Day 9.11 You loser!

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Poker last night…lost!  $100 down the drain.  You can’t win them all and I’m still up enough not to worry about losing ever.  Beagle was a late entry so yours truly had to get the door open.

Beagle reports in at 202 pounds, hopefully that sticks with him as he was mixing Florida Tracksuits and staring hard at a table full of Greek on wheels as I was on my way out.

florida track suit
I haven’t had super great sleep the past week…I’m fighting off the compulsion to get out of bed at 2 am followed by playing catch up sleep through the day…

It’s likely that I’m back on the coffee…I slept like a baby when I quit coffee.

Heading to poker I simply wasn’t in it, tired.  We discussed how the track suits help you win money late into the night when the other guys have had 6 or 7 beers against your 6 red bulls with vodka a sourpuss.

It makes perfect sense…but I wonder if all that sugar is really going to be good for you…I’ve had a few tracksuit nights myself and have found myself home at 3 am, staring at the ceiling, heart pounding…at 43 I’m not sure my body needs it…


I saw 229.4 pounds on the silver mofo this morning, not bad, down even after I had some greek last night.  To be fair I had a high piled sandwich…and that Greek pita doesn’t leave carbs on the table…plus a plate of salad and a second serving of just meat…I may have tossed all aside and had a couple handfuls of chips also…

Maybe it was the 3 ounces of scotch I sipped that kept the weight off…the Scotch Diet!

Kevin Parker swims, man blog
I didn’t get a weigh in from Parker, it’s not likely to happen daily…maybe twice a week.

Parker did exercise yesterday.  He did pint curls and a short game of foot golf.  The foot golf I was going to do myself but poker got in the way.

It seems that after foot golf Parker went for a dip in the pool…prepare yourselves…the wave may still be on it’s way.

Seems like the wife is in no mood to run today…is that my excuse not to do anything?  It may very well be…although I do want to go to the gym and do a bit of the lift…and I’ll be facing 7 miles tomorrow morning for sure.

Now that I’m under 230 for 2 days back to back I’m looking forward to 225 pounds.

Anyway…The Quote of the Day:

It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.
Muhammad Ali

Parker’s waves do more than “pound the sand”

wet…cool…summer is shot.  Sharpen your shovels!