagle crushed the weight loss down 1.6 pounds.  He weighs in at 192.4 pounds after only drinking water all day until 10 pm when he was attacked by a back of chips and salsa….imagine if he had simply hit the sack….rather than the bag…..

Boyling offered up a starting weight of 195.2 after pub chips and curry with 3 pints….or wait…that was his second supper….not a good start….Boyling gets this photo today….just because it makes me laugh.Richard Boyling a masculine scent
I think Boyling likes that one….Boyling are you off the milk?

Next up is me!Victor Wheeler album cover

I might have enjoy a few sips of scotch with the neighbors….and Seamus…last night…after which I decided to eat the house. I still lost over half a pound thanks to earlier in the day starvation. I hit the scale this morning at 292.2 pounds

Kevin Parker, man blog
Parker broke even after 2 fish tacos, a shake, a small bowl of soup and a swim…his weigh in was a guess….if he guesses again tomorrow he will love the new photo I come up with!

Seamus lost a pound to be at 266.  He was seen drinking a light beer on my street last night.seamus browne
266 will require a bit of work but I know he can do it!

Poker tonight. Never good. I’ll try water but I feel I may have a sip or 2 of scotch….we will see.

Quote tomorrow….along with comments from the exercise/nutrition specialist that doesn’t believe in commonly accepted BMI charts.  bahahahaha….I’m not sure about any of the other guys about….but if you are taking diet pills the charts end up a jumbled mess of lines and numbers.

Hey….Have a great day!