Day 2.18 The road is long…

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Fatty weighed in this morning at 233 pounds, not bad considering I did a bit of potato salad and a couple of cupcakes at a BBQ this weekend.

Sadly I did see 228 on the scale this weekend at one point, my first foray into the 220’s this diet round and a glimmer of hope of what is to come.
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When did I see this 228 pound reward on the grey beast? Well after a 16 km run of course.

How was running 16 km as a fat man? Surprisingly not too bad!  The last couple miles are tough, pushing past your long run distance from the week before.

I mean last week I only had to manage 13 km so the extra 3 is a tough pill to swallow, this coming week I’ll only have to squeeze out an extra 1.6 km up to 17.6 km next Saturday.

Today there are a few sore spots but in a day or 2 they will pass.  Also, there won’t be any more 5 K short runs, those short runs are now 7’s…in 2 more weeks the weekend long runs are always over half marathon distances…the joy.

I’ll need a new pair of runners shortly, they don’t make shoes for chunky men.  Once you get over 200 pounds you can forget about support.  You’ll blow through the sole of a shoe in no time…

So somehow I’ve packed on 5 pounds of water and food since yesterday at noon…we shall see what today has to offer.

Fat, Fatter, Fattest at the man blog

We are only a couple weeks away from Parker hitting the shakes again…and no update on Beagle’s weight lifting…I’m sure it’s going well for him

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It isn’t easy for these guys to get started…and catching up with chunk right now…next to impossible.

I may not have lost a pound in weeks now but I’ve been in the low 230’s for a month, at some point I’ve got to hit the 220’s solid.

Beagle will have to hit the weights hard to make up for 10 pops a day and Parker will punish himself on a meal a day and 2 shakes…no beer…no exercise.

It may seem easy to starve yourself to lose while not burning it out sweating…but I find the starvation harder to deal with…I rather work hard and have a snack once in a while.

Hell I’ve stayed at this weight through egg rolls, nachos, beers…whatever…

Good luck Fatties!

The quote of the day:

Smile, it’s better than a poke in the eye.
Douglas Horton

Seems simply enough.

Is summer over?  Get out there while you can.



    Aug 18, 2014
    I'm not quitting beer!