Fat is where it’s at….

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Who’s been procrastinating on losing weight for 4 months?



Okay okay…today I start a sugar detox.  A fancy name for eating healthy really.  No bon bons, no booze, no bread.

I can eat meat and veg…imagine that…hardly what you’d think of as a diet, more like eating right.  No cookies. But bacon is okay.

I’m at 243.  typical fat just turned 43 kind of guy.  Screwed up knee, surrounded by other fat guys, drinking beer, fooling around, the typical man child experience done right.

On Saturday I turned 43, had a few rum and cokes and a couple of laughs, woke up Sunday morning without a hangover…a gift from sweet tiny baby Jesus????…I’ll take it…

Anyway…I’ve been fatter…I’ve been quite a bit thinner…and if I can stick to the sugar detox for the next 15 days I figure I’ll lose 10 pounds…easy peasy.  What’s 15 days?

I’ll attempt to sign up a couple fatties for the event, we shall see, sign up form below…

As we know I’ll likely poke fun at those around me…plus I do like to offer up my opinion on whatever comes to mind…not much…and let’s not forget the national news service CNN.

Just like High School

Just like High School

I know it’s tough to run a big media outlet like CNN…but someone should review these things.

Thousands of American’s are going to leave NY heading south and end up in Delaware thinking they are headed for Cape Cod.

ahhh…not safe…

Lucky for me the media offers up hundreds of these, lots of fun.  I miss watching CNN, the gripping drama…

Okay, day 1 of the sugar detox.  Fak…

The quote of the day:

Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new.
Sammy Hagar

Look at that, a Sammy Hagar quote…the tiny itty bitty baby Jesus smiles down on us today.

22 degrees kids, raining…time to run the streets nakety!