Day 6…

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If I had not run 4 miles yesterday I’d be a bit more impressed this morning.

I did have a few chips, not many…a handful…

This morning I’m at 241.6

The agony.

running shoeHere is another case of false advertising.  I wear this model of mizuno shoe…

Nothin’s disappearing on me…

I’m off it though, all of it.  No poker this week, I’m off the beer, rum, scotch, chips…all of it until July 18 when we roll over to the Syracuse Right Coast Nationals.

Hell this Sunday I’m supposed to run 5 miles, Sunday after that???? 7 miles….and then….and then…12 miles.  Just 3 Sundays from now I’m expected to pull off just shy of 20 kms.

I’ve never run 20 km’s at this weight…Sweet little tiny baby Jesus…please let me live through Sunday’s for the next 6 months while my wife does her marathon training…

I will be solidly in the 230’s by the end of this week….or else something drastic is going to happen…donuts….no wait, that’s not it…

I still haven’t had coffee, I’ve slept through the night 8 hours for maybe 4 nights in a row…I haven’t done that in 10 years!

I just poured myself a green tea with…superfruit…ya ya…you don’t have to tell me.  Stuff is likely better with sugar but I’ll have to pass on that.

the man blog, man weight
So to the Fat Musketeers…it’s on.

You guys are going to be on your own, I’ve had it…I really have.

More than anything while sitting around with a few neighbors blabbing about how thin I was less than 10 years ago…they asked me to prove it.

I told them I was 205 pounds 7 years ago.

Lies…I’m told, they met me 4 years ago and I was fat… It’s true…4 years ago I was fat…I am know, but not 7 years ago.  The year Charlotte was born I gained 40 pounds!

the man blog

April 7, 2008

If that doesn’t turn your stomach…

I’m off it, seriously.

Screw this, fuck that.  I’m going to lose the 20 pounds this month.  I’ll be 226 or LESS by the end of July….

Or off comes a leg.

The quote of the Day:

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.
Michael Jordan

I’m not done fighting yet.

raining, stay dry….keep cool