Would I lie?

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If I told you I was on a “diet” would you believe me?  Would I believe myself?

Well I am, the wife and I are on the Choose to Lose diet.  Let us see what makes sense here…

My wife is on a diet? ….NO

I am on a diet? ….Sure

This diet is one of those eat all day long diets?  ….OK

I can lose weight eating a plate full of food every 3 hours?  ….Sure

Choose to lose…so far I’ve done 2 days of the choose to lose, day one was a low carb day…which included carbs, day 2 was a high carb day…which didn’t seem to include bon bons…


Anyway I could get on the scale every 7 minutes and report but I’ve decided against it at the moment.  I will tell you that when my wife decided it was time I choose to lose I was at 246…


Ya ya, fat…

Let’s take a moment to reflect on our past manhood…cobraandI


Sold…too fast.  I’m too young to die.

In exchange I purchased a 69 firebird, a car I’ve always wanted.

I’ll be doing a frame ON restoration of the car, any real man takes his cars apart and rebuilds them by hand…

Suicide…Just getting the garage set up and away we go.  I’ll need around $1500 in new body steel to make it the way I want it, plus I’ll redo the interior.  I do plan on painting this car myself…in less than 3 attempts!  We shall see.

Poker tonight.  Wish me luck!

The quote of the day:

Taken for a Fool, Yes I was because I was a Fool.
The Shins

Enjoy the day.

PS…I can play the guitar so my resolutions are making headway!