Toil and Trouble?

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I write the man blog today awaiting the defrosting of the garden hose…water is a requirement for what life has in store for me this weekend.

The wife and children have gone to Toronto for a birthday party and I’m hoping to tile the kitchen, granite the fireplace to the ceiling and possibly complete the back splash.

This is where the trouble comes into play…I’ll be deep into it if this list of chores isn’t accomplished.

There is a prize though…the Cobra den will no longer be a construction zone…time to get the monster roaring up the road again.

ac cobra needs help, the man blog

one more tear…

Yes it’s very sad.  Once the transmission dropped I thought I’d get the body work done this winter and ready for a paint job.

All great intentions if you aren’t doing icy driveway plyo-box jumps.

It’s not as bad as it looks in my mind…but its a week away from being a driver and a couple months away from paint…it’ll look like warm hell on the road in the state it can be found in now.

Another man task.

I will not be getting on the scale this weekend…if I arrive on Monday under 245 it will be an absolute miracle…just to recap yesterday’s 3 dinners.

Dinner number 1: ZIZI’s kitchen and wine bar Chicken Gorgonzola…amazing.

Dinner number 2: Again from ZIZI’s kitchen…Italian Hot pizza…amazing

Both of the above dishes are too cheap, the chicken is out the door for $17 and the pizza is $14…are you kidding me?

Either dish would feed 2 normal humans….

But wait…what about dinner number 3?

I use the third dinner references rather loosely…you see there was a Greek platter at poker last night…I managed to create a beauty chicken souvlaki pita…maybe 8 pm?  I might have had a second delish souvlaki pita at maybe…midnight?  Since those were 2 identical meals I consider them 1 dinner…In My Opinion!

I did not lose at poker…up $80…a small victory.

Good table last night, I had been up a couple hundred but managed a retreat which aided my disappearance around 2 am…I think.

Might you comb out this knot? The Man Blog

Might you comb out this knot?

The 2 Scott’s were accounted for at Wednesday night poker hosted at the Beag’s.

These 2 guys are having a hair comp…full on…pedal to the metal.

I think Car salesman Scott has Construction Scott beat on top poof but Const. Scott defo has the lead on length.

2 beauties…I have noticed that Car Scott is trying to weigh in…I mean he is attempting to outweigh even the biggest of Manites…

I foresee a future of elastic waste bands for that young man.

Well I had better get some work done…I believe I heard the hose give it up!

The Quote of the Day:

There’s many a man has more hair than wit.
William Shakespeare

Sorry guys…It’s all I could come up with on the topic of hair.

The drifts of snow outside my house are 3 feet high. My wife has taken the 4 wheel drive and left me with a rear wheel drive supercharged Mercedes with balding tires…

AKA…Trapped…I refuse to shovel!

Keep warm…Stay cool.