A world of wonder…

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Not sure what I did yesterday but I broke back into the 230’s.
I hit the silver beast at 239.8 this morning…
of course I am trying to organize a feed frenzy at ZIZI’s tonight. That never ends well.

The boys...the beach. the man blog

The boys…the beach

The above image must have been captured in Peurto Plata this morning.

Vinnie is wearing his normal pool suit…As is Arthur…you can always count on a Scot to bring a table cloth to the picnic…

Our dear friend Parker is catching some rays on the beach and Andy…the love butterfly…he is busy doing his thing..spreading love and happiness.

The economy of the Dominican Republic is not seeing a rise this week.

I grouted the tile last night…I hate grouting!  3 hours of misery with a sore neck and a never going to heal wrist.

So I do realize this is short and sweet…but it takes a long time to find the right interweb image…

Another day!

Quote do Jour…a repeat for sure…one for the GBG:

I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.

Hunter S. Thompson

To all of you stuck here with me…they are calling for more snow this weekend…suicide is not the best option…hunker down!