Day 29…What does the groundhog say?

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What does the groundhog say? fak……

man blog, groundhog days Ya..thats right…fak, but a happy cheery smiley fak though…not a bitter crap fak.

I still hit the silver beast at 234 pounds, that’s okay right?

So what if I ran 5 km yesterday?  After a 10 k run the day before…no problem right…flush miles.

What?  Flush miles?  Sure, the wife’s marathon training plan calls these short runs flush miles to clean out the legs.

Pardon…sprints on flush miles day?  Doesn’t seem right to me?  But 5 k’s of sprints we did.

What’s that????  Oh that, that’s chaf from running is a downpour on Sunday..the 10 k day?

Say which?  Chaf all over, yes…ALL OVER!!!!

Eat right???  Yaaaa (German accent YAAAAA)  Eggs, raw veg…many cups various types, salad…kale, broc, brussel spouts, pumkin seeds,radish. cranberries and various other greens…sausage check…some mixed nuts…a handful… A well rounded day of food, but as they say on the biggest loser, not every week can be a downer…

This morning I’m back on the coffee, not the 10 cup usual, just one…I’ve tried to weigh the pros and cons of coffee and it seems just about right to have a little bit.  I did brew it in the machine…trying to avoid the plastic is the keurig cups…

Guess what???  The damn coffee machine is made of plastic!  Son of a B*****… I try to find a glass french press or all metal perk this week.

Today’s Rant…Here we go.  Many of you may have seen this little photo on facebook, pinterest, twitter, chive, or just the internet…Comparison

Here we have the comparison of the size of Africa to a few Countries…

What’s that?  Seems about right?

How can we compare the size of a continent with a country?  It is idiotic.

Yes, Africa is a big Continent, the second biggest on earth after Asia, and just bigger than North America.

So Second on the Continent comparison, how about Comparing countries then???

The largest African Country is Algeria…it’s 10th on the list kids, behind Russia, Canada, the US, Brazil…and 5 others.

Let’s not like, share, friend, link, post or otherwise promote this ridiculous tidbit of a map.  Our kids are reading this junk…

Who thinks this crap up???

Okay…that’s that. Investigating GPS watches and Caribbean travel…it’s a 2 trip winter we are coming into…I need a mojito.

The Quote of the Day:

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle

Luckily I’m just smart enough to know how dumb I am…no wiz kid here folks but I’m doing better than some of the idiots that think they are smarter than me…

No need for Air Conditioning this week, might as well sweat…but no run for me today…chaf, terrible chaf…