Day 2.26 Just one (fat) man’s opinion….

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A Fat Man’s Opinion at the Man Blog

Let’s not start with my opinion…let’s start talking FAT.

I’m a fat man, chubby…chunky….again today 232 pounds.

I don’t mind, it isn’t all bad…I’m not 242…and I have been, lots.  But I’m not 220, and I’d like to be, 220 would be okay, 212 would be great and 205…well shit…I’d be down right ecstatic.  The gym will likely help next week…maybe.

fat or thin at the man blog

I feel thinner…

I’m in better shape than I was when I started, hell I ran 7 km yesterday like nothing…that’s a mark of good health.

Sadly I’m still fat, and the scale isn’t giving me any breaks…home from 17 kilometres it looks great, but it’s water.

Why the scale doesn’t let me see 231 every morning…I eat late, even if it’s 2 pounds of raw veg.

Tonight, poker…I’ll have to go, I missed last week…but more than hanging out with a bunch of good guys…having laughs…and a few beers, I’d like to weigh in at 229….one of these days.

Parker starts the shakes in 4 days and Beagle picked up another canister of helium and 40 balloons yesterday, the helium diet is in full swing.

we rant at the man blog

We rant today about the ALS ice bucket challenge, not the challenge itself, not the 1000’s of posts that make looking at what is left of facebook just that much more unbearable…it’s the opinion of people regarding other peoples opinion.

That’s right, facebook followers giving their opinion that other facebook followers shouldn’t be giving their opinion.  AKA–>being very small minded…tiny brain disease…

I see posts on Facebook, for example John doesn’t want to see any posts from people poo pooing the ice bucket challenge…

Let’s get this straight.  John, Bob, Cindy and Lucy can post their opinion regarding how positive they feel about the ice bucket challenge but John, Bob, Cindy and Lucy don’t want to hear any other opinions?

John, Bob, Cindy and Lucy are small minded morons that think too highly of themselves to understand what facebook is…

Donkey’s must realize that we sign up to get all the BS…we have to weed through farm ville, jelly gems, millions of stupid posts…I know you had mustard on your sandwich this afternoon and again at dinner…

You see kids, we can’t pick everything we see on facebook…ya…I ramble on here…but you came here to read this BS…you can’t blame me.  My opinions are safely locked up in my own space…You can have your opinion here too…but if you think your opinion carries more water than mine does, or anyone else’s…your bucket is full of shit.

I did my research on ALS when it started, I read the stats and I read about where we are on a cure…look it up, less than 10,000 people are affected a year in North America and Stem Cells are a promising control…if only the FDA would allow more testing.

In fact kids, Stem Cells show promise in combination with Viruses to cure LOTS of stuff…let’s allow anyone with a terminal illness to try any medical treatment.  I believe the FDA allowed just 3 terminal patients to try the advanced Stem Cell treatment path for ALS…starting in their lower spine…where it isn’t as important…and then their upper spine, where you need nerves to control breathing…the heart and lungs.

Anyway, Stem Cells look promising, and those treated have experience a reversal of symptoms…but guess what?


ALS Canada does not support Stem Cell Therapy.

Oh…and they recently closed the Ottawa office…unemployment for those folks that used to work there…

And here is a little info regarding where your charity money should go, Thanks Nyle for the link.

So before you offer up your opinion…saying you don’t want to hear any opinions…get a life.  And do a bit of research…Oh…and more people suffer from Cancer in the unpopulated province on Manitoba a year than ALS in all of North America in the same period…

Do your ice bucket challenge…but keep your opinion of opinions to yourself.  You can do what you want…free will…dump your ice, make your video, I’m all for it…but if Sally says she doesn’t like it…that’s her faking opinion, shut up, your opinion carries no more weight than hers on facebook.

Let me end today’s rant with a short video of Beagle…the lighter side of the man blog.

Sean Russett falls and ruins the world
Did Beagle just destroy an entire building…You bet he did…

There is a serious helium shortage in the world kids…and this is the sort of thing that will happen more often if Beagle doesn’t get his balloons filled up.

That’s that for another day…If any of you are offended by my opinion…put on your thinking cap…read it again…now go post about gem blaster farm poetry…make us all suffer…

The Quote of the Day:

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.
Oscar Wilde

It’s the definition of facebook followers…holy smokes…

I beautiful day, may we all be as cynical as yours truly…