damn fat bastard…

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I did not make it to 235 this week.  I gained weight, I’m at 243.

Birthday cake for my baby Charlotte, chicken wings and chips and poker, hot dogs, junk food.  beer….

All these things are life at the man blog…but I really do need to punish myself.

My birthday is April 12, I’ll be 43…

On the 13th I start the 21 day sugar detox…shortened to the 18 day sugar detox just because that’s how many days are left in the month.

I hate the sugar detox but it works.

so other than birthday dinner at Zizi’s which should put me up to 245, mother*&%&^$*….

I’ll keep you posted.  As my diet partners are fattening up I will attempt to find new victims, almost every guy I know could stand to lose a few…21 day