Day 21…not a perfect diet.

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Hey…I’m still under 240 pounds right. ¬†This morning 238.2.

Some might be disappointed, but after the trip to the Syracuse nationals on Friday 238.2 is down right miraculous.
Many many cars…many many many beers…

This image on your left isn’t half of them, in fact by the time we got to this area of the show we were somewhere in the 40 beers down bracket.

30 degrees, 40 beers, 15 miles of walking in the hot sun…


Who would have known you could bring a cooler into this car show…

A quick dinner at the Olive garden after…I only ate half of mine out of disgust…then we were off on a bar crawl home.

Recovery for Saturday and Sunday of course, Saturday I attempted to have Chinese food but I went super easy…again…the food wasn’t good enough to blow calories on.

I managed 5 miles of running yesterday and look forward to the 6 miles I’m supposed to do this coming Sunday…the agony.

Anyway, this begins another week of real diet work, poker may be out…I’ve got 9 pounds to lose this week to hit 229 by next Monday. ¬†Eating right and running miles…

So that’s it…no quote even…tomorrow.