Is there a ….The End

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This will be a short man blog…hopefully….

What do I say…drowning….

Since this morning I realized that Ave has Ev’s clothes hanging in her closet…neatly organized…..

A child upstairs restless…..lost….

Where am I then…..


I am empty….useless… babies mourn and I can’t save them…..


  1. Anonymous
    Aug 06, 2015
    You are not useless - you are providing and caring for them - even during the hell that you are going through - that is very admirable - they will grieve in their own way - stay strong!
  2. Anonymous
    Aug 06, 2015
    You are saving them Vic, it just doesn't seem like it now...but you are. Time my friend.
  3. Anonymous
    Aug 06, 2015
    Victor, when my mom passed suddenly when i was 40 it was and still is painful but slowly hurts less. I have a bunch of her clothes in my spare closet that for the longest time, i would smell them to remember her. I still have those clothes. I have no degree or am I an expert but it's Avery's way of holding her mom close. I can't imagine the pain those little ones are in. I think of them so often. They are so lucky to have you and you are doing the very best you can for everyone! ❤️