heart attack here we come…

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over 30 degrees with the humidity yesterday and I managed a 5 km run.  You’d think that a run, eggs and bacon for breakfast, a chicken breast for lunch and some pork roast for dinner would allow me to shed a pound.

No way…242 this morning.

It might have been the 3 beers I drank out with the golden boys, Parker was one of them.

Yes 3 light beers and I may have eaten an entire bag of popcorn when I got home…so there is the culprit…and I can forget about low carbs as I demolished 200 of them in that delicious bag of super heated corn.

Kevin hasn’t been on the scale for a while but thinks he is into the 250’s. It does seem that he isn’t quite as voluminous as he once was so his last diet did seemingly get him down 10 pounds—-ish.

He did mention that he might try to lose a few pounds…

Me…I’m trying…my 500th diet this year.  But I’m not really dieting, I’m exercising and trying to eat a bit better…a bit.

I’ll tell you this though, at some point at the pub last night I went for a piss, and glancing sideways towards the mirror I get a good view of my belly…terrible….

Anyway, I’m trying.  Today I don’beerbellyt have to run, it’s a rest day…and tomorrow I only have to put in 2 miles, 3 on Sunday…no problem.

The wife and kids are off camping, I’m going to try to get the garage organized and get some work done on the firebird.  I may lift a bit of the old weights…at the gym or at home, I might as well get the t-rex, unbending arm pain portion of hitting the gym out of the way.

Beagle will be performing what he refers to as belly ups…as a shorter gentleman his arms no longer reach the floor while attempting pushups so he uses his belly to keep him aloft.

Also good for parlour tricks like the one pictured above…win a free nacho if you can balance a beer on your belly for more than 20 seconds.  Beagle loves Nachos…

Quote of the day if it isn’t the news its super rich morons:

I love Africa in general South Africa and West Africa, they are both great countries.
Paris Hilton

And for my buddy Derek that is not willing to travel to the island of Mexico….keep your head up!

This weekend is all about not gaining,  I don’t care if I lose, I just don’t want to be over 242 on Monday.

We shall see….