man love…

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I didn’t plan on going into 17 decimal places while recording my weight this time around but…it’s that or the ground hog.


There, I lost weight…and I was super good yesterday, eggs and bacon for breakfast, meatballs and broc for lunch and chicken breast with broc for dinner.  A couple wee rums, straight up and 1 beer.

For like half a frigin pound…

The only food at poker last night was chips, easy to not get into that.  One of the guys was asking me to order up a pizza but I see the doom in that…no need to pack any pizza on.

It was full man love last night.

These 2 were at it again.

Derek was unable to resist Beagles man boobs, stating that they are 2 full cup sizes larger than his wife’s.

He was on those puppies like a starving baby!

Beagle may be dieting a bit, secretly…he also didn’t want to see a pizza enter the garage.

I’m feeling a renewed diet from him, maybe not the extreme starvation diet but he did say he only had a bagel yesterday.

I’ll be attempting 3 miles today…and preparing the food my wife is supposed to be making for the wine and waddle tonight.

Old Jim has been at the gym for a month or so now and is down 7 pounds, if that doesn’t get me back in to do a bit of lifting I’m crazy…We are talking about a 65 year old man here….

I will be at the gym within the next 7 days…I will….I will….

Quote of the day.

I like being small – I’ve known so many women with big boobs who feel overweight or end up with back problems.
Eva Longoria

Looks like Beagle may have some back problems in his future if Eva knows her stuff!

I run, suffer, get laughed at….Beagle is trying to get a staring role on housewives of Riverside South.

Parker is hiding out and a 65 year old man is out lifting every one of us.