Day 24…rollercoasters

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The fam and I spent the day at La Ronde in Montreal yesterday, we packed a bit of food to ensure I wouldn’t have to crush a plate of nachos with cheese dip…it sort of worked.

Beagle might have come with us but as you can see….there were issues last time he was at an amusement park.
Those poor kids…plus he did have to set up for poker.

My downfall yesterday had to be the litre of iced tea I put back.  Free refills at the park on a hot summer day.  So likely 2000 calories right there.

I also crushed 2 eggs, 2 protein shakes, a tuna sandwich 4 meat sticks…oh…and some fish crackers.

This all sees my up today at 238 pounds…I was at 237.4 yesterday before I jumped in the truck for Montreal.

Being up is a disappointment as I skipped poker yesterday to ensure I’d be down…on the bright side poker is a week away and if I could cut 5 pounds this week I’d be happy.

So this weeks diet starts today at an even 238…I’m just about to suit up for a 4 miles run and the book says I am running 6 miles tomorrow…geez.

That will be the end of the easy miles…the wife’s marathon training is getting steeper, 7, 8, 9…the miles keep climbing…

there was a short pause…a station break…while my wife tore me away from this blog to get our miles in…that done, I’m back, showered and ready to get on with the day…

But wait…first I have to deal with too much toilet paper flushed and flooding out an upstairs bathroom…how much tp does a 14 year old girl need?

The quote of the day:

Expectation is the mother of all frustration.
Antonio Banderas

I simply expect the toilet to be used in a manor that prevents it from clogging every other week…same kid every time…killing me.

Oh well…sunny and cool folks, let’s get out into it.