The Weight Loss Extravaganza

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Welcome to September and the start of the biggest weight loss event the man blog has ever had.

At this point we have 8 contestants….eight!  I would not be surprised to find a few more people clamoring to embarrass themselves on this site in the hopes it will drive their weight down…but….it has never worked for any of us….

Think of the fun though….

The line up….I guess I’ll start with the newcomers.


Vinnie Creaco
Vinnie enters the weight loss challenge for the first time although he was featured on the man blog 2 years ago while on vacation in the DR….still the same outfit, a simple change in color is all Vinnie needs to freshen up his wardrobe. The Italians really now how to let go of their inhibitions….
Vinnie weighs in today at 172.5 pounds

No report on his weight loss goal, likely just an excuse to cut back on the odd beer and get out in his airie outfits.

Vinnie is not the…..can I say fattest….hell it’s my man blog….Vinnie is not the fattest of the contestants



Arthur, like Vinnie above, was featured here during a Dominican trip a couple years ago…a joyous event where he and Vinnie spread the joy and wonder of their cultures deep into the Caribbean.  Vinnie of course wearing his mankini while Arthur the Scot is more often found in plaid skirts….  I suppose a dinner gown of sorts.

He’ll be backing off the haggis hard this coming month.

Arthur is not the fattest here at the man blog….

Arthur weighs in at 192 pounds.




Andy is back!

This senior citizen is the man behind the decision at Carlingwood to swap out the carpeting for a high wear ceramic tile!

Andy spends much of his spare time cutting up the rug and by that I mean he is running….or walking…up a storm battling those calories with the rest of his age group at malls across the city with Carlingwood being an old school favorite.

The old man weighs in at 177.8 pounds with a goal of 168.  Reasonable enough

Andy is not the……fattest….competitor on the man blog…..



Sean Russett falls and ruins the world
Beagle has been around for more diet challenges than I want to remember….I mean…years of them.

He is still knocking the world off it’s axis folks…

Now…beagle is actually still under 200 pounds, easily 10 pounds below his old running weight.  He finds himself at 194 pounds at the start of the weight loss challenge.

So maybe we can keep the weight off…..

Beagle is not the fattest competitor on the man blog.


Boyling did not send his weight in….I gave him 24 hours to manage it and he did not… what do we do now?????

Drum roll please…….kindly allow me to reintroduce Boyling…..

boyling rage
I’ve tried to be kind Boyling…

Boyling is also keeping it off, I expect he will also weigh in at under 200 pounds since his last weight melting challenge.  He found his success through Isagenix…a mixture of starvation, mystery cleansing fluid and starvation…

Tomorrow we weigh in on time Boyling or you’re getting the rod….and you don’t want everyone to see a picture of you getting that do you????

Boyling is not the fattest competitor on the man blog…..

Yours Truly, Me

20150901_073107Okay…I weighed in at 229.8 pounds this morning.  And I’ve offered up a photo of me, excuse the funny face and misbegotten hair…I just rolled out of bed and snapped this lovely example of myself.

As far as common science is concerned I am not obese…no sir…to be considered obese your bmi has to be over 30.  I find myself at 29.5 the very limits of being overweight….

I’m surprised the floor in the old house can support me!

I want to lose 20 pounds….more to be honest but 20 will be an almost impossible task for the month and considering my knee will not hold up to pounding pavement I’ll almost entirely be relying on diet to get it done…

Well…diet and diet pills….

I am not the fattest competitor on the man blog


Kevin Parker belly flops for the man blog

Parker weighed in yesterday at 255 pounds.  He is still about 10 pounds under his max after 6 months of being back into his regular….regular…hmmm…well his day to day might include the odd beer.


Parker has asked for the beer free September but this has been met with considerable opposition.

Cut back…okay…but zero might be a bit much.

I’m sure Kevin would be happy to be 240 pounds….I think he would be happier at 220.  His old knees are breaking down, not from injury…strain baby!

Kevin’s BMI is 32.7


He is not the fattest competitor on the man blog.

Drum roll please……………


Seamus Browne in a brown shirt
Seamus….you are the fattest competitor on the man blog.  I know you look at Parker and think there is noooo way I’m bigger than that man….

But yes….it seems you are.

Seamus weighs in at 267 pounds, his BMI is 34.3

Geezus I just realized how little that BMI number moves….even if I get down to 209 I’ll still be considered overweight…..ok…let’s do this.

Seamus will crush out 40 pounds this month I think….I really do……



The Quote Of The Day

I love life because what more is there?
Anthony Hopkins

Everyone listed above rejoices in life….for that is the hokey pokey….putting yourself in it.

We live and love and dance and sing….like no other group of guys I’ve every come across……

Maybe along the way we eat a pizza and drink a beer and our belts suffer….but our lives do not.

I love you guys….let’s have some fun this month.

For those of you that have stuck around all the way to this point wondering how I am coping….I’m doing okay the past few days, I’ve survived a great purging here on my main floor and the children and I all seem a bit happier for it….more things have a place and more things are falling into place.

And….very importantly….I feel good.  I know my wife is happy with these changes….

It isn’t easy, it isn’t easy to sit here and write those few simple lines…I wrack for it…..but I know I’m doing everything I can, for healthy kids, and for my own health….

Well maybe not the diet pills but hey…..

Babe….I love your face…..forever.

Today…….be fabulous…wish everyone you can a great day….show them what being joyous in life is all about!