Day 2.21 You lose more than weight…

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Yep, you want to lose a pound, you may have to give something up.

Yesterday I gave up poker…for the night…I’ve missed poker 3 times since the latest round of the man diet began, sometimes it’s better not to face the egg rolls.

Sean Russet, Kevin Parker
I could go to poker…I’ve been there before and lost weight, the beer diet.

I didn’t know if I could manage it yesterday though, I could hear the squeaky little egg roll voices all the way from my house.

To be fair, I’m out for dinner and drinks tonight and tomorrow night.  If I’m not careful I’ll be at 240 again and I do not want to face that.

I hit the metallic day ruin-er at 233.3 this morning, down.  Not going to poker does have its positives after all.  And I’m sure Beagle would like to believe that the chips, egg rolls and track suits had no effect on him last night…but I’m sure either the scale or a biopsy would say otherwise…

Suffering at the man blog

There is a bit of poking when you miss poker, text messages, phone calls…name calling…

Well chunk fears not the name calling…I’m a fat man…There are no end to the names that can be referenced…Fat, Chubby, Chunk, Blubber, big stuff…

I’ll have to take it easy today on the calories and carb front, I’ll be having a couple light beers tonight and possibly a bit to eat…I wish I could cancel out on my friends tonight but the last time they got together I stood them up…it’s simply not nice…The tough choices a fat man has to make.

Today I run 8 km, Parker eats 8 donuts and Beagle has 10 cokes….I may not be down weight, but I’m down diabetes…for today…

The evolution of man…is it that much different from the evolution of our food?

How about chickens…the staple diet of fitness fanatics everywhere.

The birds we eat have changed, broilers…the ones we like to eat…they have a gene mutation that makes them plumper…the exact same mutation is linked to obesity in humans…  The egg layers?  We love a good egg in the morning…they have a gene mutation that allows them to lay eggs all year long…a normal chicken simply doesn’t do that folks…

I understand the poo pooing I read about gene manipulation, the comments and documentaries about companies like Monsanto…but we have been doing this for centuries…Farmers since the beginning of recorded time have been breading animals they preferred…it’s genetic manipulation kids…in the farm yard or the lab.

Anyway…most of us are doing what man has done since the beginning of time, getting fatter.  Yes we can all exercise and eat a proper diet and be fit and thin…but sometimes our genetics and environment make it harder to do…

Sadly that isn’t my situation…I’m lazy and like ice cream and egg rolls…

The Quote of the Day:

Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.
Chuck Palahniuk

There it is….




    Your sista
    Aug 22, 2014
    Freudian slip when you refer to Farmers "breading" animals instead of "breeding"?? you have chicken nuggets on the brain??
    • Victor Wheeler
      Aug 22, 2014
      I don't mind the odd breaded animal.... They have to invent a spell checker that is a bit more intuitive!