Day 8…the man diet

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Day 8, a week ago today I started the new and improved man diet.

The new and improved part is that I’m actually dieting…

And what have I lost in 7 days of actual dieting?

10 pounds!  I’m at 236.6 pounds.  Half way to my July goal.  Hell I may up the goal to 30 pounds….

My motivation this time around is simply looking back to the past…fall2009

This little treat right here is from late summer 2009, a trip to the cottage.

I’ll likely be out there again this coming weekend but I don’t think the image would be quite the same.  I’m no thin man in this photo, but from the looks of it I’m under 220.

That’s just 5 years ago!

Terrifying.  Hey, 20 pounds from now I’ll be pulling that off again.

No poker tonight, sorry Beagle.  I’m on a run here.  I only get one cheat day a week and I’m saving it for Sunday…Merrickville Car show and the FIFA final.  If the Dutch can pull it off today we’ll have a good time at Derek’s…if not I’ll head over to Barrhaven,

I’m sure I can face down eggrolls right now, hell I haven’t had a coffee in a week, but I really just don’t feel like punishing myself.

Yesterday I ate 3 eggs, a nice fat juicy steak, asparagus, a pickle and some almonds.  Spread out between breakfast and dinner that is…I did feel a bit famished around lunch but I got over it.

I’m expecting my fat friends won’t be pointing and laughing any longer…nope.

Please tiny baby Jesus….let me not turn to bon bons.

The Quote of the Day:

If merely ‘feeling good’ could decide, drunkenness would be the supremely valid human experience.
William James

I knew it!

Beauty day…get out into that sunshine!