No more snow!

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What’s another foot of snow at this point…we’re buried so it’s not like we’ll notice another foot piled on.

Fat Snowmen.  The man blog

Fat Snowmen

It’s hasn’t been a stellar winter for cleaning the driveway…I couldn’t do it for a month or so…and then there is always 4 wheel drive.

For most of yesterday I was good…I ate a normal day worth of man food…nothing too bad.

Then I went out for a beer and a wee scotch…which turned into 3 beers and a wee scotch…

That became a late night food fest which included a bran muffin from Treats.  When your neighbor asks you how his last drop of muffins was and you reply the kids ate them all but you avoided them because you only eat the bran based muffins….

Count on bran muffins to be sitting on the kitchen counter making their squeeky little noises….hello there…you like stuff???

So Ya…I ate one…

Tomorrow looks like a beauty snow storm may come through…I suppose I’ll pick up the last of what I need to finish my house chores this weekend.  And get the ply cut for the kitchen floor or I’ll be doing it at minus 10…

I’ve heard nothing from the fatties…I expect one of them is still going strong, we shall find out soon enough.

Good times can roll...the man blog

Good times can roll…

We are likely all having the best of times though…we chunky guys know how to party!

I watched Coneheads with the kids last night…classic.  2 generations of the best comedians brought together…It holds up!

Again today…no posted weight…I’m going to try to surprise myself…if I can stop getting on that damn scale.

The quote of the Dayyyyyyy:

Otto:    Hey Beldar, got any more of that gum?
Beldar Conehead:    Certainly.
[hands him a wrapped condom]
Otto:    On second thought, I better not chew and drive.

Coneheads (1993)

If reading that quote doesn’t make you laugh…jump onto netflix and give the movie a watch.

To those of you in the north, get outside while you can…it’s going to get harry again.  Stay cool…keep warm.