Day 2.15 …The big show is about to begin…

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Running for my Life? Or Death? The Man Blog

Ran 5 miles yesterday, 12 degrees, windy…raining….

Cramping up like crazy…sore knee…killer back…starving…I could go on and on…

But I did it, DONE, finished…5 measly miles, or let’s refer to it as 8 km, sounds a bit bigger no?  Sadly I’ll have to go twice as far tomorrow, 16 friggin K’s…the pain…
zombie run, man blog
All this running is making for a lot of ice on the old knee in the evening.

Is it bad when it hurts to press the gas pedal in the truck?  Anyway, it’ll get better…or worse…

Today I think I’ll break down and go in for a massage, I generally don’t sign up for the punishment but seeing as we do own a wellness center offering the service I may as well attempt to get a knot or 2 worked out of the old back.

Hopefully the punishment isn’t to severe, it’s not good for business for those in the waiting room to hear me screaming in agony…

Geez…babbling…anyway, went to the Mow last night to meet up with the golden boys, another good night.  Had 3 beers and a plate of nachos…I know, not on the diet…came home at 8:30 and thought I’d watch a movie…late night bag of Quest chips and some nuts???

Good diet?

Well I weighed in this morning at 232.6  The beer diet works.

The big show is about to begin here at The Man Blog

Parker is hitting the shakes, September 1st…Beagle is pushing iron…it looks like we have a good old fashioned fat fest!
3 fat amigos, man blog
Parker is going to hit the shakes again…youch..Beagle is pushing Iron, and I’m punishing myself any which way I can.

I’ve got a head start, I’m already down and holding steady in the low 230’s, I’m pretty sure I’ll see 229 on the scale this weekend, if only just for the moments between running and rehydration.

Plus the kids are back at school in 2 weeks and I’m heading over to the goodlife to compete with the Beag.

That buggerer Parker had me scrubbing up my premier league picks last night…too much work, thanks doink…

Anyway, stay tuned…but I warn you guys, I’ll be 225 by September 1st…you’ll never catch up!

Quote of the Day:

Everyone in this world is somehow connected. So why not just be nice to everybody.
Richard Simmons

This quote is best when imaged as Richard’s spoken word…but it makes good sense no matter what.

Another beautiful day for penguins…wet…cool…