Day 2.7 The beer diet is on!

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Le me start today off with another review, yesterday’s review of quest chips might have been unfair.  Mainly due to the flavour, the salt flavoured ones aren’t fab in any way….

But the BBQ Quest protein chips which arrived at my doorstep a day later….they aren’t bad.

quest bbq protein chips, man blog
On the BBQ chips Quest has it figured out, put enough flavour on the chip to ensure that the fading texture of the chip is not the only thing on your mind.  As I noted yesterday, the salt flavoured option has possibly 7 grains of salt in the entire bag…

Or I got a bad bag…maybe I’ll try another later today.

Anyway, at 21 grams of protein, the bbq quest chips are pretty good for anyone trying to restrict carbs, plus they are gluten and soy free.

So…poker night last night.  I managed to get out of there at 1:30 am, not bad.  And with a bit of the cashola in my pocket.

I did not eat a thing….agonizing.  I did consume 7 beers in the 7 hours of playing.  Coors light, not the heaviest of beers.

And the Silver Beast?  A new low 232.2 pounds.

The beer diet works!

That and maybe the 8 km I ran yesterday.  I only have to run 5 kilometres today, sprints….baby Jesus, tiny little swaddled baby jesus, baby jesus in a manger with goats, a donkey and a camel….please allow me not to have a heart attack…

There…another thing off the list.

Beagle proclaimed yesterday that he is unable to motivate himself to lose weight at this time.humpty dumpty, man blog

Well let me try to assist here kind sir…

Beagle claims to be at 205 but I don’t see it…I hate to say it buddy but the 10 cokes you had yesterday may have laid on some additional pounds.

Might be better to practice the Beer diet at work.

I’m not saying you don’t look good…you look John Candy good…you look Chris Farley good…

Hey…we aren’t getting any younger kids.  There are times while I’m running down the road when the pain starts to creep up on the left side of my chest…I’m fat and I’m chugging 230 plus pounds down the road…the heart is taking a beating.

But I’d rather die trying than stroke out of it sipping a coke…no offence there stretch…take my advice, we eat too much…it’s that simply.  No need to kill yourself running, and it’s tough not to eat 12 egg rolls, I know…but how the hell are we going to look if we survive to see 50?

Okay, I’ve seriously abused Beagle enough for one day…let’s move it along.

Allow me to talk about how much food many of us grown men consume.

TOO MUCH!  That’s why I’m fat.  It isn’t the beer.  A man can drink a few beers here and there without packing on pounds.  It’s the consumption of massive amounts of food!  Too much buddy, too much…

Wow, super abusive…I almost feel bad…wait..what is that?  Almost…

Hey, I’ve been fat for 5 years now, and I may very well fall off this attempt at ‘dieting’ aka, eating better, like I have 986 other days I’ve tried to get my gobble gobble back under control.

I’m a food addict.  But I’m getting better…

Quote of the Day, a favourite of mine:

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.
Hunter S. Thompson

A wise man, a prophet.

Looks like a good day, they are getting shorter, get out there and enjoy that sunshine!

Sorry Beagle….fat bastard…