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Day 31…short and sweet?

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Poker last night…late late night…
There was KFC…and pizza…and meatballs…and sloppy joes…and lots of candy…and chips…

kfc, the man blog, man blog

man blog kfc

Let’s see…

I had a piece of kfc, one of the juicy white meat pieces…it was good, it’s been a while…

I had meatballs…easily 20, yep, 20…

That’s it, no candy, no chips…

I also managed 6 beers, 2 oz of mount gay rum…we played from 6 pm to 3 am, 9 hours so that is less than a drink an hour…not too bad.

And look, there I am with a bucket of KFC, I think I’m slimming down.  NIce T-shirt too…Fletch Beagle playing for the Lakers…

So I weigh in right, I figure I’ll be 235 right.  No sir…

Today I weigh in at 232.6!

I actually lost weight yesterday and I had 2 dinners for sure…maybe a 3rd normal man dinner.  Here at the Man Blog we intend to get this done, we intend to get into the 220’s and beyond.

That’s it, short and sweet…not enough sleep…but tomorrow I return to the man blog, the quote of the day and an extra special gif or two for your amusement!



Day 30..gotta love a rest day.

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No running yesterday, nice…and only 4 miles today, gravy…I may be fat but running anything less than 5 miles at this point seems easy, that may change after I throw down 7 miles on the weekend…

It’s been weird on the new and improved version 400 man diet, I’m not normally going at it alone, usually at least one of my fat friends is trying to have an attempt at themselves…


And then I discover that Beagle might secretly be working out…

Look…very flexible beagle…

This morning I tipped the silver hatred at 232.8 pounds, not bad…payback from yesterday’s groundhog I suppose.

I managed a couple eggs, some nuts, a burger, cups and cups of raw veg…the usual…

And another day of coffee…it doesn’t quite have the appeal it used to, it’s almost like I’m a kid again having it for the first time…almost like it needs sugar…something I gave up at the 10 coffee a day point when I was an office worker.

All that coffee sugar adds up.

232.8…it’s been slow losing the weight this time around, on the 21 day sugar detox I was under 230 but I did start lighter I suppose…That was a highly restrictive diet…super low carb.  Hell I had my burger on a bun yesterday…I drank a few beers on the weekend.  On the sugar detox that sort of thing can’t happen, but that isn’t realistic for life is it?

Tonight is poker night, the famed night of a dozen egg rolls.  That won’t be happening, in fact I will attempt not to eat a thing…but 10 hours at a poker table can throw a little hunger at a man…we shall see.

I didn’t go last week in an attempt to preserve the diet and I took $860 the week before, it simply wouldn’t be right no to go tonight…and who knows…maybe I’ll get lucky again.

fat soocer player, man blog
I may have poked a bit of fun at the fatest around the last couple of days but really, Parker is exercising…it’s soccer season and he is out there murdering lawns just gettin around.

I do wish I had a copy of his passport photo to show you where his journey began, and I’m not talking about the UK…

I’m trying to discuss the extra 100 pounds he has managed to squeeze into that soccer jersey.

Something to remember though kids, those of you that are fat and using a bad back as an excuse not to get out there and do something…this fatty is on his 4th or maybe even it’s his 5th back operation…and he is out there rubbing shoulders on the pitch with 18 year olds…

I should add that Beagle does play baseball, or softball maybe…but I’m sure we can all agree beer league ball isn’t the same exercise as rec soccer…not even close.  I’d say that 5 minutes of rec soccer is the equivalent exertion as an entire day of beer league ball…

like it or not, beer league ball won’t find you chasing around guys half your age with 5 times the skill.  The agony.

The Quote of the Day:

I’m kind of comfortable with getting older because it’s better than the other option, which is being dead. So I’ll take getting older.
George Clooney

Makes sense to me.  Tomorrow is the end of the month and although it seems like I won’t hit my 20 pound goal I’m good with what I’ve done…

Not the sunniest or warmest day but it could be worse, think shovel…




Day 29…What does the groundhog say?

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What does the groundhog say? fak……

man blog, groundhog days Ya..thats right…fak, but a happy cheery smiley fak though…not a bitter crap fak.

I still hit the silver beast at 234 pounds, that’s okay right?

So what if I ran 5 km yesterday?  After a 10 k run the day before…no problem right…flush miles.

What?  Flush miles?  Sure, the wife’s marathon training plan calls these short runs flush miles to clean out the legs.

Pardon…sprints on flush miles day?  Doesn’t seem right to me?  But 5 k’s of sprints we did.

What’s that????  Oh that, that’s chaf from running is a downpour on Sunday..the 10 k day?

Say which?  Chaf all over, yes…ALL OVER!!!!

Eat right???  Yaaaa (German accent YAAAAA)  Eggs, raw veg…many cups various types, salad…kale, broc, brussel spouts, pumkin seeds,radish. cranberries and various other greens…sausage check…some mixed nuts…a handful… A well rounded day of food, but as they say on the biggest loser, not every week can be a downer…

This morning I’m back on the coffee, not the 10 cup usual, just one…I’ve tried to weigh the pros and cons of coffee and it seems just about right to have a little bit.  I did brew it in the machine…trying to avoid the plastic is the keurig cups…

Guess what???  The damn coffee machine is made of plastic!  Son of a B*****… I try to find a glass french press or all metal perk this week.

Today’s Rant…Here we go.  Many of you may have seen this little photo on facebook, pinterest, twitter, chive, or just the internet…Comparison

Here we have the comparison of the size of Africa to a few Countries…

What’s that?  Seems about right?

How can we compare the size of a continent with a country?  It is idiotic.

Yes, Africa is a big Continent, the second biggest on earth after Asia, and just bigger than North America.

So Second on the Continent comparison, how about Comparing countries then???

The largest African Country is Algeria…it’s 10th on the list kids, behind Russia, Canada, the US, Brazil…and 5 others.

Let’s not like, share, friend, link, post or otherwise promote this ridiculous tidbit of a map.  Our kids are reading this junk…

Who thinks this crap up???

Okay…that’s that. Investigating GPS watches and Caribbean travel…it’s a 2 trip winter we are coming into…I need a mojito.

The Quote of the Day:

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle

Luckily I’m just smart enough to know how dumb I am…no wiz kid here folks but I’m doing better than some of the idiots that think they are smarter than me…

No need for Air Conditioning this week, might as well sweat…but no run for me today…chaf, terrible chaf…



Day 28…the pain

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I managed a 10 km run yesterday, the joy.

That’s the first time I’ve done that in a looooong time and the fun doesn’t stop there…


No you see…as fun as 6 miles seemed I’ll have to pound out 7 this coming Sunday…

up uP UP…it’s the helium diet without the colourful balloons.  And the easy weight loss.

I’m losing weight but I’d prefer it was melting off of me by restriction of certain carbs while mixed with good old starvation…

This morning I weigh in at 234 pounds.  Down again yes but you’d figure I might lose a little more considering all the pain no???

Yep, I’ve been good and have been rewarded with about 15 pounds lost right now…seems like nothing on my body though…chump weight…light weight…peanuts weight….

I’m on the way though right?

As a reward and after oodles of reading I may actually go back to coffee this week.  NO more keurig though, I’m going to brew my own in my good old coffee machine.  Having my super heated water pass through a plastic coffee container can’t be good…aren’t we supposed to avoid heated plastic…

So that’s that…maybe coffee tomorrow…maybe I’ll drive over to starbucks today…

Sadly I just dug up the man blog 2013 edition…when I started at 242 and ended at 228…that was the sugar detox…which isn’t bad other than the sugar detox part of it…in 19 days I had lost 14 pounds, more or less the same as this time around other than I was starting lighter, and let’s be honest, I had 2 egg rolls and 2 chicken balls last night…on the sugar detox it’s all meat, the only reward is that it’s going to end at some point.

I should hit the gym along with the running…I worry if they see me hobble into the place they will start unpacking the paddles…I can here the machine voice now…charging…charging….beeeeeep…place the electrode on the chest of the patient….charging…charging….stand clear………

I didn’t post this video on you tube with that title…it should read very funny Ironman…which is no laughing matter as long as it does’t end up a crawling race to the finish line…it’s suicide…it reminds me of Parker Beagle and I at a buffet.

Life is too short for this isn’t it?  Or is it not long enough so I might as well live it thinner…what?  Which is it?

Oh ya that’s right, I prefer being under 220…ya ya now I remember…

Remember that gents?  My fat friends are reaching new highs as I try to pick and poke at my fat bits. Beagle is soon going to outweigh me and we know for certain that Parker does….

At least they will be much warmer than me this winter wearing their fancy meat scarves…let’s count chins…

Well I’ve only got 3 miles on the to do list today…flush miles…as if…no problem.

Quote of the Day:

The point of quotations is that one can use another’s words to be insulting.
Amanda Cross


not looking like a super warm or dry day today…get out in it anyway…




Day 25…a new low?

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I hit the silver monster today at 236.2 pounds

Down down down.  the first real down day in a week, and a new low for the new and improved diet.

Just home from a run, it’s been a busy morning.

Sitting here out of my super sweaty favourite t-shirt turned muscle shirt and now running shirt…it’s certainly worn out, and outside of running wouldn’t be worn out of the house…

A memento of 205 pounds perhaps…it feels good, light…unlike yours truly…

Anyway, 5 more km done, 10 is due on Sunday my wife tells me.  That’ll be the first time I’ve attempted that distance is maybe 7 years???  It’s been a while…like a meniscus and an ACL ago…

The old knee is holding up though, liberal applications of ice and plenty of teeth gritting gets me through it.  Does it hurt…ya…most of the day and most of the night.  lifting my leg up on the coffee table it feels like a loose joint…like the bottom of my leg is separating from the top via a super weak knee…

I’m still banking on the pain being less at 230 pounds…220….210…oh we are getting into dream land now…

I did demolish a steak, asparagus, one and a half baked potatoes, some eggs, raw veg, a shake and a delish OH Ya protein bar which tastes very much like an OH Henry.  Worth the money to satisfy a craving…

All that and I lost weight…good stuff.

Lots of web work on the plate this weekend which includes some Vet work and some logo work..a peek at one of the logos I’ve done this morning…going for the retro look.

It doesn’t look like we’ll go with this one, I’m working on the 3rd rendition now but not quite ready yet.

I like it though, but the next one has a bit more flair to it…between the lines…much more work…

So that’s on for now, and some rest for the knee, maybe a trip out to Winchester for some harder physical work on the blasting rig…we shall see.

It’s Friday, the wife is away tomorrow overnight, I just have to manage a house full of screaming ladies…and a bathroom reno…adding another one in the basement…

You can never have enough bathrooms…

The Quote of the Day:

Dear Lord, If you can’t make me SKINNY, please make my friends FAT!
Unknown quotes

And some people say there is no god…tiny baby Jesus has been looking down own Beagle and Parker…Thank you tiny little baby Jesus.

Sunny, breezy, get at it, get out there.



Day 24…rollercoasters

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The fam and I spent the day at La Ronde in Montreal yesterday, we packed a bit of food to ensure I wouldn’t have to crush a plate of nachos with cheese dip…it sort of worked.

Beagle might have come with us but as you can see….there were issues last time he was at an amusement park.
Those poor kids…plus he did have to set up for poker.

My downfall yesterday had to be the litre of iced tea I put back.  Free refills at the park on a hot summer day.  So likely 2000 calories right there.

I also crushed 2 eggs, 2 protein shakes, a tuna sandwich 4 meat sticks…oh…and some fish crackers.

This all sees my up today at 238 pounds…I was at 237.4 yesterday before I jumped in the truck for Montreal.

Being up is a disappointment as I skipped poker yesterday to ensure I’d be down…on the bright side poker is a week away and if I could cut 5 pounds this week I’d be happy.

So this weeks diet starts today at an even 238…I’m just about to suit up for a 4 miles run and the book says I am running 6 miles tomorrow…geez.

That will be the end of the easy miles…the wife’s marathon training is getting steeper, 7, 8, 9…the miles keep climbing…

there was a short pause…a station break…while my wife tore me away from this blog to get our miles in…that done, I’m back, showered and ready to get on with the day…

But wait…first I have to deal with too much toilet paper flushed and flooding out an upstairs bathroom…how much tp does a 14 year old girl need?

The quote of the day:

Expectation is the mother of all frustration.
Antonio Banderas

I simply expect the toilet to be used in a manor that prevents it from clogging every other week…same kid every time…killing me.

Oh well…sunny and cool folks, let’s get out into it.




Day 22…Back on track

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Today I crush the scale at 236.8 pounds.  Not bad at all.

Of course I did punish myself to 3 miles in the sweltering heat…Fat-Bastard-Sweating
3 Miles is getting easier though, if I can get under 220 I’m sure it’ll be a dream…

Let’s dream of getting to the 220’s for now, just 7 short pounds away.

The pain involved in running at my weight with no meniscus, arthritis of a 60 year old in my right knee and the remnants of Syracuse still racing through my veins is terrifying.

I wonder what the possibilities of having a heart attack are with every pavement pounding step…a stroke perhaps?

Am I not doing this to extend my life…or at the very least the enjoyment of it…geez…what a path to trudge along to get there…Here are the wife and I doing sprints and during our rest, trying to catch enough breath in 60 seconds to go again we hack out a conversation regarding how much harder this is than simply going to the gym to lift.

I’ve known this forever, the gym, or lifting is a lazy man’s sport.  Any big guy like myself can find a bench grab some reasonably big dumbbells and show up half the guys in the place.  They see some fat old guy and figure 90’s are never going to happen set after set…not realizing that carrying myself around, getting out of bed, out of a chair, in and out of the truck, up and down stairs…these things are all workouts for a big guy…

Soon I’ll be back at the gym to mix it up with my running.

Anyway, I ate right yesterday, and I ran hard…if I can do the same all week I’ll be down 5 pounds at least.

Haven’t seen the fatties in a couple weeks, Beagle has been in Thunder Bay and I’ve been away from the pub so no eyes on Parker.  I’m sure they are managing nicely.

Not sure I’ll make poker tomorrow…taking the kids to La Ronde in Montreal so I may miss my weigh in blog also.

The quote of the day:

Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.
Avril Lavigne

Did she mean weight???

Enjoy the day kids.



Day 21…not a perfect diet.

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Hey…I’m still under 240 pounds right.  This morning 238.2.

Some might be disappointed, but after the trip to the Syracuse nationals on Friday 238.2 is down right miraculous.
Many many cars…many many many beers…

This image on your left isn’t half of them, in fact by the time we got to this area of the show we were somewhere in the 40 beers down bracket.

30 degrees, 40 beers, 15 miles of walking in the hot sun…


Who would have known you could bring a cooler into this car show…

A quick dinner at the Olive garden after…I only ate half of mine out of disgust…then we were off on a bar crawl home.

Recovery for Saturday and Sunday of course, Saturday I attempted to have Chinese food but I went super easy…again…the food wasn’t good enough to blow calories on.

I managed 5 miles of running yesterday and look forward to the 6 miles I’m supposed to do this coming Sunday…the agony.

Anyway, this begins another week of real diet work, poker may be out…I’ve got 9 pounds to lose this week to hit 229 by next Monday.  Eating right and running miles…

So that’s it…no quote even…tomorrow.


Day 16…up

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Geez, 5 days have past since my last post…and I’m up.

Today I weigh in at 237.8 pounds.

It was a busy weekend, not much else I can say…fatsaves

Friend of mine dropped by out of the blue Friday with his 37 Ford.  This found us in the garage talking about rusted out firebirds, 37 Fords and Cobras.

I’m missing my cobra, I think I’ll build another in 5 years or so…a bit slower than the first though.

Then Sunday was the send off for a good friend, drinking buddy of mine…the muffin man, Mo.

He is off to Lebanon for 2 months…there will be much less drinking outside on my street the next 2 months.  The muffins long ago came to an end when Mo sold his business…how many diets came to an end via muffin the past 2 years in unimaginable.

Well there was a great BBQ with steak and salad…I ate too much and had a few beers to boot!

So there it is…I had seen 239 over the weekend so I’m actually back on track…then again tonight is poker and Friday is Syracuse…must keep the eating under control…

I have been running, since my last post I have put another 3 miles under myself with 4 miles on the docket for today…no problem…it’s just pain…

I really do look forward to running at 220…215…210…  come to think of it I didn’t exactly go easy on food yesterday…bowl of healthy cereal, 2 eggs, 2 sausages on protein pita and 2 huge salads…

No starvation there.

I wonder how my fat friends are doing….suckers…I’m fat so I can make fun of fat…

The Quote of the day:

I don’t stop eating when I’m full. The meal isn’t over when I’m full. It’s over when I hate myself.
Louis C. K.

That pretty much sums it up…

looks nice and sunny…not too hot…enjoy.





Day 10…sore it is

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I crushed out 4 miles yesterday…or they crushed me.  Legs are killing me today, thankfully it’s not a run day…tomorrow…ouch.

Day 10 of the new and improved man diet sees me at 236 even pounds.

I’ll take half a pound a day.

This right here…I wish I was making this up.

This little invention would allow you to run on a treadmill outside which powers a bike…AND…your dog can be on it with you while you kneecap everyone you see while run treadmill biking that day…

I wonder if I could cut down my next long run with that…5 miles on Sunday which I think is being moved to Monday due to the World Cup…I love the World Cup, if for no other reason than it delays the punishment.

Yesterday I ate…lots of salad…I had a steak salad for breakfast, for lunch and dinner I cut up some left over sausage and added that to salad…

It’s super filling and low carb.

I also murdered an orange, had a protein bar, a handful of nuts, some protein pumpkin seed things…

The point is I did eat…plenty.

And I ran 4 miles.  They went better than the last four.  Somewhere in the 2-3 mile range I was sure I was having a heart attack, the left side of the chest starts aching and you wonder if your wife running beside you is going to have the strength and lung capacity to drag you off the road and start CPR.

Oh well, made it.

AC motor quit yesterday, it was in the books…it’s been acting up for the past couple of years.  HVAC Chris is going to bring over a new motor which I hope to have in before tomorrow which is looking HOT HOT.

Today, with my AC out, I might as well follow my Neighbour Dan’s act and poo poo my neighbors on facebook for using AC…Dan’s AC hasn’t working in 2 years…think of the money he is saving, plus he is a one man army for the environment!

There is our friend Dan again.  You remember him, from the video last week…live in the now…

Want to know something about his friend on the left…do you….huh…

Well he speaks to God, and it’s a constant 2 way conversation.  He also has gone back 4 times to relive his own birth…once as himself, he prefers to do it as his mother to feel her agony in child birth…the process takes around 3 months…

I’m not making this up folks, Dan’s buddy told us this…ask him.

He told us lots more too but much of it is not worth repeating…not because it isn’t amusing, but some of it would produce for sale signs up and down the block.

Sad that Dan lost all that beauty hair…what hair?  You haven’t watch the video have you?  Which video…why Day 1, the day of living in the now…Here is a quick photo…oddly in this one he seems to have the same glazed look as his friend…

Live in the NOW…

a short break for the…

Quote of the Day:

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.
James Dean

Hmmm…wear your seat belt…and slow down…I wonder the date on that Quote.

Anyway smells like my computer is on full roast…not good.


Today Hot, the weekend Hot.  Get out in it and soak it up, shovelling starts again shortly.



Day 9…groundhogs

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Usually I hate groundhog days. Waking up to a scale reading the same as yesterday.

Today’s weigh in ….236.6 pounds.

toasterWhy is today a groundhog day?  I ran 3 miles yesterday…I had an egg and steak, a couple sausages on protein pita, a handful of cherries…a cup or so of raw green beans….

I did have a cup of mixed nuts…salted…that could be it.

Again, no big deal.  No toaster in the tub for me.

I didn’t go to poker last night.  Not that I didn’t think I could manage it without stuffing my face.

It wasn’t the lure of beer…sadly more than anything it was the late night…I just didn’t feel like playing poker into the wee hours, maybe its the lack of coffee.

Or maybe it’s that I’d come home starving and have to fight myself to sleep without food!

The Dutch failed in their attempt at the World Cup yesterday.  If you had to choose between a goalie with the best penalty shot stop record or a goalie who has never stopped a penalty shot whom would you choose to stop penalties in the World Cup semi final?

That’s right, the whiny idiot that complained that he was taken out for penalties the game before…the game that was won…yep, and the record stands…not a single penalty stopped.

Beagle’s boy got a new xbox or nintendo or whatever it’s called these days…hairy-fat-guy

It took Beagle an hour to get it masterfully set up. His exercise done for the day…time for a pizza.

I hate to laugh at my own jokes but…

I’ve been shunning World Cup get together’s with the GBG also but this Sunday I will be out for the final.

After the Merrickville car show that is…depending on return time…and next week…Syracuse.

If you like cars, well worth the drive.

I know it isn’t nice for one fat man to pick on another, but I really use whatever I can to stay on target right now.  3 miles yesterday didn’t seem to do it…later today I’m supposed to run 4…we shall see if that helps out.

Beagle…keep up the good work buddy…

Wow…the mind wanders low on carbs…to trains of thought all over the page…

The Quote of the Day:

True friends stab you in the front.
Oscar Wilde

Quote perfection kids.

Sunny, not to hot…get out there!




Day 8…the man diet

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Day 8, a week ago today I started the new and improved man diet.

The new and improved part is that I’m actually dieting…

And what have I lost in 7 days of actual dieting?

10 pounds!  I’m at 236.6 pounds.  Half way to my July goal.  Hell I may up the goal to 30 pounds….

My motivation this time around is simply looking back to the past…fall2009

This little treat right here is from late summer 2009, a trip to the cottage.

I’ll likely be out there again this coming weekend but I don’t think the image would be quite the same.  I’m no thin man in this photo, but from the looks of it I’m under 220.

That’s just 5 years ago!

Terrifying.  Hey, 20 pounds from now I’ll be pulling that off again.

No poker tonight, sorry Beagle.  I’m on a run here.  I only get one cheat day a week and I’m saving it for Sunday…Merrickville Car show and the FIFA final.  If the Dutch can pull it off today we’ll have a good time at Derek’s…if not I’ll head over to Barrhaven,

I’m sure I can face down eggrolls right now, hell I haven’t had a coffee in a week, but I really just don’t feel like punishing myself.

Yesterday I ate 3 eggs, a nice fat juicy steak, asparagus, a pickle and some almonds.  Spread out between breakfast and dinner that is…I did feel a bit famished around lunch but I got over it.

I’m expecting my fat friends won’t be pointing and laughing any longer…nope.

Please tiny baby Jesus….let me not turn to bon bons.

The Quote of the Day:

If merely ‘feeling good’ could decide, drunkenness would be the supremely valid human experience.
William James

I knew it!

Beauty day…get out into that sunshine!