Day 2.19 You have to give up…

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You can’t have it all, you just can’t…

Today I hit the silver demon at 234, up again.  Yesterday was a rest day so no run.  Is that enough for weight gain…no.

Of course not, you can’t gain weight from simply resting…taking it easy.  No sir.  It’s consumption.fat bbq the man blog

It’s simple…Family BBQ on Sunday, brought home some leftovers…eating then late at night.

Today I throw out the potato salad…and no more chips at 9 pm.

If you eat chips at 9pm I can guarantee you the scale will not smile a number at up you in the morning…it will not be the start of a skinny day, no way.

I’ll have to pound out a little more than 6 km today, short runs are now 4 miles for the next couple of weeks, with 8 km medium runs and of course 18 this coming weekend…no problem?  Well there is pain, does that count?

The kids are back to school in just 2 weeks, then I’m back at the gym and Parker is back on the shakes…

The Beer Diet at the Man Blog

Parker will be using a modified beer diet this round kids.  He is going back to the PGX shakes, which he lost 20 pounds on last round, but this time he is not going to give up beer.

beer shake at the man blog
I haven’t picked up a container of PGX, the mixing instructions are foreign to me…but I’m pretty sure a quantity of beer is not on the printed label.

Maybe…but I’m not seeing it…

So Parker wakes up to a PGX breakfast, has a normal lunch…with beer?  And a PGX shake for dinner…with beer?

Based on flavor alone this diet may just work.

And Beagle…not a word from him, he may be out of country.  I’m thinking he will turn it up in September also…vacation season is coming and he might as well get an early start on being topless on the beach.

It isn’t pretty for any of us…but we do try.

I feel that I will lose weight today…no chips…poker tomorrow so I had better start Wednesday off right…

The Quote of the day:

I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, That’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.
– Frank Sinatra-

There you go…

Summer has ended…early.  Enjoy whatever we have left and start sharpening your shovel.