The Man Bloat….

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The Man Bloat…

If you’ve come here for my misery….look away….today’s man blog is dedicated to FAT….




Did I run yesterday…yes…it might have been chasing a soccer ball rather than pounding pavement but at least I did something. I would have prefered skipping the old kick around last night, but over 40’s need spares and the team was short.  I did manage to remember a knee brace so I am walking today with just a mild limp.

We lost, 2-1, a penalty kick in the final seconds, the closing play of the game.  To be fair, these boys we played against were all under 30….they put in a valiant effort against a team of guys that has only 2 hair colors, grey and just for men….

After they game they jumped in their cars and raced home to have mom reheat dinner while we iced ourselves with coolers of beer….

And that is the great undoing of the man diet…social hour….

I weighed in this morning at 228.8, not bad considering I had dinner when I got home from the pub after soccer…where I had dinner…..

Yep, second dinner….my favorite right behind 3rd dinner….

Let me be honest…some things in my life are back to normal, I’m sleeping more than I have in 20 years and I’m back to 3 dinners….the only way that is going to hold up is with lots of pavement pounding….I have not forgotten I have a goal…tomorrow I put some miles on…..

Next up…let’s start with out newest entrant….Seamus….poor Seamus….

It isn’t easy to find a recent image of Seamus, he has done some deep editing on the old facebook, you’ll be looking at images from wayyyy back, 2 years or more…2 chins ago….sorry buddy…Anyway, this is the best I could come up with….

seamus browne

I hate to say it…but that’s a good photo of him….he dropped by this morning to weigh in at 281.8 poounds, down from 285 yesterday….

Seamus does not yet own a scale…

285 pounds kids…….

Let’s see what else we have…Boyling…at 192.6, down over 10 pounds and holding…running like the wind on the soccer pitch last night….

Trafford at 176.5, a very respectable weight for his age…Trafford did not play soccer last night which brought our average team age to 48 from 53….

Beagle…reporting in under 190 pounds…on a mix of single meals and isagenix shakes….189.7 pounds…

Last but not least, Parker who threw out 249….I believe that he is just tossing a number out there to prevent being punished….well, that’ll never do!

I apologize in advance….you might want to look away….

Seamus Browne and Kevin Parker

If only Parker would approach a curry and chips with that same look on his face he might be a little more akin to his brother in the picture hanging behind these two….

So that’s that….for those of you that have come here for grief…I take this day to live life as if my wife were sitting on the sofa waiting to read the man blog, look back a year in time and you will see daily posts…like these…that she loved to read.

The Quote Of The Day

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
Mahatma Gandhi

Be strong boys…please forgive me for those pics  🙂

The above quote applies to everyone I know except for Paul Robson….screw that….  Cheers

Babe….I love your face….

I’m going to have a great day today, I hope you have a great day also!  XO

Thanks to my friends, big and small…and today extra thanks to Mandy Russett…that woman puts a little bit more into every one of her days to help me out.  Such a good kid  XO