Day 3.23 Time Flies at the Up Down Repeat parade…Beagle’s Treadmill Workout Continues.

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It’s Fall at the Man Blog, Let’s drop some pounds this Fall!

Let’s first talk about our favorite diets…I don’t mean just eating a bit less…under control…I mean actual diets…

First my favorites…

The Beer Diet:

I’ve lost weight on this diet, it is possible…beer diet - man blog
This diet will work…IF…you trade a reasonable amount of beer for late night food.

If, like me, you are crushing 2000 late night calories…well a few beer will take you down to half of that in a jiffy…

But eat a single thing after the beer….screwed.

Follow this diet and you will lose pounds…but no pizza.  This and the following diets are no path to a 6 pack…that is hard work…but if you’re more than 30 pounds over weight…all will work…you will lose weight!

I’ve done it!

scotch diet, the man blogThe Scotch Diet:

This also works….

It’s better than the beer diet, zero carbs…That’s right, straight up or on the rocks, many liquors have zero carbs.

I like scotch…so it’s easy.  A few sips have been a part of many other diets in the past.

Again, not a single bite of food after your sips…nothing.

I broke this simple rule last night, I had sips and a small snack…back to that later.

The Beer and the Scotch diets are good fun, and I know for a fact that alcohol can be a part of any diet…in moderation.  So can apple pie….well…maybe not pie…

The Fad Diet:

sugar detox, man blog
Lot’s of diets here, many I’ve done…

Isagenix, Body by Vi, Low Carb, Atkins…there are 100’s of variations…

I pulled off the 21 day sugar detox last year, it was okay, I got down to maybe 226 pounds…

And a healthy choice, we eat too much sugar…but it was a bit painful, because you can’t eat some things, not even a nibble.  And zero alcohol, not a big deal but it makes 12 hour poker nights seem like the WSOP.

We should all be lowering our carbs, we are simply eating too many and it shows on our waistline.

Anyway…All these joyous diets are fine, but all you really have to do is eat better…MOST DAYS…and try to move around a bit.  No one needs to lift like a fool and run 20 km days to lose weight…although it will expedite the process…but there will be pain.

All I want to do is get back closer to 210…but I’m an addict…egg rolls…bon bons….it ain’t easy…

Today I find myself under 230 at 228.8 pounds.  I had a few sips of scotch last night and some snacks to go with it around 8:30 pm, not the best choice but just 500 calories worth so no huge deal…

I did run 5 k’s yesterday so I did work for my losses…I’m gunning for 225…I really must get a hold of my MOST DAYS…too many treats…

Beagle’s Treadmill Workout, Day 2, Fuelling the Man Blog

Diet is fine, but if you are going to work your fat off you’re also going to need fuel…good old fashioned FOOD!

Beagle has refined the art of Fuelling the body.

Treadmill Fuelling at the man blog
All this treadmill talk has given him some ideas…

Beagle reported in yesterday at 199.8 pounds, back under 200!

Either he has found a replacement for soda or he is actually doing a bit of sweating…

Somehow I think he is starving himself…then again…helium…hmmm


Parker, Parker, Parker…

Parker gained 7 pounds last week…he decided he didn’t need shakes to lose weight, he was going to “eat better”

Parker attempted the Beer Diet and failed…He let us all down men…Why do some of us drop pounds on the beer diet and others pack it on????


Parker was eating pizza during the beer diet…silly Parker.   He weighed in at 256 pounds…Well he is still under 260 I guess….

I remember weighing over 250, it isn’t fun to weigh 230 and it really isn’t over 250!  Parker is going to have to hit the bricks soon, summer has come to an end and this soccer season has seen him up in weight…that makes for a heavy winter!

Tomorrow is Poker Wednesday…I must be good today in preparation.

The Quote of the Day:

If we threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.
– Regina Brett

Let’s get something clear kids…this is not diet and exercise advice…please don’t contact me with your concerns.  If life is that serious for you, this is not the place to be…

Tomorrow the forecast looks okay…today…cold.  Fall is here, might as well give up!