Down down…

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243 pounds.
I had hoped for more after pulling off a 5 k run and eating well yesterday, plus no beer!

an Egg for breakfast, meatballs and green beans for lunch and a steak and asparagus for dinner.  For a snack I had some yogurt and berries.  I honestly expected to see more man weight gone than one measly pound but maybe I had lost some of that already doing carpentry over the weekend.

Today I have to head out to Chuck’s to build another set of stairs and the wife has it on her marathon training program that I run 2 miles today.

fat man running, the man blog
I don’t mind the running.  When it’s over….

I used to be a pretty good runner, not that long ago either…and I feel pretty good today after the punishment, imagine how good I’d feel doing it at 220…

Keep dreaming right…I’ve been at this for 2 years now and I’m exactly the same weight I was when I started!

I do believe we are back at the gym this week also, it’ll be a T-rex imitation this week for sure.

Not having the ability to shampoo your hair isn’t so bad, it’s having to sleep with your arms bent that’s killer.

I’m going to go for it another day though, better get a jump on poker night tomorrow!

I guess we should follow up here with a news story, no need to mention my super fat friends…

Always a news headline on CNN worth mentioning.

Of course this isn’t recent folks, this is from before they reported that the man was dead.  Before that CNN was pretty sure he was either dead or alive…

I’m not sure who writes this stuff, maybe it’s supposed to be funny.

The Quote of the Day!

Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.
Henry Lawson

That’s a breath of fresh air right there…

Looks like rain kids, stay dry!