3 fat men get on a plane…

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No joke there folks, happens all the time.  I’d have to pay for extra luggage but they can’t make us pay for what we weigh.  Thank the gods.

Let’s start with chunks weight today, 241.4.  I’m up half a pound…..

Why?  I’m guessing the pound of nuts and jerky I had within an hour of bed.  You see yesterday I did pretty good.  Greens, scrambled eggs and bacon, stuffed peppers with pork and quinoa…

ahhhh…1 beer…just one….and a wee tiny scotch….  ya

A short visit at the neighbors for a wee apartif and some conversation.  Then home to watch the last episode of True Detective to get my wife and I caught up…that was the moment when I stuffed the face…I ate nuts by the handful…wait…I ate 2 or 3 cups of veg then also…just remembered.

Wow…raw cauliflower just slipped my mind…how does that happen?

Who's chubby? the man blog

Who’s chubby?

Let’s look at this photo I just found on the interwebs.  What is it depicting?

Fat men in tights?  That would be the easy assumption.  What do I see?

Superheroes…Crime Fighters.

Look, Beagle is checking to make sure the surgeon didn’t take too much off…

The fight against fat isn’t easy for the 40ish man.  Sure lots of guys do it…I’m just saying it isn’t easy.  Let’s take fat skinny Paul.

Fat skinny Paul spent much of his younger days as a chubbier version of himself…He hasn’t yet hit 40…and if he puts on his thinking helmet he will remember how much thinner yours truly was at his age…  But Paul does exercise regularly, he bikes quite a bit and plays soccer…I also notice that he never has more than a small snack on poker nights.  I have never seen Paul eat a slice of pizza, 6 egg rolls and 4 cookies at poker.

You see folks…the late night snacks are the killer…I reported in just above 241 today, which is okay…but yesterday at one point…I actually saw 239 on the silver monster…I could have been there today if I hadn’t placed 2 pounds worth of snacks into the great maw of china at 9 pm.  I’ve been good though, really good…there have been muffins from treats on the counter and I haven’t torn off and stuffed in a single muffin top!

Tonight poker….the agony…the pain…Beagle just checked in with his weight and asked me to send out a request for a direinzos platter as our poker food…done.  At least there is lots of meat…salty, nitrate filled goodness.  The real kicker is watching everyone eat their sandwich, a made for you by you work of art…

Beagle is at  196.4 and swears he will be under 190 next week.  He blames his lack of weight loss on medical science…pain killers do not aid in the evacuation of spent nutrients…if you get my drift…

the man blog

People say I can’t do anything right…

Parker I believe is hard on the shakes…but no update.  I know he has a goal…to not be terribly embarrassed when he removes his shirt in the Dominican?  Maybe….

I know when I was in Cuba with my wife I was not self conscious at all.  I personally couldn’t care less if I seem a bit fat to people.  They should talk to me about it…then they will see me as fat and stupid…

Ahhhhh…ya…who cares.  I have to say, I’m more comfortable in my skin today than I have ever been, fat or thin…I’m good with myself.

You know?  Times gone by that would not have been the way…When I weighed 205 I thought I was fat.  My goals were different…that and I just wasn’t at a good place…my environment wasn’t as good as it is these days.  Today I’m free to refer to myself at chunk as a proclamation of self love.  lol

I don’t need to lose weight to be able to look at myself in the mirror…and to be fair I doubt Beagle or Parker do either.  A trip just becomes the prize…

The shiny prizes…

And now…we take a moment for the Quote of the Day:

Look, I don’t want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you’re alive you’ve got to flap your arms and legs, you’ve got to jump around a lot, for life is the very opposite of death, and therefore you must at very least think noisy and colorfully, or you’re not alive.
Mel Brooks

Not bad…I would say Mel is wrong…thinking noisy isn’t enough…thinking noisy is no different than any other self imposed prison.  Me…I jump…jump around.

Now if only I could do it without egg rolls…

Plus temperatures are just weeks away folks…stay cool…keep warm.