Day 10…sore it is

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I crushed out 4 miles yesterday…or they crushed me.  Legs are killing me today, thankfully it’s not a run day…tomorrow…ouch.

Day 10 of the new and improved man diet sees me at 236 even pounds.

I’ll take half a pound a day.

This right here…I wish I was making this up.

This little invention would allow you to run on a treadmill outside which powers a bike…AND…your dog can be on it with you while you kneecap everyone you see while run treadmill biking that day…

I wonder if I could cut down my next long run with that…5 miles on Sunday which I think is being moved to Monday due to the World Cup…I love the World Cup, if for no other reason than it delays the punishment.

Yesterday I ate…lots of salad…I had a steak salad for breakfast, for lunch and dinner I cut up some left over sausage and added that to salad…

It’s super filling and low carb.

I also murdered an orange, had a protein bar, a handful of nuts, some protein pumpkin seed things…

The point is I did eat…plenty.

And I ran 4 miles.  They went better than the last four.  Somewhere in the 2-3 mile range I was sure I was having a heart attack, the left side of the chest starts aching and you wonder if your wife running beside you is going to have the strength and lung capacity to drag you off the road and start CPR.

Oh well, made it.

AC motor quit yesterday, it was in the books…it’s been acting up for the past couple of years.  HVAC Chris is going to bring over a new motor which I hope to have in before tomorrow which is looking HOT HOT.

Today, with my AC out, I might as well follow my Neighbour Dan’s act and poo poo my neighbors on facebook for using AC…Dan’s AC hasn’t working in 2 years…think of the money he is saving, plus he is a one man army for the environment!

There is our friend Dan again.  You remember him, from the video last week…live in the now…

Want to know something about his friend on the left…do you….huh…

Well he speaks to God, and it’s a constant 2 way conversation.  He also has gone back 4 times to relive his own birth…once as himself, he prefers to do it as his mother to feel her agony in child birth…the process takes around 3 months…

I’m not making this up folks, Dan’s buddy told us this…ask him.

He told us lots more too but much of it is not worth repeating…not because it isn’t amusing, but some of it would produce for sale signs up and down the block.

Sad that Dan lost all that beauty hair…what hair?  You haven’t watch the video have you?  Which video…why Day 1, the day of living in the now…Here is a quick photo…oddly in this one he seems to have the same glazed look as his friend…

Live in the NOW…

a short break for the…

Quote of the Day:

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.
James Dean

Hmmm…wear your seat belt…and slow down…I wonder the date on that Quote.

Anyway smells like my computer is on full roast…not good.


Today Hot, the weekend Hot.  Get out in it and soak it up, shovelling starts again shortly.