Oh to be skinny…

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Easter long weekend over…and the sugar detox with it.

Can I be blamed?  It’s above 15 degrees all weekend, sunny, the neighbors are out…

I may have had a few beers…

And the weight?  243!  Right back to where I started!

Well the ‘diet’ begins again today.  The last diet phase really started to go bad Friday morning, I jumped on the scale and hadn’t lost anything.  If my memory serves me correct I had gained weight…Just eating meat!

The stuff likes to stick around, I was walking around with a side of beef in me…

Friday night, order up some chinese food and a couple beers and Saturday morning I had lost weight!   That means the eggroll diet was back folks and I had a cheat weekend.

I think tomorrow I may go back to the gym, goodlife this time around, and try out the old wrist.  It’s been feeling much better now that I’ve given it some heal time.

The goodlife has opened up a new franchise, seems to me that they would like to bury the competition.  I do feel badly for those that own franchises in Snap or Anytime, even the local Plyomax will not be able to compete.  There will be 2 streams, the expensive and the ultra cheap.

Fit4less by goodlife is offering monthly memberships for $10 a month.  50 pieces of equipment, free weights, and dumb bells to 75 pounds.  All but the biggest guys will find that more than enough.

Not only that, for $20 a month you get the black card membership…You are allowed to share it with friends and family and it includes unlimited tanning!

It’s crazy!  They’ve got more than 10 of them already and I expect every end of the city will have one soon enough.

I’m still going to give the Athletic Club a shot when it opens nearby next year…it’s worth a try, an elite club maybe?

man blog easter bunny
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  For those that did not I offer you this photo of the easter bunny.

It’s like the easter bunny and a captured squirrel in one image….


Looks friendly but I have my doubts!

The Quote of the Day:

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.
Robert H. Schuller

Looked for an Easter quote and this one didn’t have the word Christ in it.

Easter isn’t just for the Christians kids, it’s a day of second chances…14th shots at it too as I start my diet yet again…

Diet, sorry…I attempt not to eat a bag of chips just before bed is a best description for what I’m doing.

In other news, Parker is over 250 and Beagle flirts with 200…I’m not doing that bad!