Starvation…it’s no picnic.

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You heard it here folks, and it’s true, it’s no picnic.

Poker night has come and gone…I did not eat…and I did not win…

Winning at poker isn’t easy when you aren’t eating and there are luscious fall off the bone ribs hanging around.  Ribs browned to perfection with a smoky sweet sauce…the meat like butter in your mouth….

I’ve lost my mind…I’m deep in ribmainia….

strong winds...I'm outta here, the man blog

strong winds…I’m outta here

Now Starvation is not my thing…I love food…a lot.  Then again I did wake up this morning at 239.2.

I have finally gotten into the 230’s…

Sadly I was still 5 pounds lighter than this the day I broke my wrist in November, so the next goal, 234.

Damn I’m looking good though….

Today won’t be easy, I did have a few beers and a few glasses of scotch, always nice to round that out the next day with chips…a plate of nachos…a chicken pot pie….mmmm chicken pot pie….Beagle, there is someone at the door.

Beagle did eat ribs last night, I didn’t see him eat many…I arrived late from a scotch tasting event…But they are not easy to resist.

Parker, the king of life insurance, he managed the shakes for one day…then he transferred to the beer diet.  The beer diet can work, but you have to be committed to it.  Once that beer enters the  body no other calories outside of beer should…those that do will be instantly stored as fat.

Good old Fat…

Parker is steady at 244 though, steady is good.  The longer he can get used to being that weight he is creating a new bunch of man weight…the next time he hits the shakes he will drop 5 pounds in a few days…

You hear that Parker…fresh man weight…just stop the gobbling…

There is so much more that I could say this morning…but I’m still starving…I need eggs and bacon.  Please allow me to leave you with this…

The Quote of the day:

I tried the paleo diet, which is the caveman diet – lots of meat. And I tried the calorie restriction diet: The idea is that if you eat very, very little – if you’re on the verge of starvation, you will live a very long time, whether or not you want to, of course.
A. J. Jacobs

Really…did I have to throw out a quote for that?  Anyway…I’m so hungry I can’t think, it’s time to gobble!

Oh wait!!!!!  I got on the treadmill yesterday…I’m not just starving myself without exercise…I’m working both angles.

There…time to eat.  Sorry about the train of though…or lack of…